INVENTORY CONTROL
The increasingly competitive nature of business today has forced managers to search for ways to cut costs more than ever. Inventory
is one area where proper controls can bring large cost savings. GENESIS understands this and has developed an INVENTORY
CONTROL system, which gives a business the information and tools to rapidly report and analyze needs. Written as a multi-
company, multi-division, and multi-warehouse system, INVENTORY CONTROL remains easy enough for the inexperienced user
to operate. When integrated into GENESIS’ PURCHASING, ORDER PROCESSING, and FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING systems,
INVENTORY CONTROL becomes part of a powerful management system.

                                                          INVENTORY CONTROL

       Build Warehouses                                                                                                     Issues
          Enter Items                                                                                                      Receipts
           Post Costs                                                                                                    Assemblies
       Bill of Materials                                                                                                   Returns
           Divisions                                                                                                        Scrap
        Classifications                                                                                                 Physical Count
                                  File Maintenance                                        Transaction Processing

         Inventory Detail
       Inventory Activity                                                                                                     Items
       Availability Report                                                                                                   Classes
        Valuation Report                                                                                                Bill Of Materials
        Product Analysis                                                                                                  Warehouses
        Item Profitability
        Inventory Aging             Print Reports                                               Print Lists
            And More
                                                                                                                           By Item
           Analysis                                                                                                    By Product Class
          Forecasting                                                                                                   By Customer
          Spreadsheet                                     ODBC                                                           By Quantity
                                                          Driver                                                       By Time Frame
        Database Access                                 (Optional)
         Report Writer
                                 Personal Computer                             Updates                 Pricing

                             Some of the features and benefits available in INVENTORY CONTROL include:

        WAREHOUSING                            Multiple warehouse locations and costs may be used
        COSTING                                Standard, Last, Average, and FIFO costs are available
        PRICING                                A flexible pricing and allowance matrix is available
        BILL OF MATERIALS                      Multi-level bills of materials are available to build assemblies
        CONSIGNED                              Items may be carried as consigned, finished goods, raw materials, etc.
        AUDIT TRAIL                            A complete audit of all activity affecting the count is kept
        CYCLE COUNT                            Inventory is cycle counted by location with discrepancies reported
        POSTING                                Items may be assembled, shipped, received, adjusted, scrapped, returned, etc.
        CLASSIFICATION                         Products may be classed, reported, and processed in a multitude of ways
        PURCHASING                             Interfaces to PURCHASING are used to receive product
        SHIPPING                               Shipped products are processed to ORDER PROCESSING and INVOICING
        NUMBERING                              Flexible numbering allows up to a 12-position identification code
        AND MORE                               ....

Through a flexible reporting capability the operator can generate unlimited reports. All of our reports are available through easy to
use menus, which can be quickly accessed. Some of the reports available include:

                  AVAILABILITY                        The availability of items in one or all warehouses may be reported
                  VALUATION                           Inventory valuation using various methods of costing is available
                  PRODUCT ANALYSIS                    The history of movement is recorded and reported for a year
                  ACTIVITY                            An audit of each activity affecting inventory count is reported
                  PROFITABILITY                       By reviewing costs and sales, the product’s profitability is shown
                  OVER/UNDER                          Over and under stock reports are available
                  REORDER GUIDE                       Information on stock counts, orders, and purchases are printed
                  PHYSICAL COUNT                      Variance reports, count forms and inventory tags may be printed
                  TURNOVER                            Various statistical calculations are made showing stock movement
                  WHAT IF                             For bill of materials, item production plans may be made
                  AGING                               Products may be reported by their length of time in stock
                  PRICE SHEETS                        Pricing sheets may be printed as required
                  AND MORE                            ....

As with all GENESIS software systems, INVENTORY CONTROL was written, designed and maintained by GENESIS. All
packages are online database designed systems, which can run on Windows, Linux, HP9000 (Unix), and HP3000 (MPE) platforms.
Access to the system is protected by our special security modules, which allows control of both, read and write capabilities for every
screen. An online help facility is integrated into each screen.

                                         CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SERVICES
Complete user documentation and object code are included in the price of the package. Continuing support, source code, and
customization are also available.

                                           SERVICES AVAILABLE INCLUDE:
                  Technical and User Training                             Data Collection Equipment and Consulting

                  Software Customization and Modification                 Documentation Production

                  Updates and Enhancement Subscription                    System Design

                  Installation Service                                    Sale Of Your Old Equipment

                  Remote Modem Support                                    Maintenance Services

                  Need and Requirement Consultation                       Specification Development

                  Configuration Planning                                  Financing and Leasing Programs

                  Database Conversion                                     Personal and Hand-held Computers

                  Phone-In Consultation                                   Equipment Sales and Support
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