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           CSTA ACM SGB Update
                  Chris Stephenson
              CSTA Executive Director

11/02/08            Chris Stephenson                  1
 • CSTA Update

 • CSTA Sustainability

 • What’s Next

11/02/08                 Chris Stephenson   2
                                Recent Quotes
      CSTA has supported the development of a community of educators at all levels dedicated to
      supporting K-12 computing education through its supportive partnerships with colleges and
      universities, other educational associations, non-profit organizations, equity researchers, and
      corporate partners. Through its sponsorship of conferences and workshops and its various
      online and print publications, CSTA has also created a national dissemination channel for
      information about best practices, effective research, and new teaching and learning resources.
             CS Faculty Member, Brooklyn College

      We consider CSTA to be the most valuable partner in our work of broadening the participation
      in computer science in the Los Angeles high schools. CSTA provides the leadership,
      resources, national and international perspective that is necessary in this work. Few
      organizations are able to step across multiple worlds (K-12, higher ed, public policy,
      computer science, education, organizational change) with the clarity and intelligence that they
             Jane Margolis, University of California, Los Angeles

11/02/08                                   Chris Stephenson                                         3
CSTA Update
                    Membership Update
 Rapid growth to 5360 members

 Identification of greatest K-12 teacher needs
       –   Certification and Standards
       –   Professional Development
       –   Community
       –   Curriculum and materials

 What needs to be done in 2008-2012?
  – Continued growth to 10,000 members

11/02/08                        Chris Stephenson   5
                       Building Membership
                            Membership Growth







                    2008   2009          2010        2011   2012

11/02/08                          Chris Stephenson                 6
                              CSTA Update

 Certification and Standards

 How SGB Funds Have Been Used?
       – Searchable database of state-level computer science teacher certification
       – Formation of an expert committee to produce a white paper on establishing
         workable models for computer science teacher certification
       – Creation of model curricular standards and implementation support documents

 What needs to be done in 2008-2012?
       – Statewide creation of certification and standards – a local challenge

11/02/08                              Chris Stephenson                                 7
                              CSTA Update

 Professional Development

 How SGB Funds Have Been Used?
       – Conference presentations: SIGCSE, TCEA, NECC, CCSC
       – Numerous TECS and JETT workshops

 What needs to be done in 2008-2012?
       – Significantly more professional development, particularly at local and regional
         levels (conferences and workshops)
       – Closer partnerships with the ACM SIGs and CCSCs

11/02/08                              Chris Stephenson                                     8
           TECS workshops

11/02/08       Chris Stephenson   9
           JETT workshops

11/02/08       Chris Stephenson   10
                     CSTA Update
 How SGB Funds Have Been Used?
       – Four local “proof-of-concept” local organizations
         (FL, PA, Oregon, CA(N))
       – Bi-monthly publication of The Voice

 What needs to be done in 2008-2012?
       – Creation of local CSTA chapters and affiliates
       – Increase publication of Voice by two more issues
         per year
       – Set up member forum for community discussions
11/02/08                   Chris Stephenson                  11
                             CSTA Update

 Curriculum and materials
 How SGB Funds Have Been Used?
       – The Source Online Repository for K-12 Teaching and Learning materials
       – Creation of several careers materials, most recently:
                   » IT is All About Me classroom poster
                   » *ACM Computer degrees and careers brochure (CSTA assistance)
                   » Careers in Computing brochure for middle school students and
                      parents (English and Spanish language versions)
                   » The K-12 Alliance Girls Gotta Have IT kit distributed at the National
                      Educational Computer Conference

 What needs to be done in 2008-2012?
       – Addition of additional quality curricular materials to the Source
       – Translation of more careers materials into Spanish
       – Development of new sharable resources that can be customized for use by
         university CS outreach programs
11/02/08                             Chris Stephenson                                 12
                             CSTA Update

 Funding-dependent projects for the coming
  three years:
       – Publication of white paper on CS teacher certification
       – Continued research on the state of K-12 CS education in the US and abroad
       – Continued partnership work with other similarly focused organizations (e.g.
         ACSE, BSC, Israeli CS Teachers Association)
       – Workshop to help universities improve their K-12 outreach
       – Materials development workshop for the Source repository
       – A new K-8 curriculum resource
       – Customizable/shareable careers resources
       – Local chapter development in partnership with universities and colleges
       – The Computer Science and Information Technology Symposium
       – The JETT and TECS workshops

11/02/08                             Chris Stephenson                                  13
CSTA Sustainability
Ensuring the long-term sustainability of a K-12 professional educational
association is an extremely challenging undertaking. The hallmarks of a successful
organization include:

  a committed leadership structure
  solid strategic planning
  a diversified revenue stream
  good fiscal management
  a skilled and dedicated staff
  the support/partnership of the broader educational and industrial community

 CSTA has made considerable progress in all of these areas, but close attention
 must be paid if CSTA’s successes are to continue

  11/02/08                         Chris Stephenson                               15
                                           Association Types
           Organization Type                Characteristics
           Stable National Organizations    National scope and focus
                                            Large number of members (greater than 10,000)

                                            Long history of teacher support and engagement

                                            Stable multi-level leadership structure
                                            Diverse revenue streams support sustainability

           Stable State Organizations       State-level scope and focus
                                            Significant number of members (greater than 3,000)

                                            Long history of teacher support and engagement

                                            Stable multi-level leadership structure
                                            Diverse revenue streams support sustainability

           Chaotic Organizations            State or local level scope and focus
                                            Small number of members (less than 1,000)
                                            Intermittent teacher support and engagement

                                            Volunteer-only leadership structure
                                            Little or no consistent revenue stream

11/02/08                                                   Chris Stephenson                      16
                                      Revenues 2007-08
                                  CSTA Revenues 07-08

                        Conference Funds
                               11%                          ACM

                  38%                                          ACM SIGs

                                                                   ACM Support              $250,000.00
                                                                   ACM SIGs                 $100,000.00
                                                                   Grants                   $298,000.00
                                                                   Membership (Corporate)    $46,338.00
                                                                   Confe rence Funding       $88,674.00
                                                                   TOTAL                    $783,012.00

11/02/08                                            Chris Stephenson                                      17
                  Building for Sustainability

           Growth organization                 Stable organization

           Running new events                  Few new events

           Attracting new members              Stable membership

           Supporting existing members         Supporting existing members

           Taking risks                        Few risks

           Many new initiatives                Few new initiatives

           Cash poor                           Cash rich

11/02/08                            Chris Stephenson                         18
                       Building Revenue
To achieve revenue growth, CSTA is undertaking these
  Build membership by producing unique, high-quality benefits that K-12
  teachers will perceive as relevant, beneficial, and valuable
  Develop local communities through our new chapters and the work under
  CSTA’s new local capacity-building grant
  Continue to attract the support of corporate and philanthropic organizations
  through the development of solid proposals and the successful completion of
  funded projects
  Seek out and develop proposals and projects that will continue to attract
  support from federal grant sources
  Explore new possibilities for developing beneficial partnerships with vendors

  11/02/08                        Chris Stephenson                            19
                  ACM Support

 Over the next five years, CSTA will continue to build
 upon its strength and to increase its capacity as an
 organization. During this next growth phase, CSTA
 continues to require ACM’s fiscal support but the
 extent of ACM’s fiscal support should be decreased as
 revenue capacity is developed and improved in other
 areas. Over the next five years the percentage of
 support from ACM should continue to diminish from
 the current level of 32% to 13%.

11/02/08               Chris Stephenson                  20
                             Revenue Predictions

           Revenue Sources     2007-08    2008-09        2009-10     2010-11      2011-12      2012-13
           ACM                 $250,000   $250,000      $250,000    $200,000     $200,000     $150,000
           ACM SIGs            $100,000   $100,000      $100,000     $50,000      $50,000      $25,000
           Grants              $298,000   $450,000      $500,000    $600,000     $700,000     $800,000
           Membership           $46,000    $50,000       $60,000     $75,000      $80,000      $90,000
           Project Support      $60,000    $80,000      $100,000    $120,000     $150,000     $175,000
           TOTAL               $754,000   $930,000    $1,010,000   $1,045,000   $1,180,000   $1,240,000

            1) CSTA does not start charging for CSTA individual
               membership prior to 2012
            2) CSTA does not receive significant corporate support prior to

11/02/08                                   Chris Stephenson                                               21
CSTA: What’s Next?
           Current and Upcoming Projects
   New five-year CSTA strategic plan
   Review of state level data on high school CS education
   Report of the CSTA Committee on Computer Science Teacher Certification
   Translation of major/selected CS documents

   New curriculum resource focussing on teaching fundamental CDS concepts in K-8
   Upgrade of the CSTA, JETT and TECS websites
   Task force to oversee the development of local CSTA chapters
   Participation in the College Board Commission of the Revision of the AP CS Exam
   Introduction of the CSTA CS Snipits podcasts
   Continuing evolution of CSTA member communications, including more issues of
    the Voice per year
   Application for National Science Foundation ITEST, ATE, and special project
    grants (and ISE grant longer term)
11/02/08                            Chris Stephenson                              23
                Contact Information

       Chris Stephenson
       Executive Director, CSTA
       Phone: 1-800-401-1799
       Fax: 1-541-687-1840

11/02/08                 Chris Stephenson   24

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