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					Survey of UDRP Multilingual Cases

Multilingual Domain Names: Joint ITU/WIPO Symposium
                 December 6-7, 2001

                    Eun-Joo Min
        WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
  UDRP in multilingual context
         before IDNs

• D2000-1836
  – Trademark: BØRSEN
  – Domain Name:,
• D2001-0535
  – Trademark: PORCÃO
  – Domain Name:
        Applicability of UDRP
• Applicable to all              ICANN
  .com. .net, .org                      
  domain names,         Registrar Accreditation Agreement
  regardless of non-
  ASCII script                  Registrar
  second level
                           DN Registration Agreement
  domain name                          
                       Domain Name Registrant
“You specifically acknowledge and agree that an
MDN shall be considered a domain name for
purposes of the Domain Name Dispute Policy and
the provisions relating thereto in this Agreement.”

    (VeriSign Service Agreement Version Number 6.0.)
               UDRP Cases
• Currently applicable to IDN registered in
  VeriSign GRS’s testbed
  – <multilingual.ASCII gTLD>
• 24 cases filed with WIPO
  – 13 cases decided (all in favor of complainant)
  – 2 cases terminated
  – 9 cases pending
Sampling of Disputed Domain
     三共.com           kvæ
    貿發網.com         ライブドア.com
    貿發靈.com       香港上海匯豐銀行.com
香港貿易發展局.com            太古.com
 ペンタックス.com           資生堂.net
  トリンプ.com           홍콩은행.com
  毎日新聞.com         홍콩상하이은행.com
    schö       欧米茄.com
  丸三証券.com           ché
  産経新聞.com         ré
  恒生指数.com         ré
   fortuné       西铁城.com
  “the domain name is identical or confusingly
    similar to a trademark or service mark in
        which the complainant has rights”
               (UDRP, Para. 4(a)(i))

Domain Name       Trademark
三共.com            三共
恒生指数.com          恒生指數
産経新聞.com          産經新聞
貿發網.com           貿發網;
トリンプ.com          トリンプ (“Torinpu”); Triumph
ライブドア.com         ライブドア (“Raibudoa”); livedoor
fortuné      FORTUNEO
                (WIPO Case No. D2000-1791)

–   Parties: Sankyo Co., Ltd. v. Zhu Jiajun
–   Trademark: 三共 (Sankyo)
–   Concept: “三”- three ; “共” - together
–   Transliteration:
     • Japanese - “san kyo”
     • Chinese - “san gong”
     • (Korean - “sam gong”)
– Language of Proceedings: English
– Panel: Korean
  UDRP in multilingual context
         before IDNs

• D2000-1836
  – Trademark: BØRSEN
  – Domain Name:,
• D2001-0535
  – Trademark: PORCÃO
  – Domain Name:
• D2000-0203 <>
  – Complainant’s trademark : OILILY
  – Respondent:
     “OI” + “LILY”
     transliteration of the Korean word for “cucumber”and
     “lily”, respectively
  – Panel found Complainant failed to prove
    Respondent lacked legitimate interests in the
    domain name
     Language of Proceedings
             (UDRP Rules, Para. 11)

• Language of the registration agreement,
  – Unless agreement otherwise between parties,
  – Unless specified otherwise in registration
  – Subject to Administrative Panel’s authority to
    determine otherwise
         Language of Proceedings
三共.com - English         kvæ - English
貿發網.com- English         ライブドア.com - English
貿發靈.com - English        香港上海匯豐銀行.com - English
香港貿易發展局.com - English    太古.com - Chinese
ペンタックス.com - English     資生堂.net - Japanese
トリンプ.Com - Japanese      홍콩은행.com - English
毎日新聞.com - English       홍콩상하이은행.com - Korean
schö - English     欧米茄.com - Chinese
丸三証券.com - Japanese      ché - English
産経新聞.com - English       ré - English
恒生指数.com - English       ré - English
fortuné - English   西铁城.com - English
• Multilingual
• Expert in the use of non-ASCII characters
• Familiar with local laws
Domain Name    Language of      Nationality of
               Proceedings        Panel
三共.com           English           Korean
貿發網.com          English           Chinese
トリンプ.com         Japanese          Japanese
毎日新聞.com         English           Chinese
schö       English           German
丸三証券.com         Japanese          Japanese
産経新聞.com         English           Chinese
恒生指数.com         English           British (Pres.)
                             Chinese, Singaporean
fortuné     English           Canadian
kvæ      English           Swede
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