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									Andrew Burn
31 Cooper Square                              Telephone: 0191 3750699
Durham                                        Mobile: 07745 410210
DH1 1PT                                       Email:

  A computer scientist who graduated from Durham Univers ity with an honours degree in
  Artificial Intelligence, I have now returned to Durham University where I work as a
  teaching assistant at the Computer Science Department. This job also entails working
  towards a PhD. I am a talented programmer and web-designer, able to work well
  individually, as part of a team or as a leader and will approach any project with
  enthusiasm and determinat ion. These traits also extend to my sporting life - I am a
  skilled fencer and experienced rock-climber.

Key Skills
  Programming       Delphi            Java              C++
                    SQL               Perl              Haskell

  Web Design        HTML              XHTML             CSS               PHP

                    JSP               XML               RSS               Javascript

Employment History
      Durham University, Teaching Assistant, October 2005 - Present
      Durham University, Demonstrator, October 2004 –September 2005
      Durham County Council, SGSS, Education, Clerk Typist, February 2004 -
      September 2004
      Cheshire Plastics Ltd, Secretary, June 2001 - August 2003
      Cheshire Plastics Ltd, Adm inistrative Assistant (Part Tim e), April 1998 - June 2001
      Highlight Reprographics, Work Experience, May 1996

      PhD, Com puter Science, Durham University, October 2004 - Present
      BSc, Artificial Intelligence (Hons), Durham University, July 2003
      A Level, Culcheth College 6th Form , June 1999
     Subjects: Mathematics (A), Further Mathemat ics (E), Phys ics (B), Information
     Technology (C), General Studies (A).
      RSA, Culcheth High School, June 1998
     Subject: Word Processing Level 1 (Distinction).
      GCSE, Culcheth High School, June 1998, June 1997
     Subjects: Mathematics (A), Science (Double) Higher (A / A), French (A), German
     (B), English Language (B), English Literature (A), Geography (A), History (B),
     Informat ion Systems (A), Spanish (B).
 In the first year of my PhD I worked as a demonstrator in the practical sessions of first
 year undergraduates. Demonstrating not only invo lves helping students complete the
 work and then assessing it at the end, but helping students to understand what they
 are learning, why it is important and how it is relevant in real-life situat ions. Since
 becoming a teaching assistant my responsibilit ies have increased - I now spend much
 more time with students in practicals, assist with lectures and work with much smaller
 groups of students in surgeries to help students with any difficult ies they may have, or
 to provide more challenges to the more capable students.
 As a part of my work I attend conferences on the subject of teaching in higher
 education and am developing a great interest in the directions that teaching may take
 in the near future. I also work with the department during summer schools, open days
 and school visits, working with younger pupils and developing software specifically for
 use in these sessions.
 I have completed Durham University's in-house demonstrator training course, which
 included assessment, health and safety, equality and disability awareness.
 In the past I have demonstrated the 'Formal Aspects of Computer Science' first year
 module, and since then have worked heavily on the 'Programming and Data Structures'
 and 'Introduction to Programming' first year modules. However I feel confident
 demonstrating a number of other subjects including Foundations of Computer Science,
 Computer Systems, Software Applicat ions, Software Engineering and Artificial
 In the very near future I plan to attend the "Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and
 Teaching in Higher Education" programme to further develop my teaching skills and

 My area of research is in software maintenance, and I am working towards a new
 model and process to aid software maintainers in their program comprehension and
 impact analysis.
 My aim for the remainder of the research is not only to produce a functional and usable
 proof-of-concept tool to provide a useful and intuitive visualisation tool for use by
 maintainers, but to provide further insight into certain areas that have yet to be
 adequately researched.

     Induction Sessions for Training Postgraduates in Teaching and Demonstrating -
     Durham University
     School's Budget Setting - Durham County Council
     Time Management - Durham County Council
     Diversity and Equality - Durham County Council
     Lotus Notes - Durham County Council
     Standard Operations - Assa Training and Learning
     Kaizen - Assa Training and Learning
Experience and Skills
  I have had many years of experience with computers, developing extensive knowledge
  in both hardware and software, although my main areas of interest are programming
  and web-design. During my A-Levels I assisted with the integration of a new computer
  network, helping to assess security and stability. I am most adept at programming with
  Delphi and Java, and can use HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. While my degree was in
  artificial intelligence it covered all areas of current software engineering in great detail,
  giving me a good working knowledge of the state of the industry.
  I also have a good working knowledge of severa l versions of Microsoft Windows, as well
  as some experience with Linux operating systems. I also have made extensive use of
  Microsoft Office, audio tools, and graphical software including image manipulation and
  3D rendering.
  In my second year of university I took part in a software engineering group project
  (SEG), which provided useful experience with software projects. It demonstrated how
  modern practices can be applied and what benefits they have, and showed us the
  problems and difficult ies associated with even a relatively small project.
  Between the ages of 10 and 19 I was a member of the Scout Group at Culcheth, where
  I earned numerous awards, and worked to improve my teamwork and leadership skills.
  While with the Scout group I grew interested in rock climbing and hiking, quickly
  gaining a "Form M" mountain leadership qualification allowing me to use my experience
  to train and lead younger Scouts and Cubs in mountaineering activities. I intend to
  continue practising with the aim of climbing in the Alps so on.
  During my first year at Durham University I was assistant manager for a Fair Trade
  affiliated coffee shop organised and run by students from St Johns College. The coffee
  shop was established with financial assistance from the college Junior Common Room,
  and from then on was entirely self-financing. It quickly recouped its init ial expenses and
  was soon able to donate money to charitable causes in Africa.
  In my first year at university I joined the fencing team as a novice. In my fourth year I
  was elected vice-captain of the university team; as well as being a success socially, we
  achieved fourth place in the national rankings. Being vice-captain meant not only
  working with the team, but also training novices. For the past two years I have been
  selected to represent the North-east region in the national competit ion, and was part of
  the team which saw the region's greatest success in recent years. My experience with
  Durham university fencing club and the regional team instilled me with a strong team
  spirit and a sense of what good leadership can achieve.
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  S cru i tuv s I j e t f cge a b a eh mn'
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  captain, leading the team to its best result in many years. I am currently vice-captain
  and am developing and training a B-team - the first in the history of DUFC.


Dr Elizabeth Burd     University of Durham       Wendy Watson          Education
PhD Supervisor        South Road                 Head of Service       Durham County Council
Depart ment of        Durham                     SGSS                  County Hall
Computer Science      DH1 3LE                                          Durham
                      0191 374 3659                                    DH1 5UJ
                                                                       0191 383 4584

Dr Andre w Hunter     University of Durham       Ricardo Estee-Wale 3 South Bailey
Final Year project    South Road                 University Tutor   Durham
Supervisor            Durham                     St John's College  DH1 3RJ
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