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					                 Monterey County Fish and Game Advisory Commission
                                Minutes of 8/11/2009
                                   Location: Pozzi’s Roundup Restaurant
                                            207 Broadway Road
                                              King City, CA
1.      Call to Order
        Chairman Vic Lanini called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Roll Call
         District I (Supvr. Armenta)                    District IV (Supvr. Jane Parker)
         Al Espindola                                   Charlie Collins
         Charles Nelson                                 Stephen Ruth
                                                        Mike Hosfelt

         District II (Supvr. Calcagno)                  District V (Supvr. Potter)
         Frank Gomes, Jr.                               Kevin Kreyenhagen
         Richard Medley (Vice Chair)                    Judson Vandevere
         John Sargenti

         District III (Supvr. Salinas)                  Absent
         Vic Lanini (Chair)                             Rich Hughett (Excused)
         John Pack                                      Sam Davidson (Secretary)
         Frank LaMacchia
                                     Barbara Nelson (Wife of member Charlie Nelson)
                                            Brid Caveney (General Contractor)
                                                  Paul Finnegan (Retired)
                                     David Lutes (Monterey County Parks Department)

3.      Approval of Minutes of 2/10/2009
               Kevin Kreyenhagen requested a hold on approval of the April 14, 2009
                minutes as it pertained in particular to Sam Davidson’s abstention from
                voting to approve a grant to the Southern Monterey County Sportsmen’s
                Association to support the Kids Fish Derby at the upper Arroyo Seco
                pond. Because Mr. Davidson was absent, Mr. Kreyenhagen wanted to
                hold approval of this item in order to have a further discussion regarding
                the effect of stocking fish for the event on native wild steelhead.
        Commission action: John Pack moved to approve the minutes with the exception
        of the above item to be held for further discussion at the next scheduled
        Commission meeting. Charlie Collins seconded the motion, followed by a
        unanimous vote to approve the balance of the minutes as read.
     4. Public Comments
        Guest Paul Finnegan expressed thanks to the Commission for the role they play as
        an agency for the County to represent the public regarding issues regarding the
        preservation and propagation of fish and wildlife and use of fish and game
        propagation funds to enhance fish and wildlife.
5.   Financial Report
     David Lutes, County Parks staff, expressed an apology for the absence of the July,
     2009 Financial Report because of the County’s transition to an entirely new
     computer accounting program for this 2009/2010 Fiscal Year.
     Commission action: Al Espindola moved to approve the June 2009 Financial
     Report that was included in the agenda packet, and Kevin Kreyenhagen seconded
     the motion, followed by a unanimous vote to approve the June 2009 Financial
     Report for the Fish and Game Advisory Commission Budget Unit 297.
6.   Old Business
        a. Salinas Fly Fishing Letter
           The Commission approved by consensus to table this item until Richard
           Hughett is present to provide an update on this matter.

        b. Joint Meeting with Santa Cruz and San Benito Commissions
           Vic Lanini announced that the joint meeting would occur at the Harbor
           Master building in Moss Landing on the coming Saturday, August 15,
           2009. Mr. Lanini requested topics for discussion at the meeting, which
               (1) The Governor’s cut of State subvention funds provided for County
                   and City jurisdictions to partially recover their loss of property tax
                   revenue incurred under Williamson Act contracts. (The
                   Williamson Act contracts between the respective governmental
                   jurisdictions and local agricultural property-owners reduce
                   property taxes as an incentive for property owners to maintain
                   productive agricultural operations).
               (2) The Hill Bill involving the pooling of money collected from
                   sportsmen for greater accountability of expenditures.

        c. Youth Shoot Committee
           Richard Medley stated that the 2nd annual, Saturday, October 24th, 2009,
           “Youth Trap Shoot Competition” is organized pretty much in the same
           manner as last year’s event. There is a limit of 40 youth from 12 to 18
           years old allowed to participate in the event when shown to have safety
           certification. Sign-up for the event can occur only at Hunters Supply, 220
           N. Main Street, Salinas, CA 93901 (TEL: 831-758-4868;
  in order to better account for limited number of
           participants with safety certifications.

        d. Other Business
              (1) John Sargenti passed out an article on coyotes that described the
                  same species of coyotes in Colorado as found locally. It was found
                  that 21% of the coyote scat had evidence of deer remains. More
                  information is needed on the impact to deer herds from coyote
                  populations. Mr. Sargenti stated that he will continue to update the
                  Commission with articles on the subject.

              (2) It was discussed that the Commission needs to invite the County
                  Supervisor to the meeting.
              (3) John Pack continued to extend his invitation to Commission
                  members for a weekend fishing trip--phone #320-6296. (The
                  weekend of August 15-17 is booked, but there are openings for the
                  following weekend of April 22-23).
7.   New Business
           a. Seeking Opportunities to Stock Fish in Local Waters (i.e., Lake El
              Estoria in Monterey or Laguna Grande Lake in Seaside).
              Bud Caveney and Paul Finnegan presented their efforts to stock fish,
              especially carp, in local waters. (Mr. Caveney is chair of a Carp
              Corporation and exponent of the benefits of carp fishing, but is not
              advocating the need for stocking of local waters with only carp).
              Efforts to stock carp at Lake El Estoria have met with City resistance
              based on the City’s dedication to stocking the Lake with trout. A
              “Carp Family Day” at said Lake was refused by the City.
              Commission members criticized this City dedication to trout at the
              Lake because of its warm temperatures that are adverse to trout
              habitat. Carp is more adaptable to this habitat, and they can survive in
              very brackish water.
              Possible linking of a family day fishing event to the Monterey
              Peninsula Regional Park District’s program, “Let’s go out of doors,”
              was discussed. Mr. Laudermilk of the Department of Fish and Game
              expressed support. Introducing children to fishing as the Laguna
              Grande Lake in Seaside as a special event was discussed.
              The discussion ended with recommended efforts to approach the
              Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District and the Department of Fish
              and Game with a proposal to stock local waters with fish. Also, Mr.
              Caveney stated that he would discuss with County Parks staff the
              possibility of participating in the County Parks Department efforts to
              stock fish at the YONA Pond in the County’s Toro Park.
           b. Youth Shoot Funding Request
              The Hunter’s Supply requested the second half of last Fiscal Year’s
              request for $4,000 for seed money to support the 2nd annual, Saturday,
              October 24th, 2009, “Youth Trap Shoot Competition” (see item 6 c
              under Old Business above). The Commission awarded $2,000 for the
              event last Fiscal Year (08/09) with the promise of awarding $2,000
              during the current Fiscal Year (09/10) when the Commission’s account
              is replenished.
              Stephen Ruth questioned the limited publicizing of the event that
              appears exclusive to Hunter’s Supply sponsorship and sale of tickets.

   In the future, Mr. Ruth thought it would be preferable to have more
   suppliers involved with the event.
   Commission action: Kevin Kreyenhagen moved to approve payment
   of the balance of $2,000 for a grant to the Hunter’s Supply event,
   “Youth Trap Shoot Competition,” on Saturday, October 24th, 2009.
   Frank La Macchia seconded the motion, followed by a vote of 12
   members in favor, and with Stephen Ruth abstaining from the vote to
   approve awarding the $2,000 grant to Hunter’s Supply.
c. Rancho Ceilo Report
   In Richard Hughett’s absence, Frank Gomes briefed the Commission
   with the proposed Rancho Cielo fishing event sponsored by the Fly
   Fisherman, JCs and Ranch Cielo, which is to be seen as an on-going
   event. Locations for the fishing events would include Ranch Ceilo,
   and possibly Toro Park and Laguna Seca.
d. Mountain Lion Meeting in Hollister
   Charlie Nelson reported on the meeting in Hollister sponsored by the
   San Benito County Fish and Game Advisory Commission regarding
   mountain lion predatory issues. While silent about shooting mountain
   lions, the participants wanted a count of mountain lions in the area.
   There are no State funding provisions for mountain lion research.
   Discussion ensued with some members’ consternation that State
   General Funds are spent on protecting the mountain lion habitat
   without recognizing that the species can be an unwanted predator.
   Contrary to that argument, it was mentioned that these funds for
   habitat protection apply to many species of wildlife, not only the
   mountain lion. Lions and deer work together in habitats, and
   depredation permits can be obtained to hunt both species.
   It was brought up that with the fencing around agricultural fields such
   as vineyards, deer are channeled into corridors that are easy prey for
   mountain lions. Also, that mountain lions are on top of the food chain,
   not deer.
e. Meeting with DA’s Office
   Vic Lanini discussed his and Richard Hughett’s meeting with Ed
   Hazel of the DA’s Office with the purpose of advocating for more
   revenue allocation to the Fish and Game Advisory Commission from
   fines charged for various violations. It was stated that many DA
   charges are reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, thereby reducing
   the amount of fines available. Nonetheless, Vic and Richard were able
   to convey to the DA’s office what projects the Commission supports
   for possible future funding.

    f. Fire Spill into the Salinas Drain
        Because of Lt. Don Kelly’s (CA Department of Fish & Game)
       absence, this item was postponed until the next Commission meeting.
    g. Other Business
       The location of the next Commission meeting on October 13, 2009
       will be at Denny’s Restaurant.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.