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Counter Cache
     Basic & Classic
         Omal Counter Cache Basic & Classic -
         the secure solution to transport notes,
         cheques, vouchers and credit slips.

                              ...Secure, store & transport with confidence

                                            C a s h   M a n a g e m e n t
Counter Cache
      Basic & Classic
The newly branded Omal Counter Cache Basic & Classic have a 15 year heritage. This reputation is substantiated through an impressive
testimonial list and proves the products have consistently fulfilled the requirements of a large number of major national and international
retailers. The products offer a ‘tried and tested’ secure solution of transporting notes, cheques, vouchers and credit card slips from the check-
out to the point of reconciliation. Mounted at Point of Sale, merely transfer the items from your till drawer to the sturdy metal clad unit for
temporary storage during opening hours. The Classic or cassette variant offers additional flexibility and piece of mind in the form of a security
sealed inner cassette. Both the Basic (non cassette) and Classic (cassette) options allow you the freedom to perform your cash lifts at a time
that is most convenient to you. Staff are less at risk, customer queues are at their smallest and you can ensure the least amount of disruption
for everyone. The Omal Counter Cache Basic or Classic will enhance any reconciliation process of your till takings.

                                                             • Cassette or non cassette option
                                                             • Deposit 1 - 6 currency sized pieces of paper to a capacity of up to 600 items
                                                             • Accepts all known currency denomination
                                                             The Omal Counter Cache Basic is a simple drop box without internal storage or carrying device and has a capacity of up to 600 currency sized pieces of paper. The Basic’s
                                                             contents must be manually removed once the store is secured. Alternatively the whole metal box can be detached from its mounting channel for safer media transportation.
                                                             The Classic variant has a separate, additionally secured internal cassette with a capacity of 500 items. Once inserted into the Counter Cache, the cassette provides
                                                             temporary and safe storage at Point of Sale during opening hours. After closing time individual till contents can be stored in the cassettes in the over night safe of your
                                                             cash office. Both units will receive batch sizes of between 1-6 items in one go. Currency sized pieces of paper are vertically deposited into the units and compressed by
                                                             pushing the grey handle. The vertical note acceptor in turn prepares notes for swift counting. Completely Euro ready, both the Basic and Classic variants will accept all
                                                             known currency denominations.

                                                             •   Dual key or keyplate locking system
                                                             •   Built in note restrictor plate
                                                             •   Visible deterrent for would be thieves.
                                                             •   Random and specific lock numbers available
                                                             Security has always been important in the design of the Counter Cache. A number of safety devices are built in to protect both your hard-earned cash and your staff. The Basic
                                                             is opened using a two key system, a long key to open the unit and a short key to remove the unit from its mounting channel. The Classic Counter Cache unit is also opened
                                                             using a key, whereas the internal cassette can only be removed using a specialist security keyplate, which in turn seals the contents. Restricting key access maximises your in-
                                                             store security. Add a plain or numbered Security Seal to your cassette to complete the audit trail and at the same time ensure against cassette tampering. The built in note
                                                             restrictor plate reduces temptation to manipulate the product by limiting the deposit gap. This restriction also prevents multiple deposits, thus avoiding jams and customer down
                                                             time. Although obscured from view at Point of Sale, the units are still visible enough to actively deter would be thieves. The flat key lock system is used as standard, with both
                                                             random and specific locks available on request. An alternative higher security locking system can be fitted to the Classic variant. All these elements reduce the temptation of theft,
                                                             time spent accounting for discrepancies and ultimately drive down your costs.

                                                             • Optional accessories provide secure and complete system
                                                             • Various mounting options
                                                             The Counter Cache Cash Management System is further enhanced and complemented by our range of optional accessories. Spare, reusable cassettes not only provide a safer
                                                             skim environment they also dramatically reduce the number of skims required and the time each skim takes. Numbered Security Seals and Cassette Record Cards provide a
                                                             traceable and unbroken audit trail ensuring staff accountability at all times. Both plain and numbered Security Seals provide evidence of tampering, thus reducing shrinkage. PVC
                                                             Cards identify shift changes and can swiftly unblock note jams caused by product misuse. Cassette Collection and Cash Transportation Trolleys are available for even securer
                                                             transportation of your cash to its place of temporary storage or reconciliation.
                                                             The Counter Cache unit is easily mounted at Point of Sale. Various mounting options optimise use of available space and ensure flexibility where fitting restrictions are imposed.

As our mission statement says, we aim to secure “…long term professional and profitable relationships”. We would not be honouring this intention without an extensive range of product services to give our existing, new and potential customers justified
confidence, not only in our products but in the Volumatic Omal culture. Why not trial a product and discover how much time and therefore resources are saved, and how much more profitable your working day will become as a result. Contact our Training
consultants to find out more. Put your mind at rest about maintenance. The OmalCare policy will look after everything for you.

Training                   Our field trainers can assist customers during process trials and train new /existing users of Counter Cache with the simple objective ’get the best out of your Counter Cache.’
OmalCare Policy            Omal Counter Cache are supplied with a 2 year warranty as standard.
Euro Statement             Fully Euro compliant, both Basic and Classic versions of Counter Cache will accept and store all Euro note denominations.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Basic & Classic CC V.01 May 2003

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