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					Natural Skin Therapy Range

      Vitamins, Minerals
      And Essential Oils
       Included in our
  Products and Supplements

         Ingredient             Why it is needed for healthy skin

VITAMIN C                       Plays a primary role in the formation of
The best supplement contains    collagen (a protein also found in the
the complete C complex of       skin), which is important for the growth
bioflavoniods, has hesperidin   and repair of body tissue cells (skin
and rutin and works best in     cells).
conjunction with Calcium and    Heals wounds, burns, aids in preventing
Magnesium.                      many types of viral and bacterial
                                infections, reduces effects of many
                                allergy-producing substances.
                                As an antioxidant it helps to fight
                                damage caused by unstable oxygen
                                molecules      called   free     radicals    –
                                especially in interiors of cells (skin cells).

Pro-Vitamin A                   It is not only essential for a strong
(Carotenoid)                    immune system but also for a healthy
Works best with B complex, D,   skin.
E, Calcium, Phosphorus and      By boosting immunity, it greatly
Zinc.                           strengthens resistance to infections and
                                combats cold sores and shingles (herpes
                                virus), warts (viral infection).
                                It combats skin disorders including dry
                                skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema and
                                rosacea. It aids the healing of wounds.

Vitamin E                       It protects cell membranes, fights
(Tocopherol)                    diseases and aids in skin healing. An
Helps the body to use           antioxidant, which assists in destroying
Selenium and vitamins K, C      or neutralizing free radicals, the unstable
and enhances activity of A.     oxygen molecules that cause damage to
                                cells (skin cells).    Alleviates fatigue,
                                retards cellular ageing, accelerates
                                healing of skin, enhances the immune
Vitamin P                         Water-soluble,      also     called    the
(Rutin, Hesperidin,               permeability factor (P stands for
Bioflavonoids)                    permeability).
Necessary for the proper          The prime function of bioflavonoids in
function and absorption of        connection with rutin and hesperidin is to
vitamin C.                        increase capillary strength and regulate
                                  Aids vitamin C in keeping connective
                                  tissues healthy (skin tissues). Prevents
                                  vitamin C from being destroyed in
                                  oxidation.    Strengthens the walls of
                                  capillaries thereby preventing bruising.
                                  Helps build resistance to infection.

Vitamin H                         Biotin comes from “bios” the Greek word
(Biotin)                          for “life”.
Synergistic with vitamin B2, B6   Water soluble, essential for normal
Niacin and A.                     metabolism of fat and protein.
                                  Eases muscle pains, alleviates dermatitis
                                  and eczema and maintains a healthy

Vitamin B5                        Water soluble, helps in cell building (skin
(Panthenol)                       cells), maintaining normal growth and
                                  development of the central nervous
                                  system. Vital for the proper functioning
                                  of the adrenal glands, essential for
                                  conversion of fat and sugar to energy.
                                  Necessary for synthesis of antibodies.
                                  Aids wound healing, fights infection,
                                  prevents fatigue, reduces adverse and
                                  toxic effects of many antibodies.
                                  Aids all skin disorders, relieves stress.

Vitamin K                         Fat soluble, sets in motion the entire
(Menadoine)                       blood-clotting process as soon as a
Vitamin E helps the body to       wound occurs. Green tea is sometimes
use Vitamin K.                    erroneously considered the leading
                                  source of Vitamin K. According to a
                                  American study a cup of green tea
                                  contains virtually no Vitamin K.

VITAMIN B6                        Water-soluble, it performs more than
(Pyridoxine)                      100 jobs innumerable times a day and
Works best with B1, B2, B5, C     acts in concert with enzymes to speed up
and Magnesium.                    chemical reactions in the cells (skin
                                  cells). A lack of this Vitamin may cause
                                  stress, anxiety and depression. It helps
                                  to prevent various nervous and skin
                                  disorders and reduces certain forms of
                                  neuritis in the extremities.
VITAMIN B9                       Water-soluble and utilized in the body
(Folic acid)                     thousands of times a day to make blood
(Folacin)                        cells, heals wounds, builds muscle – and
(Vitamin M)                      in every other process that requires cell
                                 division. Necessary for every function in
                                 the body that requires cell multiplication
                                 (skin cells).    Promotes healthier –
                                 looking skin.

VITAMIN B1                       Water-soluble, known as the “morale
(Thiamine)                       vitamin” because of its beneficial effect
Works closely with the other B   on the nervous system and mental
Vitamins.                        attitude. Aid in the treatment of herpes
                                 zoster (shingles).

VITAMIN B2                       Water soluble, aids the body in
(Riboflavin)                     producing infection – fighting immune
(also known as Vitamin G)        cells and works in conjunction with iron
Works closely with the other B   to manufacture red blood cells, which
Vitamins.                        transport oxygen to all the cells in the
                                 body.     Assists antioxidants, such as
                                 Vitamin E in protecting cells against free
                                 Essential for tissue maintenance and
                                 repair, speeds up healing of wounds,
                                 burns and other (skin) injuries.      Has
                                 proved     valuable   in   treating   skin
                                 disorders including rosacea.

VITAMIN B3                       Water-soluble, has an anti-inflammatory
(Niacin)                         effect on rheumatoid arthritis and
Works well with the other B      osteoarthritis and may heal damaged
Vitamins.                        cartilage. Helps to foster nerve cells and
                                 to keep skin healthy and is used in the
                                 prevention and treatment of a host of
                                 other ailments.

POTASSIUM                         Performs a host of essential functions in
Works with Sodium.                the body, particularly in the body’s cells
                                  such as conducting more impulses,
                                  initiating   muscle     contractions    and
                                  controlling the amount of fluid inside the
                                  cells. It is a natural diuretic, so helps to
                                  remove toxic metabolites or toxins from
                                  the body. Is an aid in allergy treatment.

CALCIUM                           Most is stored in the bones and teeth. In
Needs Vitamin D to work.          circulation it moves nutrients across cell
Works well with Phosphorus        membranes.       Is needed for normal
and Magnesium.                    communication between nerve cells,
                                  blood clotting, muscle contraction and
                                  wound healing.

MAGNESIUM                         One of the most important health-
Works well in conjunction with    promoting minerals and may help to
Vitamin C, A, Calcium,            prevent or combat many chronic
Potassium, Phosphorus,            diseases.    It is involved in energy
Sodium.                           production, nerve function, muscle
                                  relaxation and bone and tooth formation.
                                  Important for converting blood sugar
                                  into energy.

SULPHUR                           Works with all B Vitamins for basic body
Works well with all Vitamins B.   metabolism and is part of tissue –
                                  building (skin tissue) amino acids.
                                  Essential for healthy hair, skin and nails.

PHOSPHORUS                        Plays an essential role in the process of
Interacts with Calcium.           supplying energy to every cell in the
                                  body. Protects cells and strengthens the
                                  membranes that surround them.
                                  Assists a variety of nutrients, hormones
                                  and chemicals in doing their job.
                                  Activates all B Vitamins.

SODIUM                            Is essential for normal growth.
                                  Sodium aids in keeping calcium and
                                  other minerals in the blood soluble.
                                  Helps the nerves and muscles to function
IRON                               Essential and required for life, is part of
Works and helps B Vitamins,        haemoglobin,     the     oxygen-carrying
Copper, Cobalt, Manganese          component of red blood cells. Is also
and Vitamin C.                     part of myoglobin, which supplies
                                   oxygen to the muscles and is part of
                                   many enzymes and immune-system
                                   compounds.      Aids growth, promotes
                                   resistance to disease, prevents fatigue,
                                   brings back good skin tone.

STRONTIUM                          Most important to transport and deliver
                                   Calcium through the body and therefore
                                   takes     care    of    the     natural

ZINC                               The body does not produce or store Zinc
Works best with Vitamin A,         but every cell in the body needs it and it
Calcium, Phosphorus.               is a crucial component of the immune
                                   systems.       Helps against infections.
                                   Supports the body’s natural defence and
                                   repair system, alleviates skin problems
                                   and stimulates the healing of wounds.

MANGANESE                          Helps activate enzymes, necessary for
                                   the body’s proper use of Vitamin H
                                   (Biotin), B1 (Thiamine) and Vitamin C.
                                   Also needed for normal bone structure
                                   and proper digestion and utilisation of
                                   food.     Important for normal central
                                   nervous     system  function.     Helps
                                   eliminate fatigue, aids in muscle

COPPER                             Required to convert the body’s iron into
Essential for the utilisation of   haemoglobin. It is also essential in the
Vitamin C.                         formation of collagen, a fundamental
                                   protein in bones, skin and connective
                                   Plays a role in maintaining immunity and
                                   important for the development of red
                                   blood cells.

IODINE                             Trace mineral, which aids in the
                                   manufacture of thyroxine, the hormone
                                   responsible for regulating metabolism.
                                   It is essential to the thyroid gland.
                                   Crucial to the individual’s overall health
                                   and mental agility.
SELENIUM               Like Vitamin E it is also an antioxidant.
Works with Vitamin E   Blocks free radicals. Protects cells against
                       environmental and dietary toxins. It has
                       now gained a great deal of attention for its
                       role in combating cancer.

VANADIUM               Inhibits the formation of cholesterol in blood

Silicium               Part of all connective tissue cells as well as
(Silicea)              those of the skin.
(Silicic Acid)

Cobalt                 A mineral that is part of Vitamin B12 and is
                       essential for red blood cells.

TRACE ELEMENTS:        Essential for good body function and vital
                       for a wide range of internal processes

                       Aluminiumtrioxyd,    Boron,   Barium,
                       Titanium,    Molybdenum,    Rubidium,
                       Chromium, Germanium, Platinum, Gold,
                       Fluor, Indium

         AMINO ACIDS   Every cell in the body needs amino acids.
                       Deficiency can have damaging effect on

                       Aspartic Acid     Protects the central nervous
                                         system, improves stamina
                                         and endurance.

                       Glutamine         Shortens the healing time of
                                         ulcers and alleviates fatigue.

                       Glycine           Good for muscle function,
                                         aids in the production of

                       Lysine            Helps reduce the incidence
                                         of and/or prevent herpes

                       Phenylalanine Acts as a neurotransmitter.
Essential Oils

        Ingredient        Why it is needed for healthy skin

Tea Tree Oil              Penetrates the skin deep down and acts as
MELAULEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA   disinfectant and has antiseptic properties.
                          It helps to keep the skin cool and
                          comfortable, maintaining the natural
                          balance of the skin and reduces at the
                          same time the skins fungal and bacterial
                          count and therefore reduces the likelihood
                          of further infection. It is nowadays a well-
                          established ingredient for better skin care

Manuka Oil                Our Manuka Oil comes from one special
LEPTOSPERMUM              source in the world and is prepared by
SCORPARIUM                pure steam distillation of freshly chopped
                          plant material, single distillation at low
                          controlled temperatures. Only our Manuka
                          Oil has the highest and most powerful
                          antibacterial and antifungal properties. It
                          is active against a wide range of micro-
                          organisms that cause irritation and
                          infection of the skin. Our special Manuka
                          Oil is 20-30 times more active than
                          general Tea Tree Oil “for gram positive
                          bacteria”. Researchers have found that
                          our unique Manuka Oil to have
                          antibacterial/antifungal, antiallergenic and
                          antiinflammatory properties and to
                          therefore help in the relief of “skin,
                          mucous, membrane and rheumatic
                          ailments”. They have also found it to be
                          well tolerated by the skin and to be helpful
                          for itchy and irritated skin and scalp. Our
                          special Manuka Oil particularly acts
                          against the very harmful bacteria
                          staphylococcus aureas which is a
                          particular annoying bacteria in eczema
                          and can generally speaking only be
                          controlled by steroids.
                          The prime functions of our special Manuka
                          Oil are antibacterial, antifungal, antiacne,
                          antiinflammatory, antihistamine,
Manuka Oil is a fairly new product but it
already received worldwide attention, even
the Sunday Times “Style” magazine in the
section “what’s the alternative” (in
medicine) reported about the potent
healing power of Manuka in this, particular
case herpes and also mentioned that the
Australian Health Authorities have given
the go ahead for Manuka for treatment to
wounds and sores.

Incidentally the maori people (the
indigenous people of New Zealand) have
for many centuries valued the healing
properties of the Manuka Tree
(Leptospermum Scorparium).
        Ingredient           Why it is needed for healthy skin

Pure Australian Sandalwood   Only this variety of special therapeutic oil is of
                             outstanding quality and provides valuable
(Santalum Spicatum)          healing properties that resulted in its inclusion
                             in the British Pharmacopoeia of 1932.

                             Sandalwood Oil from other places in the world
                             have proven not to offer all the healing
                             properties of our special variety of Australian
                             Sandalwood Oil.

                             Published clinical trials have demonstrated that
                             our Australian Sandalwood Oil contributes
                             considerable value to the treatment of specific
                             conditions and is biocidal against certain
                             organisms, for example: thrush, athletes foot,
                             acne, herpes, staphylococcus aureas bacteria.
                             Preliminary data suggests that our variety of
                             Sandalwood Oil might be of value as an
                             ingredient of a topical solution (lotion) to assist
                             with the prevention of skin cancer.

                             Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral

                                   Natural antiseptic
                                   Non toxic, non irritating
                                   Many times more potent than tea tree oil
                                    towards bacterial cause of acne and
                                    fungal infections
                                   Treats most skin infections i.e. boils,
                                    carbuncles, impetigo, wound sepsis,
                                    MRSA and acne.
                                   Treats most fungal infections i.e. Tinea
                                    (ringworm) (athletes foot) and Candida

                                   Natural (non steroidal)
                                   Effective for treating all inflammatory

                             The lipophilic nature of our special Sandalwood
                             Oil ensures an affinity with the cells of the skin,
                             thus enhancing emollient, softening and
                             soothing properties.
Pure Australian Rosalina Oil   Offers broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties
(Melaleuca Ericafolia)         as well as some mild calming effects.

                                     Anti-bacterial
                                     Anti-fungal
                                     Immuno-stimulant

Pure Australian Nerolina Oil   Offers the following properties:
(Melaleuca Quinquenervia
Pilliga)                             Anti-inflammatory

                                     Anti-viral

                                     Anti-bacterial

                                     Anti-hypertensive properties

Pure Australian Citratum Oil Provides excellent anti-microbial and
(Leptospermum Petersonii)    offers insect repelling properties.

                                     Anti-fungal

                                     Anti-bacterial

                                     Anti-histamine properties