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									If you would like this booklet in large print,
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language please contact the Communications
Team at Eastern Support Services on 01603
                                                             Ogden Court
307266 and we will do our best to help.                NHS Community Hospital

                                                       Information for patients and visitors

   Further copies of this booklet are available from
                     Ogden Court
                  60 Ogden Close
                      NR18 0PE

              Telephone 01953 605060
                 Fax 01953 606198
       Website www.southernnorfolk-pct.nhs.uk

This leaflet produced: May 2006
              We’re smoke free                                         Ogden Court
                                                                  NHS Community Hospital
Southern Norfolk PCT operates a smoke-free policy at     Our postal address is:
all of its sites.
                                                               Ogden Court
Smoking is not allowed by anyone entering or using our         60 Ogden Close
buildings or grounds (staff, patients, visitors and            Wymondham
contractors).                                                  Norfolk       NR18 0PE
                                                               Telephone: 01953 605060

                                                         Patient telephone: 01953 602830
                                                         The patients’ trolley phone can used by the bedside.
                                                         Friends or relatives wishing to talk to a patient should
                                                         ring 01953 605060 first to arrange for the trolley phone
                                                         to be plugged in.

                                                         We do not allow personal mobile phones to be used
                                                         within the building.

                                                         Please do not use the Ogden Close parking area or
                                                         entrance as this is for South Norfolk Council staff and

                                                         The entrance to Ogden Court Community Hospital is
                                                         on Back Lane (see attached map). Please use the
                                                         parking spaces provided or park at Central Hall Car

                                                         Buses from St Stephen’s Street in Norwich run every
                                                         20 minutes to Wymondham Market Cross. This service
                                                         ends at 6pm and the service is then hourly (correct at
                                                         time of printing).

                         12                                                          1
          Welcome to Ogden Court                           Suitable food gifts
                                                           Visitors are welcome to bring in items of ‘low risk’
          NHS Community Hospital                           foods, which include:
                                                               • Biscuits
The purpose of this booklet is to give information that        • Sweets
will be useful to patients, their relatives and friends.       • Fruit
                                                               • Non cream cakes
Please remember that if you are unsure of anything, all
                                                               • Soft drinks
members of our staff are here to help.
                                                               • Crisps

Your comments                                              We cannot be held responsible for any illness arising
                                                           from food brought in for patients from outside areas.
We welcome your comments about our services at
                                                           We will only accept responsibility for food provided by
Ogden Court. You can either speak to a member of
                                                           our own catering department.
staff or pick up one of our leaflets available from
                                                           If you would like further guidance or advice on a
                                                           patient’s special dietary requirements while they are
                                                           staying at Ogden Court Community Hospital, please
Information, help and advice                               contact the nurse in charge, who may refer you to a
If you need information, advice or help about any local    qualified dietician or the catering department,
health services you can contact our Patient Advice         whichever is the most appropriate.
and Liaison Service (PALS). The service is impartial
and confidential, telephone 01603 307340, Monday to        Thank you for your co-operation.
Friday, 9am to 5pm.

NHS Direct and the Heron website are also available
24 hours a day (see below).

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     Bringing food into Ogden Court                                       About Ogden Court

Many people visiting relatives or friends in hospital may    Ogden Court opened in May 1995 and is managed by
want to bring in gifts of food. All food gifts should be     Southern Norfolk Primary Care Trust.
stored in airtight plastic containers.
                                                             This complex is unique because it contains both NHS
When people are ill they may be unusually vulnerable         services and South Norfolk Council sheltered
to gastric infection.                                        accommodation (Saffron Housing).

                                                             Ogden Court NHS Community Hospital has a total of
Unsuitable food gifts                                        14 beds divided between the two suites, Whitlingham
We ask visitors not bring in items from the following list   and Wensum.
of ‘high risk’ foods, which at room temperature will
rapidly become unsafe to eat:                                Each suite has been equipped with a day room, a
    • Shellfish                                              dining area and a kitchen.
    • Cooked fish                                            Both day rooms and some of the bedrooms open out
    • Cooked meat or meat products                           onto a sheltered courtyard garden that has a fishpond.
    • Cooked poultry or poultry products
    • Cook chill or cook freeze meals                        Each bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom equipped
    • Gravy and stock                                        with shower, toilet and sink.
    • Milk and milk products
    • Egg products
    • Cooked rice, pulses or pasta
    • Raw salads
    • Paté

                            10                                                          3
                    Patient care                              Meals
                                                              Meal times are as follows:

Patients are admitted to Ogden Court Community                    Breakfast       Patients can have breakfast in their
Hospital by referral by a health care professional, via                           own room
the discharge liaison team.
                                                                  Lunch           12 midday
Patients are admitted to Ogden Court for various
reasons i.e. convalescence following an operation and             Tea             5pm
re-enablement requiring minimal physiotherapy and
occupational therapy input.                                   Drinks are served at regular intervals throughout the

Our patients are aged 16 years and over and they stay         There is a choice of meals, our housekeeper or nursing
for between two and six weeks.                                staff will help you choose.

Clinical care is provided by a consultant who visits          Meals are ordered one day in advance.
weekly and GPs who visit twice a week.
                                                              Please tell us of any likes, dislikes or allergies. Our
At present, we do not provide intensive physiotherapy.        nursing team or housekeeper can advise patients
Patients will be assessed by a physiotherapist and may        requiring a specialist diet.
receive a programme of exercises to aid their recovery.

Ogden Court staff all take their tea/coffee breaks within     Protected meal time
the unit in order to provide a safe standard of staffing at   We have a protected meal time policy between 5pm
all times.                                                    and 6pm. This means that patients are able to eat their
                                                              meals without interruptions from medical staff and

                                                              If relatives or friends would like to help their family
                                                              member or friend during meal times (or with any aspect
                                                              of their care during their stay), please see the nurse in

                            4                                                              9
Hairdresser                                                                          Visiting
Every Wednesday our hairdresser Diane visits.

She calls in to each patient’s room to see if they would   Our visiting hours are:
like an appointment.
                                                                   2pm to 5pm
Alternatively you can call her on 01508 495194.                    and
                                                                   6pm to 8pm.

      Prices – subject to change                           Please note that we have a protected meal time policy
                                                           between 5pm and 6pm (see page 9).
Shampoo and set                      £5.70                 Please contact the nurse in charge if you need to make
Cut, shampoo and set                 £7.80                 other arrangements outside of normal visiting hours.
Blow dry                    From     £6.00
Cut, blow dry               From     £8.50
Cut                         From     £4.00                 Entry
Perms                       From     £18.50                Please ring the doorbell by the entrance. We try to
                                                           answer the doorbell as quickly as possible, but please
Men’s                                                      be aware that you may have to wait a while during busy
Cut                         From     £3.80                 periods.
Wash and cut                         £6.00

Prices correct at time of printing                         Infection control
                                                           To help control infection we ask everyone to use the
                                                           alcohol hand gel located at the entrance and in the
                                                           bedrooms. Please use it when entering and leaving
                                                           the building at all times.

                                                           Extra chairs for visitors are available in each of the day
                                                           rooms. Please ensure they are returned to where they
                                                           came from.

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           Staying at Ogden Court                          Electrical goods
                                                           When patients first arrive, the nurses need to know if
                                                           they have brought in any electrical items such as
Clothes                                                    radios, razors etc.
We encourage patients to wear their own clothes. We
have limited space so we ask patients to only bring in a   Due to health and safety legislation, patients will not be
suitable amount of clothing for their stay.                able to use mains operated electrical items until our
                                                           electrician has checked them. This usually takes a few
We advise that all items of patient clothing are clearly   days.
marked with their name.
                                                           Until then, we have a limited number of radios and
Please can patients, relatives and friends be aware that   televisions for patients to borrow.
we are unable to launder personal items.
                                                           Patients are welcome to bring in a small portable
We will put any clothing that needs laundering inside a    television. However, as space is limited the TV will
bag in the wardrobe. Please check this regularly.          have to fit on the small lockable cabinet in the room.

If you have any difficulties with this system, please
speak with one of the nurses.                              Money and valuables
                                                           We encourage patients not to bring large amounts of
                                                           cash or valuables into Ogden Court.
We do not supply toiletries, so we ask patients to         Some money may be required for daily use and we
ensure they have the items they need during their stay.    advise people to keep it in the lockable drawer in their

                                                           Valuables are kept here at patients’ own risk.

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