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					Page 1 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                                                 April 2007

    For the Williamson United Methodist Church
Volume 5, Issue 4                                                                                          April 2007
Wayne Mort, Pastor
Church: 589-8622
Parsonage 589-6541
                        “Why are you looking for the living among the dead?
                                  He is not here, but has risen.”
                                                                Luke 24: 5

         We stand at the brink of the most important day in the Christian year—Easter Sunday. Ever since I became
     a pastor, I have found myself trying to argue people into believing in Christ and attending church. I have found
     it to be a frustrating experience. I have along the way come to believe that a deep, life-changing Christian
     belief is based not on arguments and reasons, but upon a personal encounter with the Risen Christ. We believe
     simply because he comes to us and gives us that which we cannot give ourselves—a reason to believe, a way to go
     on, and a path out of doubt toward faith.
         I pray that you will join us in as many services as you can attend through Holy Week and hopefully, you will
     encounter the Risen Christ in your life:

     Palm Sunday, April 1- Palm Sunday Community Breakfast. 7:30-9:00AM. Williamson First Presbyterian Church.
     At 9:00AM there will be a presentation from the town supervisor about issues impacting Williamson. Proceeds
     go to the 2-cents/meal program to alleviate world hunger.

     Holy Thursday, April 5- Holy Thursday Service. 7:00PM Williamson United Methodist Church. Service will
     include a Foot Washing Ceremony and Holy Communion. Pastor Brian (Pultneyville UMC) and Pastor Wayne will
     each give a brief homily.

     Good Friday, April 6- Cross Walk begins at Noon at the Williamson Reformed Church. A potluck luncheon will
     be served back at the Reformed Church at 1:30PM. Dishes can be dropped of at the church prior to the walk.
     Please bring your own table service, beverages will be provided.
     The evening Good Friday Service begins at 7:00PM at the Williamson First Presbyterian Church. The movie
     Passion of the Christ will be shown at Williamson UMC for youth and adults in the sanctuary beginning at

     Easter Sunday, April 8- Sunrise Service at Forman Park in Pultneyville at 6:45AM. Our Easter Service begins
     at 9:45AM and will include special music from the Youth, Senior and Bell Choirs.

        An Easter Prayer- No matter the situation, no matter the problem, no matter the trouble, God is always
     with us. God is always ready and willing to receive us, redeem us, renew us, restore us, refresh us, rebirth us,
     now and always! Yes, most certainly on Easter but every day as well!

                                             I can’t wait to see you in church!

                                                     Pastor Wayne
Page 2 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                   April 2007

                     APRIL 2007 NEED UPDATE

Hello Church Family!!!
We hope that all of you are filled with the coming of Spring! It certainly makes a
difference with the snow gone and the birds returning. We would like to thank all of
you for remembering to bring your items to the food pantry – there is always a need
– please keep up the good work.

                         Here are the items needed this month.

Canned Spaghetti/Ravioli                           Rice Dinners
Spam/Canned Ham                                    Feminine Products
Canned Hash                                        Tooth Brushes/Tooth Paste
Canned Tuna                                        Deodorants (mens & womens)
Apple Sauce                                        Dish Soap
Apple Juice

A reminder, aisle 2 at Breen’s has many items for $1.00 and the back end of each
aisle has sales every week. The Dollar General is a good place to pick things up.
Michele and I are glad to go to Aldis or wherever, if anyone wishes to make cash

We thank you all for making this food pantry a working mission of this Church so
that we can help those in need. If you have any comments or questions please
contact us at any time.

God bless you all,
Daryl and Michele Hoffman
                                315-589-2515 (days or evenings).

                     Email: or
Page 3 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                                     April 2007

      On March 27, Youth Communicator Nick Costello was our guest speaker at Youth
     Recreation. Nick has a powerful testimony and a gift for reaching young people. At
     the end of the night 20 of our students accepted Christ!! We continue to be blown
        away by the powerful work God is doing through this ministry and we are truly
     blessed to be a part of it. Please join us in praying for these new Christians as they
      grow in their faith and for our unsaved students - that they would hear the Lord
                      calling their name and make a decision for Christ.

                                     - The Youth Ministries Team

                                    Lessons from the Crocus

    Several weeks ago, the temperatures soared to 60 degrees and more. One day I went outside and
    the crocus were in full bloom. We all know what happened that weekend – several inches of wet,
    heavy snow. Then came another thaw. The snow melted, and the temperatures again were below
    freezing. But, that didn’t stop the crocus. Last week, when the temperatures again warmed up, the
    crocus were in full bloom once more!

    Now, in my humanness, I had hoped that the crocus would survive the snow. After all, snow is an
    insulator and could help keep the crocus from severe harm. But, when the snow melted, I thought
    that the crocus were doomed for sure. And, I suspected that the tulips and daffodils would have
    frozen tips as well. But, each cold day, the crocus flowers were tightly closed until the sun warmed
    them enough to open them in all their beauty.

    What a lesson of faith I received from those crocus! Often, scripture is abstract for me until
    something like this makes it alive and real. Matthew 6:25 – 34 is part of Jesus’ Sermon on the
    Mount. In those verses Jesus says, ―Therefore, do not be anxious about your life….. Consider the
    lilies of the field, how they grow…‖ Now, whenever I read that passage, I’ll remember how the
    delicate crocus flowers survived the freezing and thawing. If God can protect those delicate
    flowers, how much more will He protect me?

    Consider also these other scriptures:

    Matthew 10:28 – 31 God has numbered the hairs on our head.
    Matthew 17:20 Faith as a mustard seed

    Anita Sprague -Lay Speaker
Page 4 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                         April 2007

                                  Real Kids, Real Animals

Many of you may have noticed our colorful          One of the most unique things about Heifer’s
Sunday School display in the fellowship hall.      work with families and communities is called
What ―Real Kids, Real Animals‖ is all about is     ―passing on the gift‖. Families who receive an
our children helping others with the donation      animal ―repay‖ the loan by giving one or more
of an animal.                                      of the animal’s offspring to another family in
Our Sunday school classes have been learning       need. That family, in turn, passes on the gift
about Heifer International. If you are             to another family. So one gift multiplies
unfamiliar with the organization, here is how it   throughout the community!
works. Instead of directly providing food as
relief to families in need, Heifer, through        Our Sunday School children will be collecting
donations from people like our Sunday school       money from now until the end of May to put
class, provides farm animals. In many parts of     towards our purchase of an animal. They will
the world, a family’s health – in fact their       be collecting their money in a variety of ways
whole way of living – can be radically improved    – either from a portion of their allowance or
with just one animal.                              gift money, extra chores around the house, or
                                                   from donations provided by our church family.
Families now have nutritious milk from a cow,      The display in the fellowship hall will be a
goat, or even a water buffalo, income from the     reminder to all. For every $1.00 the child
sale of eggs to buy medicine or school             brings in, an animal with their name will be
supplies, or warm wool shorn from llamas to        added to the board. Hopefully, we’ll be able to
wear in frigid mountain climates.                  fill the wall. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

But Heifer International doesn’t just deliver      If you would like to donate to the children’s
sheep, chickens, or rabbits to a family’s          project and don’t get asked, please see me and
doorstep and wish them luck. Before families       I’ll be glad to collect it from you and pass it
receive an animal, they receive extensive          along to the children.
training in animal care and earth friendly
farming practices and Heifer shows them the        YSIC,
many ways the animal can help them.                Robin DeRue

                        Thank you to all who worked to prepare
                       and serve the chicken BBQ on March 24.
             We netted $1,100.00 from the sale of dinners and leftovers!
          This money will benefit 20 people going to Kingdom Bound in August.
                There is still room for 4 more people to join our group.
Page 5 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                                    April 2007


    When I serve in the nursery, I make sure to take the video tape of the service home so that I can
    listen to the sermon. Before I could stop the tape, I heard another the benediction from 9/10/06,
    ―May God plague you and torment you! May God give you an impossible task to do and dare you to do
    it and give you the skills to do it.‖

    Those statements hit me right between the eyes, as I’m at a crossroads right now. I’ve been given a
    new direction to pray over; is this direction truly from God?

    What impossible task is plaguing and tormenting you this day? Are you conversing with God about it
    and seeking wisdom from the Holy Spirit? Could this impossible task affect the ministry direction
    of the church? A small group meets at 6:00 Wednesday evenings for corporate prayer. We pray
    for direction and guidance for the ministry of the church. Perhaps God is using you in answer to our
    prayers. Please share your impossible tasks with Pastor Wayne and / or the rest of the prayer
                                                                                           Anita Sprague
                                                                                         Prayer Advocate

                                                CINDY VANDERBURGH
                                           CASOWASCO & ALDERSGATE
                                                  SCHOLARSHIP FUND

    The Board of Trustees offers $100 scholarships to Casowasco campers from the Williamson First
    United Methodist Church. This offer is available to each registered camper, per camping season,
    and will end when the Scholarship Fund is depleted. All requests for the scholarship must be
    submitted in writing and given to Mr. Andrew DeRue, Board of Trustees President or mailed to:
    Williamson First United Methodist Church, Attn: Mr. Andrew DeRue, Board of Trustees President,
    4146 E. Main Street, Williamson, NY 14589.

    The Early Bird Registration Discount for Casowasco camp is May 1st, so hurry and get your request
    in ASAP!

    Good news! The Summer Camp brochures have arrived!
       There is a Day at Camp Open House at Camp Aldersgate on Saturday, June 9, from 2-7PM. The
    Open House at Casowasco is Sunday, June 10, from 2-7PM. See Pastor Wayne for more details and
    watch for bulletin inserts. Website information is also available at
                                           HELP WANTED
    Do you like to read Christian books? I’m looking for people who would be willing to read & review
    books that are new additions to our Church Library. You can even be specific as to what genre you’d
    like to review. Please contact Penny Jock at or leave me a note in my church
    mailbox. Thanks!
Page 6 Volume 5, Issue 4                                     April 2007

                            3rd Annual
                   CHICKEN BARBECUE AT
                    The VanAcker’s
       To:           Our Church Family
       From:         The VanAcker’s
       Where:        5315 VanLare Road, Williamson
       Date:         Sunday, May 20, 2007 (Apple Blossom Weekend)
       Time:         2:00 pm til 6:00 pm
       For:          Chicken Barbecue and Fellowship

We will provide the chicken, salt potatoes, macaroni salad, vegetable
trays with dip, baked beans, beverage and, of course, applesauce.

We ask that you R.S.V.P. by May 7th at 589-6941 so that we have a
count as to how much chicken we need to purchase.

If you would like to bring your favorite dessert or hors d’oeuvres to
pass that might add a nice touch to our afternoon.

There will be “Gator” rides through the farm to enjoy God’s beauty
during apple blossom. Bring a lawn chair.

This is a rain or shine event as we will set up inside our building.

                           We hope to see you all!
Page 7 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                                       April 2007

                                Church Leadership Positions Available

       We know God has been calling you! We are looking for people to serve on our Finance Committee.
    We are also looking for a person to serve as Publicity Chair and a person to serve as COM Chair.
    Please see our Lay leader, Nancy Jordan or Pastor Wayne for more details.

    BOOK REVIEW by Anita Sprague

    “Larry Moyer’s How-To Book on Personal Evangelism”

    This small book is packed with helpful hints on spreading the Good News. First,
    everyone is invited to live an evangelistic lifestyle: pray for opportunities to
    witness to others, pray for the courage to use those opportunities, & let your life be a Christian

    Next, get into ordinary conversation with a person – always listening for an opening to start talking
    of spiritual matters. This how-to book even gives you lists of leading questions that you can ask.
    Larry Moyer also gives tips on reaching unsaved family members, encouraging new believers to grow
    in Christ, & helping children understand the salvation story – and more.

    He packs a lot of information into these 120 pages. It’s a must read for all of us who want to reach
    unsaved people, yet don’t know how to begin. Check it out in our Church Library.


    Dear Church Family:

    On April 28th, I will be turning 16 years old and am looking for job opportunities for this spring and

    This past summer I performed some outside jobs for my former school teacher, my grandmother, a
    local farmer and a farm market. I have some experience in stocking shelves, unloading trucks
    (manually), spreading mulch, cleaning pools, mowing lawns, painting, trimming trees, etc. I prefer
    outdoor work that requires physical activity however I am willing to work inside as well. I am
    available on week days, weekends and over the summer.

    If you need help around your home or business, please let me know and I would be grateful for the
    opportunity to work for you. Thank you for your consideration.

    Corey York
Page 8 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                            April 2007
                                       Where Are We Going?

The following list is a brief outline that Pastor Wayne has developed for discussion purposes as we
move forward with the many ministries and plans for Williamson United Methodist Church. All of
this will lead to an entire church workshop that is being planned for this summer.

Worship                                                Youth
Something new and refreshing every week!               Encourage youth to attend Aldersgate &
Expand Praise Band area.                                   Casowasco.
Improve sound and projection systems.                  Fall confirmation class.
Work on worship flow improvements.                     Program(s) evaluation. More youth
Pastor to work on sermon improvements.                     involvement in all aspects.
Provide more healing services & altar calls to
    accept Christ.                                     Stewardship
Encourage lay speakers and personal witness.           Develop fall stewardship campaign theme and
Planning                                               Plan and execute next capital funds drive
Develop 1, 5 & 10-year plans.                              (2008).
Finalize committee staffing.
Conduct summer planning workshop(s).                   Fellowship of Churches
                                                       Leverage ecumenical strengths.
Bible Studies/ Sunday School                           Provide coordinated youth programs.
8:00AM Adult Sunday school to continue year
    round.                                             Congregational Growth
11:15AM Adult Sunday school to continue year           1st goal- 100 average in worship every Sunday.
    round.                                             2nd goal- 150 average in worship every Sunday.
Wednesday evening Bible Studies                        Other services (midweek, contemporary,
    (w/babysitting available).                              music/ drama)?
Start small group studies                              Strengthen Men’s & Women’s ministries.

                   Healthy Church Consultation, Finger Lakes District

   Every pastor and all key church leadership people have been invited by our District
Superintendent Rev. Dr. Thom White Wolf Fassett, to participate in a healthy church consultation.
This consultation will provide some of the foundational ingredients that will lead to a healthy church
experience. Three presentations are scheduled: Healthy Spirituality: Accompanying Each Other by
Darryl Barrow; Healthy Development by Lauren Swanson; and Healthy Connections by Steve Deckard.

   This presentation will be offered twice on Thursday, April 26 at the Clifton Springs United
Methodist Church: at 1:30-4:00PM or 6:30-9:00PM. Pastor Wayne will be attending.
Page 9 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                      April 2007

                                        YOUTH NEWS
                                           SMALL GROUPS

    High School Girls Bible Study                  High School Guys Bible Study
    Mondays from 8:00-9:00 at the                  Mondays from 7:00-8:30 at the
    church                                         church
    Contact Sara Eden Williams at                  Contact Bob Hale at 315.589.3741 for
    585.217.6951 for more information              more information

                            Middle School Girls Bible Study
                        Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 at the church
            Contact Sara Eden Williams at 585.217.6951 for more information
    Every Tuesday from 6:00-7:00 at the church (when school is in session)

    Every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 (when school is in session)
    At the Williamson Middle School and the church
    For all middle and high school students

    DATES TO REMEMBER                              May 19, 2007
    April 6, 2007 at 8:30                          Apple Blossom Concert Series
    ―Passion of the Christ‖ in the
                                                   SUBSCRIBE TO “TIME OUT”
    April 28, 2007
    After Prom Party at WUMC                       Time Out is a weekly newsletter for
    (see the youth board for registration forms)   students. Anyone can subscribe and
                                                   students are encouraged to forward it
    May 5, 2007                                    on to their friends. To subscribe, e-
    Youth Extreme at the Lyons                     mail
    Community Center

         For more information about any of our youth ministry programs,
        contact Sara Eden Williams at 585.217.6951 or
Page 10 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                         April 2007

                            April Lectionary Readings
                                   (Submitted by: Pastor Wayne)

   The following are the Lectionary Readings for April with one of the readings italicized as the
basis for the message.

Sunday, April 1-              Palm Sunday
                              Communion Sunday
                              Call to Worship: Psalm 118:1-2. 19-29
                              Old Testament: Isaiah 50: 4-9a
                              Epistle: Philippians 2: 5-11
                              Gospel: Luke 19: 28-40 (Jesus enters Jerusalem)

Sunday, April 8-              Easter Sunday
                              Call to Worship: Psalm 118: 1-2, 14-24
                              New Testament: Acts 10: 34-43
                              Epistle: 1 Corinthians 15: 19-26
                              Gospel: John 20:1-18 (The resurrection of Jesus)

Sunday, April 15-             Second Sunday of Easter
                              Call to Worship: Psalm 150
                              New Testament: Acts 5: 27-32
                              New Testament: Revelation 1: 4-8
                              Gospel: John 20: 19-31 (Jesus appears to the disciples)

Sunday, April 22-             Third Sunday of Easter
                              Call to Worship: Psalm 30
                              New Testament: Acts 9: 1-20
                              New Testament: Revelation 5: 11-14
                              Gospel: John 21: 1-19 (Jesus appears to seven disciples)

Sunday, April 29-             Fourth Sunday of Easter
                              Call to Worship: Psalm 23
                              New Testament: Acts 9: 36-43
                              New Testament: Revelation 7: 9-17
                              Gospel: John 10: 22-30 (Jesus the Good Shepherd)
Page 11 Volume 5, Issue 4                                                                 Apr il 2007

                                 Let Us Offer Our Prayers

        Kenny Anderson, Aileen Blauvelt, Norma         ―Lord, make me an instrument of Your
       Camp, Carl Fisher, Ken & Betty Jane Reed,           peace. Where there is hatred,
                   John & Loris Mosher,                              let me sow love;
                       Fellows family,                           where there is injury,
              LauraLee Larmour, Erika Istik                              pardon;
       Sheri Mort, Julie Hillegeer, Benny Barnes,                where there is doubt,
           Irene Smith, Molly Verbridge, Kevin                            faith;
          Lessord, René Richmond, Roy Phillips,                 where there is despair,
                  Allison Huff, Bev O’Neil                                 hope;
         Bishop Violet Fisher, Amy Peets, Aaron,               where there is darkness,
           Pat, Daryl & Michele Hoffman, Rev.                              light;
           George Perry, Willie & Eloise Brown,               and where there is sadness,
             Lovette family, Passmore family                                joy.
       All our shut-ins and those in nursing home                  O, Divine Master,
                            care                      grant that I may not so much seek to be
            Justin Akins, Jason, Ryan & Devin                   consoled as to console;
        Greaney, Ryan Hillegeer, Joshua Sprague      to be understood as to understand; to be
              All Soldiers and their families,                      loved as to love;
               Peace in Afghanistan & Iraq                for it is in giving that we receive;
          Our church and those struggling with        it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
                         their faith,                   and it is in dying that we are born to
                    Our Men’s Ministry                                 eternal life.
                  Our Women’s Fellowship                                                     Amen
                     Our Prayer Chairs
        Young People in Crisis, Children’s & Youth
                    Ministry, Youth Rec
                 Peace in the Middle East
                      All God’s Children

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