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									Center for Leadership and Service Director Positions for 2010-2011
The mission of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) is to engage students and cultivate
opportunities for personal and academic achievement to prepare students to become leaders in the
service of the global community.

The CLS is looking for dedicated students to fill leadership roles in the continuous development of
our office. The roles below include 11 directorship positions you can choose from, some of which
require previous membership in the organization. Please read all of the positions available before
continuing on to the application.

Becoming a CLS Director requires time, dedication, commitment, and a positive attitude. Directors
work together to support each other in meeting personal and overall CLS goals. The CLS is certain to
become a very personal and integral part of one's collegiate experience. Therefore, we hold Directors
to high standards and seek dedicated individuals who will delve into creating a positive difference in
the University and Gainesville community.

• Regular attendance at bi-weekly Director’s meetings and retreats (reserve Monday nights)
• Attend weekly meetings with advisors
• Submit weekly directors’ reports
• Hold office hours, 2 hr per week minimum
• Maintain timely communication with advisor and the administrative team
• Disseminate CLS information to organizations in a timely manner
• Whenever possible brand the CLS by including it in organization public relation materials
• Be an active member of the CLS, through support of other student organizations of the CLS and
participation in CLS events: volunteer, social, and/or training

Summary of Important Dates:
• February 22: CLS 2010-2011 Director application available
• March 5: Applications due to the CLS in Peabody 202 no later than 4:30pm or via email to Beth
  Nahlik at

• March 8-16: Member of CLS staff contacts applicant to set-up interview
• March 15-March 26: Interview with CLS staff and student Directors
• March 31: Notification
• April 5: Mandatory Director’s Meeting 7:15pm

ACTIONS! Director- (position only open to members)
ACTIONS! organizes several large scale annual programs that range from one day events to week or
month long programs such as Gator Plunge, World AIDS Day, and Hunger and Homelessness Week.
These programs often provide outlets for specific campus needs such as outreach to a particular
segment on campus, response to a prevalent social issue, or connecting the campus with state or
national service initiatives. The Director will work closely with the general body to educate the
campus community on various social issues.

Administrative Team Director (Previous CLS Director Experience preferred)
The Administrative Team Director oversees a committee of members who direct CLS communications
and programs, including: the CLS Challenge, CLS information sessions, quarterly newsletters, and
weekly update emails. The administrative team Director facilitates bi-weekly Director’s meetings,
semester retreats, and serves as a liaison between all ten Directors and CLS staff. In addition to
Director’s and administrative team meetings, the administrative team Director also attends weekly
staff meetings. The administrative team Director works directly with the CLS Staff ensuring the
overall success of its programs and events.

After School Gators Director
ASG works with at-risk elementary school children in after school programs often through tutoring,
helping with homework, and other school related activities. Over 100 volunteers create fun
activities for the students in local schools.

Florida Alternative Breaks Director – (position only open to members)
The FAB Director oversees the FAB board and facilitates weekly meetings with the board. The
Director is also in charge of working with the other board members to assess the needs of the
organization, train site leaders, and plan large scale fundraisers. This position requires much time,
patience, and mental energy. The FAB director is responsible for making sure all aspects of FAB are
running smoothly and effectively.

Gator Nonprofit Professionals Director – (position only open to members)
Gator Nonprofit Professionals (GNP) at University of Florida is an organization dedicated to
providing its members with meaningful academic and community opportunities. The Director will
find ways to enrich students’ professional leadership potential through educating, recruiting, and
preparing individuals for work in the non-profit sector.

Gator Teens Director
In collaboration with a local Gainesville high school, Gator Teens Mentors unites an "at-risk" high
school mentee with a University of Florida volunteer, student mentor. At bi-weekly meetings, our
mentors discuss school, family, and future. During weekly meetings with mentees, mentors work to
improve upon academic and life-long skills as well as future education preparation. The Gator Teens
Director works closely with the Alachua County School volunteer coordinator as well as the program
coordinator at high school to identify the mentee’s needs and provide the necessary resources for
mentors to meet those needs.

Lead 101 Director – (position only open to members)
Lead 101’s members are trained presenters who provide workshops in leadership theory and styles.
Annually, Lead 101 hosts a fall and spring leadership conference. Any campus organization may
request Lead 101 services to plan and present a customized workshop for developing their members’
leadership and diversity knowledge. The Director will find ways to train the members in
representing Lead101 well in workshops and conferences.

Motiv•8 at Howard Bishop Director – (position only open to members)
The Motiv•8 Program is a unique and rewarding service opportunity. Mentoring young students in
the community provides richness to the kids’ lives, and inspires low income children to find self-
satisfaction and success in academics and personal relationships. Make a significant and meaningful
impact on the local youth of Gainesville by leading the volunteer mentors of Motiv•8. To apply for
Director, a minimum of one previous semester as a mentor is required.

Project Mascot Director
Project MASCOT (Mentoring Alliance: Students and Communities Outreaching Together) is a
program for University of Florida student volunteers committed to helping and motivating
elementary school children in the Gainesville area. The program matches UF student volunteers with
students at local elementary schools for one-on-one mentoring. The year culminates with a trip to
Sea World in Orlando with all mentors and mentees. Director responsibilities include working
closely with the mentors and treasurer to raise funds and maintain constant communication with
Alachua County School Board volunteer coordinator.

Service Ambassadors Director – (position only open to members)
Service Ambassadors is a progressive organization representing and promoting the link between
service and active citizenship through the development of awareness for the University of Florida
community. They plan events that educate citizens about prevalent issues in order to remind
individuals of their civic responsibility and to inform them of the opportunities available to those
who choose to make a difference. They serve as the ambassadors of community service by unifying
University of Florida students with community organizations and causes. The Director will oversee
the overall functioning of the group, ensuring that programs and events are planned properly,
delegating tasks, and representing Service Ambassadors in the CLS.

Women’s Leadership Council President – (position only open to members)
The Women's Leadership Council is a diverse group of student leaders at the University of Florida
whose mission is to empower women with the resources and the skills that prepare them to lead in
the diverse and ever-changing settings of the 21st century. The President of the Women’s Leadership
Council, along with the rest of the council, will design specific programs that provide women with
peer support, role models and educational programs that will help them to develop a sense of self-

                      Center for Leadership and Service
                           Leadership Application
Area of Interest
Please rank the position(s) you are interested in applying for, starting with 1 being your top
choice. You may mark as many as you are interested in being considered for.

       ___ Administrative Team Director            ___ Florida Alternative Breaks Director
       ___ After School Gators Director            ___ Gator Non-Profit Professionals Director
       ___ Gator Teens Mentor Director             ___ Lead 101 Director
       ___ Project MASCOT Director                 ___ Motiv•8 Director
       ___ Service Ambassador Director             ___ Women’s Leadership Council President
       ___ ACTIONS! Director

        Will you be in Gainesville this summer?       Yes or     No

        If yes, write down the dates or summer sessions you will be in Gainesville:


Contact Information
Name _________________________________________ UF ID # ___________________________

Local Address ______________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number/Home Number: _____________________________

UF Email ____________________________________________

Permanent Address ___________________________________________________________________

Permanent Phone ________________________________ Date of Birth (Optional) ________________

UF Classification ________________________________ Expected Graduation Date ______________

How many credits will you have at the end of this term? _______________ UF GPA ______________

Have you been a CLS member previously? _____ If yes, list the semester(s) and position(s) ________

Leadership Assessment
Please attach the following items:
       Resume.
       A typed response to the following questions (no more than three pages total).
            1. Describe how your past community and leadership involvement relate to
                 the position for which you are applying.
            2. Which values from the University of Florida’s Leadership Model, do you
                 identify most closely with and why?
                 (To view a short clip on the leadership values, visit the following link:
            3. How do you envision the position(s) for which you are applying,
                 contribute to your personal and professional development? What are your
                 goals for the organization?
            4. Please list any organizations, jobs, positions, and other commitments you
                 plan to participate next year and the time commitments required.
            5. List two references.

University Record Release
        I have read the general qualifications and specific responsibilities for being a
member of the leadership team in the Center for Leadership and Service. I understand
the interview process and timetable. I understand these requirements and
responsibilities, and I agree to abide by them to the best of my ability. My signature
below authorizes an official check of my university records to ensure that I am a full-
time student in good academic and disciplinary standing.

If you have any additional questions please email Beth Nahlik at


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