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             Fully Integrated
             Adonix X3 Inventory can either be fully integrated with the        Quality Control
             entire Adonix X3 suite of business applications or                 Quality control features include forward and backward tracing
             implemented as a key component of a specific business              of all QC-related transactions, as well as managing the
             process, such as procurement and advanced warehousing.             disposition of accepted and rejected items. Both normal and
             It supports a variety of popular platforms including Windows,      lot-controlled items can be tracked from the point of origin −
             Unix and Linux operating systems. It functions in either           production or supplier − to the subsequent end user. All QC
             client/server mode with a Windows interface or e-business          historical transactions are available on a single, easy-to-view
             mode with a Web browser interface. Database choices                window. Quantities in QC may be considered when
             include Oracle on Unix and Linux, and either SQL Server or         calculating available stock. Special features are available to
             Oracle on Windows.                                                 control items managed by expiration date, potency and
                                                                                International Units.
             Intuitive User Interface
             Regardless of the interface selected − the Windows-compliant       Replenishment
             user interface or Web browser version − Adonix X3 promotes         Inventory replenishment rules and data are maintained by
             rapid learning and ensures intuitive navigation for both new       product and site to help balance customer service and
             and experienced users. All functions have a similar look-and-      inventory levels including lead time, safety stock, reorder
             feel to assure continuity for users operating multiple modules     formulas and firm and planning time horizons. Replenishment
             across the order fulfillment process. Special features include     orders can be generated as part of MRP or to reorder buy-
             an Adonix X3 Explorer-style window on the left of the screen       for-stock items separately. Multiple-order point and quantity
             to allow easy access to orders and other detailed information;     schemes are supported including min/max, EOQ and period
             "tunneling" at prompts to zoom in on available stock and           coverage. Replenishment orders automatically become open
             other key information as well as to enter new customers            requirements for action by production or purchasing.
             online; and direct access to function and field-level help in
             HTML format.                                                       Stock Movements
                                                                                Adonix X3 manages all inbound, outbound and intra-site
             Multi-National Features                                            stock movements. Receipts, shipments, inter-site transfers
             Adonix X3 supports multiple languages, currencies,                 and returns are tightly integrated with sales and purchasing.
             legislations and companies. Current languages supported            Transactions resulting from physical count and other stock
             include English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and          adjustments are controlled by parameter-driven entry
Adonix® X3

             Mandarin. Adonix X3 supports full multi-currency processing        windows, adaptable to individual user and site policies. All
             and is Euro-compliant. The system is available in different        intra-site stock movements to and from the appropriate
             versions that allow it to conform to local regulations such as     storage and picking locations are also managed. Simple
             taxation and government reporting.                                 inter-site transfers can be entered without the need to create
                                                                                sales and purchase orders.
             Comprehensive Product Information
             Adonix X3 Inventory provides a common repository for                     I
                                                                                Built-In Security
             maintaining product information used in sales, purchasing,         Users and groups of users can be assigned security codes
             warehousing and production. Adonix X3 manages lots, serial         that restrict access to selected functions, fields and data
             numbers, shelf life, expiration dates and potency. Supported       values.
             costing methods include standard, average unit, FIFO, LIFO,
             last, lot and order cost. Sales information referring to           Statistics and Management Reports
             substitutes, supersessions, warranty periods, customer             Triggering events like orders, receipts, returns and invoices
             products and packaging is also provided. Products can be           can be defined to generate the data used in statistical
             handled in various units of measure including stock, sales,        formulas and calculations. This data is accumulated and
             purchasing and packing, and in different types such as             stored for periodic or online reporting of important measures
             volume and length.                                                 such as inventory turns, days supply and excess stock.
                                                                                Adonix X3 uses Crystal Reports™ for all standard and
             Location Management                                                user-defined reporting needs. Utilities are available to
             Site parameters are used for flexible location numbering           download data to spreadsheets, send messages and
             format definitions, as well as warehouse receiving, storage        generate HTML pages.
             and picking location assignments. Controls are provided to
             facilitate, delay or restrict access to locations as needed.       Customizable and Open Design
             Locations can be dedicated to specific items, dynamically          Adonix X3 can be easily customized by setting various levels
             assigned or used to track inventory stored at third-party          of parameters in configurations that allow companies to
             sites.                                                             maximize their competitive strengths. For example, a subset
                                                                                of the Adonix 4GL is enabled at various prompts in Adonix
             Inventory Balance Snapshots                                        X3 Inventory to define company-specific rules and
             Adonix X3 allows users to view stock balances by site              conditions. Adonix is also Web Services compliant for ease
             including on-hand, reserved, available, on-order, in-transit, on   in integrating the module with other systems and programming
             backorder and QC, with further zooms to details at the             languages.
             location and lot levels. Available-to-Promise and projected
             stock level inquiries help users to visually see − via tables,
             graphs or charts − the impact of events like order allocations
             and planned purchase or production orders.
                         Product Categories                                                 Multiple Units of Measure
                              Manufactured                                                        Inventory units
                              Purchased                                                           Sales units, by product and customer product
                              Subcontracted                                                       Purchasing units, by product and supplier product
                              Phantom                                                             Packing units
                              Internal (supplies and capital equipment)                           Statistical units
                              Services                                                            Fixed or variable conversion factors
                                                                                                  Define decimal quantities up to six digits
                         Descriptive Product Information
                                                                                            Stock Inquiries
                              User-defined numbers, descriptions and notes
                              Attached images and documents (such as MSDS)                        Quantities by warehouse             Serial numbers
                              Supporting information for sales and purchasing                     Stock details by warehouse          Available-to-promise
                              (warranty periods, non-stocks and substitutes and                   Location contents                   Stock movements
                              supersessions)                                                      Expired and expiring stock          Allocation details
                              Life cycle validity dates                                           Projected stock quantities          Potency
                         Location Management
                                                                                            Physical Counting
                              Flexible location numbering formats
                              Dedicated, random and dynamic storage types                         Cycle, spot, annual and zero stock counts
                              Suggested putaway and picking location assignments                  Option to include serial number validation
                              Dedicated to single or multiple items/locations                     Select products based on ABC class
                              Immediate, delayed or blocked access                                Enter, review and validate physical counts
                              Consigned inventory tracking at third-party sites                   Maintain last count data by product/size

                         Stock Management                                                   Inventory Replenishment
                              Track inventory by physical location                                Calculates reorder points and EOQs
                              Lot numbers and sub-lots                                            User-defined safety stock factors
                              Quality status and disposition (accepted, rejected, in QC)          Calculates periods of coverage and lot sizes
                              Serial numbers                                                      Use with or without MRP
                              Expiration dates                                                    Supports min/max
                              Issue stock based on first-in or first-expired                Bills of Material
                              International Units management                                      Single or multi-level production and sales bills
                              Forward and backward traceability                                   Normal components, variants and options
                         Inventory Costing Methods                                                Alternate BOM for special customer requirements
                                                                                                  Where-used inquiries
                              Standard                          FIFO                              Copy feature for defining similar BOM structures
                              Revised standard                  LIFO
                              Order cost                        Average unit cost           Inventory Movements and Transactions
                              Average lot cost                  Last cost                         Inter-site (transfers between sites)
                         Inventory Balances                                                       Intra-site (transfers between locations)
                                                                                                  Picking location replenishment suggestions
                              On-hand                           On-order                          Receiving putaway suggestions
                              Allocated                         Backordered                       Places locations with expired products on hold
                              Reserved                          Transferred                       Complete traceability of all movements
Functions and Features

                              QC                                In-transit                        User-defined inventory quantity adjustments
                              Available                         Available-to-promise
                                                                                            Statistics and Management Reports
                         Quality Control
                                                                                                  Inventory accuracy based on count adjustments
                              Flexible definition of questions and responses                      Quality control (rejects, expired products, etc.)
                              Tracks accepted, rejected and expired stock                         ABC rankings (simulated and actual)
                              Performed with or without lot control                               Supports up to five user-defined statistical product groups
                              Receiving, storage and pre-shipping inspections                     (product line, price class, etc.)
                              Historical transaction inquiries for traceability                   Last activity data by product/site

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