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									                                                                                      SACS Compliance Certification
                                                                                          Staff Qualifications

                                                                                     UTA Student Affairs Staff
   Name of Staff                   Title                Telephone       E-Mail Address                            Degrees                                   Related Professional Experience
Acrey, Penny          Assistant Director, Students      817-272-3364         B.A. Social Work, UT Arlington, 2002                    Licensed Master Social Worker, Texas State Board of
                      with Disability Services                                              M.A. Social Work, UT Arlington, 2004                    Social Worker Examiners. 5 years experience in
                                                                                                                                                    counseling clinical setting.
Alfers, Molly         Assistant Director, Student       817-272-2293    B.S. Medical Records Science, College of St. Mary,      3 years experience coordinating Peer Mentoring Program.
                      Governance & Organizations                                            1966                                                    18 years working in health related field.
Balderrama, Vanessa   Assistant Director, Student       817-272-2993       B.S. Exercise & Sport Sciences, Texas Tech              More than 6 years of experience in Higher Education
                      Governance & Organizations                                            University, 1998                                        including experience in Registrar's Office and Athletics.
                                                                                            M.Ed. Higher Education, Texas Tech University, 2000

Barefield, Andrea     Judicial Coordinator for          817-272-2354      B.A. History, University of Kansas, 2001            More than 3 years experience working in residence life.
                      Residence Life                                                        M.A. History, Duquesne University, 2005
Barfield, Drew        Assistant Director, Intramural    817-272-3277          B.S. Computer Science, Texas State University, 2003 2 years as a graduate assistant at UNT. 2 years
                      Sports and Sport Clubs                                                M.A. Education, University of North Texas, 2005     professional experience in Intramural Sports. Certified
                                                                                                                                                official for basketball, softball, and football.
Bedford, Carter       Associate Director, Student       817-272-2293       B.A. History, University of New Orleans, 2002       Served as resident assistant for 1.5 years, teacher 1 year
                      Governance & Organizations                                            M.S. Human Relations & Business, Amberton           and 3 years experience working with Student
                                                                                            University, 2006                                    Organizations.
Birney, Melissa       Administrative Secretary,     817-272-2963             B.A. Religion & Spanish, Oklahoma City University,      3 years experience as Administrative Secretary.
                      Campus Activities &                                                   2002
                      Community Programs
Carey, Sharon         Director, Campus Recreation & 817-272-3277             B.S. Business Administration/Business Education,        21 years of Campus Recreation experience.
                      Spirit Programs                                                       Minnesota State University, 1988
                                                                                            M.A. Recreation Administration, University of
                                                                                            Nebraska, 1990
Clark, Kristina       Coordinator, Adaptive             817-272-3364         A.A. Interpreting for the Deaf, Tarrant County Junior   Texas certified interpreter, BEI Certification. More than 5
                      Resource Center, Students                                             College, 1994                                           years as an interpreter for the deaf in addition to 6 years
                      with Disabilities Services                                            B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, 2004                    experience as Adaptive Resource Coordinator within
                                                                                            B.A.A. Public Affairs & Community Service, 2006         Higher Education.
Depres, Suzanne       Disability Specialist, Students   817-272-3364        B.S. Psychology, Louisiana State University, 2002       Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. 5 years experience as
                      with Disabilities Services                                            M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, University of North     a rehabilitation counselor.
                                                                                            Texas, 2005

Dicks, Keisha         Attorney for the Students         817-272-2354 B.A. Political Science & History, Columbia College,  2 years experience as the Attorney for the Students at UT
                                                                                         1999                                                 Arlington. Served as law clerk and staff assistant for a
                                                                                         Juris Doctorate, Law School, Baylor University, 2003 congressman.

Drew, Adam            Production Manager, Student       817-272-3661          B.S. Printing Management, Georgia Southern              8 years experience working in the media business.
                      Publications                                                          University, 2002
                                                                                            M.S. Printing Management, Georgia Southern
                                                                                            University, 2004
Duncan, Donna         Administrative Secretary,         817-272-3277        N/A                                                     Over 25 years administrative work in Campus Recreation.
                      Campus Recreation
Easton, Amanda        Secretary, Student Judicial &     817-272-2354           Paralegal Program, Arlington Career Institute, 1999     More than 7 years experience as a paralegal or legal
                      Legal Affairs                                                                                                                 secretary.

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                                                                                     SACS Compliance Certification
                                                                                         Staff Qualifications

                                                                                  UTA Student Affairs Staff
   Name of Staff                  Title                Telephone     E-Mail Address                             Degrees                                    Related Professional Experience
Eckhardt, Rita       Administrative Assistant,         817-272-2099 kodiak@uta,edu         A.A. Art, University of Alaska-Anchorage, 1996          4 years experience as an Administrative Assistant.
                     Multicultural Services                                                Currently working on B.S. Rehabilitation Services,
                                                                                           University of North Texas
Eustace, Helen       Secretary, Campus Recreation 817-272-3277            N/A                                                     16 years of Sales and Human Resources Manager
                                                                                                                                                   experience in the private sector; 10 years experience
                                                                                                                                                   administrative support experience in the collegiate
Garcia, Marcy        Administrative Assistant to      817-272-2293          B.S. Business Management, UT Arlington, expected        16 years secretarial and accounting experience.
                     Assistant Vice President for                                          date of graduation May 2007.
                     Student Affairs
Giles, Janis         Administrative Secretary,        817-272-2354       A.A.S. Accounting, Tarrant County College               More than 25 years of administrative assistant/secretarial
                     Student Judicial & Legal Affairs                                                                                              experience in higher education and corporate business.

Gonzales, Casey      Director of Multicultural         817-272-2099       B.A. New Mexico Highlands University, 1978              19 years experience in higher education and multicultural
                     Outreach/Assistant Dean of                                                                                                    outreach & programming.
Goodman, Lloyd       Director, Student Publications    817-272-3661         B.A. Journalism, University Missouri-Columbia, 1970 Served 9 years as Director for Student Publications, 17
                                                                                           M.A. Communications, University of West Florida,    years college media advising. Administration and
                                                                                           1993                                                professional newspaper/magazine experience.

Hayes, Jim           ADA Coordinator & Wheelchair 817-272-3410              A.A.Tarrant County College                              Served as ADA Coordinator and Coach for 30 years.
                     Basketball Coach                                                      B.A. History, UT Arlington, 1974                        Won 7 national basketball championships and 3 national
                                                                                                                                                   tennis titles.

Hengst, Dianne       Director, Students with           817-272-3364         B.A. Psychology, University of Texas-Austin, 1985       Served 7 years as Assistant Dean of Students and the
                     Disabilities Services/Assistant                                       M.A. Psychology, Trinity University, 1992               Director for the Office for Students with Disabilities at
                     Dean of Students                                                      Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Chicago School of            UTA; 19 years experience working in the field of mental
                                                                                           Professional Psychology, 2003                           health services.
Henry Jr., Fred      Director, Multicultural           817-272-2099         B.S. Social Work, UT Arlington, 1998                    Served 5 years in Higher Education including Admissions
                     Affairs/Assistant Dean of                                                                                                     & Multicultural Affairs.
Hernandez, Brandon   Assistant Director, Multicultural 817-272-2099        B.A. Corporate Communications & Public Affairs,         Served as graduate assistant for athletics at SMU working
                     Services                                                              Southern Methodist University, 2003                     with at risk athletes, advising & registration of classes and
                                                                                           M.A. Human Development, Southern Methodist              oversight of academic progress.
                                                                                           University, 2006
Hillas, John         Coordinator, University Events 817-272-2963            B.B.A. Business Administration, UT Arlington, 2004      Served as academic advisor for College of Nursing for 2
                     and Marketing                                                         Currently working on M.S. Higher Education,             years.
                                                                                           University of North Texas
Joyce, Brian         Coordinator, Student Activities 817-272-2963           B.A. Political Science, Eastern Kentucky University,    3 years experience working in higher education including
                                                                                           2003                                                    2 years teaching Career Development and University
                                                                                           M.Ed. Student Affairs, University of South Florida,     Experience courses.
Kelly, PK            Associate Director, Student       817-272-2963             B.A. Creative Writing, Eckerd College, 1992             11 years experience working in Higher Education &
                     Activities                                                            M.S. Higher Education, Florida State University, 1997   Campus Activities programming.

Kuykendall, Doug     Assistant Vice President of       817-272-3277            B.A. Physical Education, UT Arlington, 1974           32 years experience in campus recreation and higher
                     Student Affairs                                                       M.A. Leisure Studies, University of North Texas, 1981 education, Vice President of NIRSA (2 terms)

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                                                                                  SACS Compliance Certification
                                                                                      Staff Qualifications

                                                                                  UTA Student Affairs Staff
   Name of Staff                 Title               Telephone      E-Mail Address                            Degrees                                      Related Professional Experience
Lai, Chengfei       Disability Services Counseling 817-272-3364        B.S. Psychology, University of Georgia, 2001              More than 3 years experience working in a counseling
                    Specialist (Counselor IV)                                           M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, San Diego State           setting.
                                                                                        University, 2005
Lamas, Frank        Vice President of Student        817-272-6080         B.A. Economics & Education, State University         More than 30 years of experience in Higher Education
                    Affairs                                                             College at Potsdam, 1977                             including 4 years teaching at Canisius College.
                                                                                        M.S. Education, State University of New York-Albany,
                                                                                        Ph.D Higher Education Administration, State
                                                                                        University of New York-Albany, 1995
Lansing, Rae Lynn   Senior Secretary, Campus       817-272-2963        A.A. Industrial Electronics, Lamar University, 1985  2 years experience as an Administrative Assistant. 6
                    Activities & Community                                                                                                   years as Instructional Aide & Technology Assistant.
Lawrence, Chris     Coordinator, UTA Spirit Groups 817-272-2963 N/A                                                            4 years experience as coach/coordinator for
                                                                                                                                                  cheerleading/pom squad.
Lofland, Peggy      Administrative Assistant,        817-272-3661       B.A. Political Science, UT Arlington, 1983                Served as accounting clerk for 2 years and Administrative
                    Student Publications                                                M.A. Urban Affairs, UT Arlington, 1985                    Assistant for 19 years.

Momose, Takeshi     Coordinator, Intramural Sports 817-272-3277             B.S. Kinesiology, Indiana University-Bloomington,         Graduate Assistant in Intramural Sports for 2 years.
                                                                                        2004                                                      Officiating experience in flag football, soccer, and
                                                                                        M.S. Sport Studies, Miami University, 2006                basketball.
Muller, Chris       Associate Director, Campus       817-272-3277       B.A. Political Science, University of Mississippi, 1995   More than 11 years experience in Intramural Sports.
                    Recreation                                                          M.Ed. Sports & Recreation, Hardin Simmons                 Certified official in baseball, football, soccer & volleyball.
                                                                                        University, 1998
Murphy, Julie       Assistant Director, Greek Life   817-272-2963       B.B.A. Business Administration, Texas Christian           2 years experience in Higher Education with emphasis in
                    Advisor                                                             University, 2002                                          Greek Life and Admissions.
                                                                                        M.Ed. Higher Education Administration, Texas A&M
                                                                                        University, 2006
Nagy, Lisa          Director of Student Affairs      817-272-6080          B.S. Recreation Administration, Texas State               More than 11 years experience in higher education
                    Administration/Special                                              University, 1994                                          including Campus Recreation, Student Health and VPSA
                    Assistant to VP                                                     M.A. Sports Management, The Ohio State University,        Office.
O'Neill, Pat        Assistant Vice President of      817-272-6080    B.A. American Civilization, C.W. Post College of Long     More than 38 years of experience in higher education
                    Student Affairs                                                     Island University, 1965                                   including Student Activities, Student Unions, Dean of
                                                                                        M.A. English, C.W. Post College of Long Island            Students and VPSA Office.
                                                                                        University, 1972
Pryor, Bertha       Executive Assistant, Office of   817-272-6080         B.S. Social Work, Henderson State College, 1977           Served more than 20 years as Administrative Assistant in
                    Student Affairs                                                                                                               higher education and armed forces.
Rather, Durl        Senior Assistant Director of     817-272-3277       B.A. Exercise & Sports Sciences, Texas Tech               More than 8 years experience in higher education
                    Facilities and Informal                                             University, 1994                                          including Campus Recreation, Multicultural Affairs &
                    Recreation                                                          M.Ed. Higher Education, Texas Tech, 2001                  Judicial Affairs.
Reinisch, Kathy     Advertising Business             817-272-3661      A.A. Accounting and Business, Maple Wood                  More than 20 years experience in sales and accounting.
                    Coordinator, Student                                                Community College, 1997

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                                                                                 SACS Compliance Certification
                                                                                     Staff Qualifications

                                                                                 UTA Student Affairs Staff
   Name of Staff                 Title              Telephone     E-Mail Address                             Degrees                                   Related Professional Experience
Ressl, Seth         Associate Director for Greek    817-272-2963          B.A. Speech Communication, UT Arlington, 2000        More than 6 years of experience in Higher Education
                    Life & University Events                                           M.Ed. Higher Education, University of North Texas,   including supervising Student Activities and UTA
                                                                                       2005                                                 Volunteer Programs.
Roden, Jeremy       Assistant Director, Wellness- 817-272-3277          B.S. Exercise Science, UT Arlington, 2006            Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Personal
                    Campus Recreation                                                                                                       Trainer and AHA CPR/AED Certified.
Roman, Cindy        Accountant, Campus Activities 817-272-2963          A.A. Business Administration, Richard Daley College, More than 8 years of accounting/bookkeeping experience.
                                                                                       currently working on B.B.A. in Management at UTA
Root, Debra         Administrative Secretary,       817-272-3364        A.A. Business Management, Delta College, 1975           6 years experience serving as support staff in addition to
                    Students with Disabilities                                                                                                 14 years experience in Procurement Services at UTA.
Scarbrough, Cindy   Administrative Assistant, Office 817-272-6080 N/A                                                      10 years experience as an Administrative Assistant in
                    of Student Affairs                                                                                                         higher education.
Schopf, Brian       Office Manager, Student         817-272-3661       Currently completing B.A. degree in Advertising at UT   6 years experience in student newspaper including
                    Publications                                                       Arlington                                               advertising sales manager and office manager.
Sorensen, Jeff      Assistant Vice President for    817-272-2293     B.S. Political Science, University of Wisconsin-        30 years in higher education including 27 years working
                    Student Affairs                                                    LaCrosse, 1974                                          with student organizations and government.
                                                                                       M.Ed. College Student Personnel, University
                                                                                       Wisconsin-LaCrosse, 1976
Sorensen, Mardie    Assistant Vice President for    817-272-2963        B.S. Education, University of Vermont, 1981             24 years of higher education experience including 17
                    Student Affairs                                                    M.Ed. Counseling, Texas Women's University, 1989        years as Director of Student Activities.

Souders, Cathy      Program Coordinator,            817-272-2963         B.A. Journalism, UT Arlington, 1995                     Served as academic advisor for College of Nursing for 3
                    Leadership Center                                                                                                          years. 4 years experience as Administrative Assistant in
                                                                                                                                               Higher Education.
Taddesse, Mike      Coordinator, Greek Life         817-272-2963         B.S. Criminal Justice/Sociology, Texas A&M              4 years experience in higher education including service
                                                                                       University-Commerce, 2003                               as a residence assistant.
Tucker, Tami        Assistant Dean of               817-272-2354          B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, Texas State University, 3 years experience in higher education including service
                    Students/Director of Student                                       2000                                                    as a UT Arlington Judicial Officer. 3 years teaching
                    Judicial Affairs                                                   M.Ed. Higher Education, University of North Texas, elementary students.
Walts, Rebecca      Coordinator for Aquatics,       817-272-5170         B.S. Recreation Therapy/Psychology, UT Arlington,       Current faculty member at UT Arlington in Kinesiology.
                    Campus Recreation                                                  1988                                                    Oversee facility operations for P.E. Building.
                                                                                       M.S. Kinesiology, University of North Texas, 1989
                                                                                       Ed.D. Higher Education, University of North Texas
Weitz, Allyson      Assistant Director for       817-272-3277 allyson@uta,edu          B.S. Sports Management, Rutgers University, 2004        2 years professional experience in campus recreation.
                    Marketing, Campus Recreation                                       M.S. Recreation & Leisure Services, Texas State
                                                                                       University, 2006
Whitley, Chris      Assistant Director and          817-272-3661       B.A. Journalism, Texas A&M University, 1994             6 years working with student newspapers in addition to 6
                    Shorthorn Adviser                                                  M.A. Journalism, New York University, 1996              years writing for local/city newspapers. Currently
                                                                                                                                               contributing writer to several news/magazine publications.

Wilhelm, Grace      Senior Secretary, Student       817-272-2293      B.A. History, UT Arlington, 2004                      2 years experience as Administrative Assistant in addition
                    Governance & Organizations                                                                                               to 1 year as teaching assistant at Hill College.
Williams, Jamie     Director, Student Governance    817-272-2293         B.A. Sociology, Texas Tech University, 1990           13 years in higher education working with student
                    & Organizations                                                    M.A. Urban Affairs, UT Arlington, 1996                organizations and student government.
Woodman, Tom        Coordinator of Facilities and   817-272-2307      B.A. Leisure Services, University Northern Iowa, 2000 5 years of professional recreation and facility
                    Informal Recreation                                                                                                      management experience.

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