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									    Polar Bear Quest
Expedition cruises in high summer around
       the Spitsbergen archipelago
        Aboard the MS Stockholm
           June to August 2010

                                                                     NORDAUSTLANDET                WHITE ISLAND

                                                                North Spitsbergen            Storoya

                                                         Northwest Spitsbergen     •     Hinlopen Strait

                                                                Danes Island •        Longyearbyen

                                                                    Ny Alesund •       •      EDGEOYA

                                                                        Barentsburg•           •

                                                       JAN MAYEN

                                                               ARCTIC CIRCLE
Fulmar in flight                                                                                                   Yellow Marsh Saxifrage

Spitsbergen, a remote and spectacular                                                     The Itinerary
archipelago of immense glaciers,                           SEA                            Day 1 London Heathrow to Oslo. Fly by
narrow fjords, sheer mountain cliffs                                                      scheduled flight and transfer to the
and abundant wildlife, is some 350                                                        Continental Hotel or similar for an
                                                                       NORWAY             overnight stay. Remainder of day at leisure.
miles north of Norway and just 600
miles from the North Pole. The goal of                                                    Day 2 Oslo to Longyearbyen. Fly by
                                                                                          scheduled flight and transfer to the
this expedition is to explore the                                  • Oslo
                                                                                          MS Stockholm in the afternoon.
eastern and least visited parts of the                                                    Days 3 to 11 Spitsbergen Archipelago.
beautiful and dramatic Spitsbergen archipelago to explore       Our exact itinerary will depend on weather and ice conditions
the fauna, cultural heritage, locate wildlife and spend         and the wildlife we encounter. Our experienced captain and
maximum time in the pack ice. Our unique expedition             expedition leader will take the best advantage of these factors to
ship, the MS Stockholm, carries just 12 passengers and is       maximise your Arctic experience. Each day we will make landings
ice classed. We will carefully break through the pack ice in    with our rigid Zodiac craft, and thanks to the midnight sun we can
                                                                go ashore day and night. The following are a few of the places we
the eastern part of the archipelago where we have a good        hope to visit during our time among the beautiful Spitsbergen
chance of seeing the lord of the Arctic – the polar bear.       islands and should be read as a guide only as flexibility is the key
Fortunately the polar bear, whale and walrus populations        to a successful expedition:
here are on the increase and now is a good time to visit        Hornsund. A grandiose fjord on Spitsbergen’s Southwest coast
before the area opens up to larger numbers of visitors.         where enormous glaciers tumble down to the sea between alpine
                                                                               mountains. This is a favourite area for the island’s many polar bears.
  We will go ashore on beaches covered by massive                              Ny Alesund. Send a postcard from the world’s northernmost
walrus and with some good fortune we will also encounter                       settlement. Svalbard reindeer roam through this town and Arctic
whales. Seabirds such as ivory gulls, guillemots and puffins                    terns nest along the roads. This is where Amundsen, Byrd and
will be our constant companions and we will spend hours                        Nobile started their courageous attempts to reach the North Pole.
                                                                               Danes’ Island. Two of the most courageous attempts to reach the
admiring these graceful and playful birds. In the beginning
                                                                               North Pole started from this island. We are guided around the site,
of the season Spitsbergen is in full bloom and the bird                        which is littered with remnants from the heroic era.
colonies are bustling with life. In the latter part of the                     Northwest Spitsbergen. On Amsterdam Island and Ytre Norskoya,
season we have very good possibilities of exploring the                        we see remnants of 17th century whaling stations.
eastern parts of the archipelago. We travel carefully                          North Spitsbergen. In beautiful Mossel Bay we visit Polhem, the
through Spitsbergen’s sensitive environment and have                           world’s northernmost house, where Adolf Erik Nordenskiold over-
minimal impact on its nature and animals.                                      wintered in 1872-73.
                                                                               East Spitsbergen. We are now off the beaten track in a wilderness
                                                                               virtually untouched by man. Here, our odds of finding polar bears
Polar bear, Spitsbergen

are the greatest, and we will keep a constant vigil from the bridge    Tusenoyane. On Aekongen in the Tusenoyane island group
during our time in the ice.                                            (Thousand Islands) we study an almost intact whale skeleton on
Storoya. This remote island is a real gem and our favourite. It is a   the beach. We also pay a visit to some of the many walrus that
popular spot for polar bears, and walrus lounge here in hundreds.      haul out here.
When ice conditions are light we can land on this isolated island      Day 12 Longyearbyen to London Heathrow. Disembark and
east of Nordaustlandet.                                                return to London by scheduled flight via Oslo.
Nordaustlandet. This island, covered by an enormous ice-cap,
fascinates naturalists as well as historians. Here you find a huge      2010 Departure dates and prices per person
glacier front intersected by hundreds of melt-waterfalls, an           Based on double occupancy      Tour code: SCSTKPOLAR
abandoned German weather station from WWII and the well kept
                                                                       27th June; 7th, 17th, 27th July; 6th August
scientific station at Kinnvika.
White Island. If ice conditions allow, we will land on White Island    Twin cabin with shower & toilet        £6195
where few people have ever set foot. Here Andree and his men were
                                                                       Single occupancy                       £10595
found 33 years after their unsuccessful attempt to reach the North
Pole with balloon. We will visit the monument commemorating these      Price includes: Economy class scheduled air travel, overnight
brave men and admire the huge ice-cap which covers the island.         accommodation in Oslo on breakfast only basis, 10 nights aboard the
Barentsoya. We visit remnants of old Pomar fishing camps. These         MS Stockholm on full board, all drinks onboard, shore excursions, port
hardy people sailed here in small open boats from the Arctic           taxes, landing fees, expedition team, transfers, airport taxes.
shores of Russia over 400 years ago.                                   Not included: Travel insurance, gratuities.
Edgeoya. On Edgeoya we are in the realm of the polar star. In          NB. Ports subject to change and ice conditions.
wintertime female polar bears go ashore here to over-winter in
snow caves. They give birth to their tiny young in early spring.
Halvmaneoya. On Halvmaneoya (Half Moon Island) we
visit the trapping station of the Norwegian polar bear king,
Henri Rudi. The island was also the scene of one of the
most dramatic survival stories in polar history.
Four Russian Pomars had to spend six winters on the
island before their countrymen rescued them.
Exploring Svalbard’s wild coastline by zodiac (Sebastian Backman)
MS Stockholm
MS Stockholm is a classic vessel built
in 1953 at Finnboda shipyard in
Stockholm for the Swedish National
Maritime Administration. In 1999 she
was totally refitted and started her
career as a comfortable and
ice-strengthened passenger ship. The
MS Stockholm carries a maximum of
12 passengers in outside twin cabins,
all with private facilities. Like her
sister vessel, the MS Origo, she is a
marvellous piece of maritime history
with beautiful brass details and is
loved by many. With a party of twelve
on board it is like travelling on a
private yacht and offers an entirely
different experience and perspective
to that of a larger and more
conventional vessel.
   The vessel is operated by our good
friends in Sweden, ‘PolarQuest’ an
expedition travel company.
   PolarQuest place great emphasis
on the quality and enthusiasm of the
naturalists who accompany their trips.
Not only will they provide a series of
informative talks and illustrated
lectures onboard, they will also lead
the expeditions ashore in small
parties, helping you identify all you
see and add to your knowledge of the
Arctic environment. The vessel is
equipped with inflatable landing craft
which will allow us to explore the
face of glaciers and nudge within
yards of the wildlife on the floating

Arctic fox                                                     Cabin                                                              Dining Room

                                                           FRONT COVER: Getting up-close to a Polar bear by zodiac, Spitsbergen

                       This cruise visits out of
                       the way destinations. You
                       will be accompanied by
                                                                                                       Call 020-7752 0000
                                                                                                     Reservations: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.
                       an expedition team and                                                              Brochures: 24 hours a day/7 days a week
                       many landings ashore
                       will be made by Zodiac
                       landing craft. This cruise
                       will appeal to the more
  adventurous and those who enjoy the natural
                                                                                         NOBLE CALEDONIA
                                                                                                   2 CHESTER CLOSE, BELGRAVIA, LONDON SW1X 7BE
                                                                                              Fax: 020 7245 0388
   Printed in England - September 2009   Job No TE 07415
                                                                                     The air holidays and flights in this brochure are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority
                                                                                              Our current booking conditions apply to all reservations (available on request)

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