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                                                                  Campaign and Demonstration

 Saturday 30th April 2005 1pm
 Assemble at 10 Downing Street, London SW1 2AA

      Did you know?

       •    Black pupils start primary school with some of the highest scores in baseline
            assessments of initial ability, but within two years they slip behind other children
       •    Latest Government figures reveal a gulf between the performance of black teenage
            boys and their white classmates at GCSE.
       •    At 11, only 62 per cent of boys attain the expected standard in the national
            curriculum English test, compared with 72 per cent of white boys.
       •    The decline accelerates at secondary school; just 35.7 per cent of black Caribbean
            pupils achieve five good passes.
       •    Just 3,028 black children took A levels compared with 109,000 white students, and
            their results were an average of one grade lower in each exam.
       •    There is evidence that some schools are "institutionally racist" and expel black
            pupils three times as often as other children, according to a Government-funded

      It is therefore essential that:

       •    We raise the profile of our educational demands and place them on the political
       •    Black people develop visible leadership and speak out against the inequalities that
            exists in the education system
       •    Black community leaders and faith leaders need to organise, mobilise and
            participate in direct action to highlight the concerns we have around the education
            of our children
       •    Demonstrate to our children the importance and value we place on their education

      The objectives of the day of action is to:

       •    Highlight of the issue of inequalities that exist in the current education system
       •    Demand high expectations, high standards and high performance from our
            educational establishments
       •    Demand a reduction in the number of school exclusions
       •    Demand support for supplementary schools and education projects
       •    Insist Local Education Authorities (LEA’s) develop a wider range of curriculum
            material that provides positive images of Black people (not just as part of Black
            History Month).

       We need you to:
       •    Attend the demonstration and rally with your children, and bring as many of your
            family, friends with you
       •    Tell as many people as you can and encourage them to attend the rally and share
            the information with others
       •    Copy this leaflet and send to other parents, community groups, websites,

   The largest demonstration and rally of parents is being organised by Black Londoners forum and the Afroice parent
                                               and school governor network
  For more information visit the Black Londoners Forum’s website: or contact the Black Londoners
                                  Forum on 020-8709-9781 Email:

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