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									                           NHS Warwickshire
          Quality, Safety and Governance Committee (QSGC)

                 Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 15th October 2009
                               Westgate House

Present                                 In Attendance                        Apologies
•   Colin Hayfield (Chair)              • Sue Davies (SD)                    • Paul Jennings
    Non Executive Director                  Associate Director Nursing &       Chief Executive
•   Jill Freer (JF)                         Clinical Risk                    • Paul Duncan
    Director of Quality & Safety;       • Rob Wilkes (RW)                      LINKs
    Executive Nurse                         Service Procurement Manager,
•   Rachael Pearce (RP)                     Warwickshire County Council
    Director of Compliance/ Assistant   • Chris Day (CD)
    Chief Executive                         Interim Head of Patient Safety
•   Jenny Horrabin (JH)                 • Wayne Bartlett (WB)
    Internal Audit                          Urgent Care Commissioner
•   John Linnane (JL)
    Director of Public health
•   Louise Wallace (LW)
    Non Executive Director
•   Laura Mhlanga
    Director of Primary Care

Circulation of minutes:

As above, plus any relevant staff for information relevant to actions/agenda items, and PCT

Trust Board

1.   Apologies                                                                        Actions

     Apologies were received from Paul Jennings and Paul Duncan.

2.   Minutes of the Meeting held on 20th August 2009

     These were agreed as a true record following the addition of Paul
     Jennings apologies and the change of name of the hospital trust on
     page 6 from Coventry & Warwickshire to George Eliot Hospital NHS

3.   Matters Arising - Schedule of Actions
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     3.1 Quality Framework for Primary Care

     LM presented the Quality Framework for Primary Care, presented
     previously to the Professional Executive Committee and provided an
     update. National toolkits are now available and following their
     application locally LM will be in a position to populate the framework
     and begin monitoring against it from April 2010.

     Action: LM to present an updated Quality Framework for Primary LM
     Care by February 2010.

4.   Non NHS Provision

     The Committee discussed contract monitoring with external providers
     in partnership with Warwickshire County Council (WCC) for care
     homes. It was agreed to work jointly, share information and knowledge
     in order to to reduce duplication.

     Action: SD and RW for WCC, to work together on contract
     monitoring. To bring a paper to the next Committee meeting on SD/RW
     the opportunities, obstacles and next steps.

5.   Reports

     5.1 Quality Review Visit Reports

         JF presented the visit reports for George Eliot NHS Hospital Trust,
         South Warwickshire General Hospital Trust, University Hospital
         Coventry & Warwickshire, and asked the Committee what level of
         information they would like to receive in future. It was agreed that
         reports and action plans should come to the Committee.

         In summary, there were actions to be undertaken by all trusts
         following the visits, but no significant concerns were raised.

6.   External Audits

     Note: The Committee received the report
     6.1 Health Inequalities

          JL briefed the Committee members that a visit to Nuneaton and
          Bedworth had been made in September by the Health Inequalities
          National support team.

          Once the full report has been received it will be presented to the
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     6.2 Sexual Health Services

     JL advised Committee members that an external review of
     Warwickshire’s Sexual Health Services had been undertaken. A full
     report will come back to a future Committee.

7.   GEH Foundation Trust Status

     JF advised members that support for GEH Foundation Trust status
     would be discussed in a December Board to Board meeting.

8.   CQUIN Proposals

     JF presented the CQUIN principles circulated by the Strategic Health
     Authority, and advised members that a health economy workshop was
     to be held on October 30th to discuss CQUIN content.

     Action: JF to report to the February Committee on the CQUINs JF
     agreed for 2010/ 2011 contract.

9.   West Midlands Ambulance Trust Report

     WB presented the Lightfoot Report of the West Midlands Ambulance
     Trust. Members were advised that the report was being considered by
     the Trust and commissioners through various workstreams.

     NHS Warwickshire has joined the quality workstreams and will be
     working with the co-coordinating commissioner to agree the quality
     component of the 2010/2011 contract. Progress will be shared with the
     Committee at a future date.

10. Take Care Now and Out of Hours Service(OOH) Report from the
    Care Quality Commission (CQC)

     WB presented the CQC concerns in relation to the OOH services
     nationally and provided assurance to members in relation to the newly
     contracted OOH service for Warwickshire.

     Action: The OOH provider will be asked for further assurance in
     response to the CQC national report. Quarterly quality reports JF
     will be brought to the Committee as part of the Quality Assurance
     process for commissioned services.          This should include
     palliative care.

11. For Information

     11.1 Patient Safety Group Minutes (2 09 09)

                                                                             Page 3 of 4
       11.2 Provider Mortality Rate Group Notes (21 08 09)

       11.3 Infection Prevention & Decontamination Control Group
             (01 07 09)
       11.4 Safeguarding Children – Care Commission Review

12. Any Other Business

       12.1 LM asked about the relationship between committees.

       Action: RP to           review       committees      and    their    governance RP

13. Date and Time of next meeting:
    See attached schedule of meetings

       17th December – 9.00 – 11.00am: Committee Room

       Diary dates for 2010

NB: All meetings are on the Third Thursday of the month

            Date                Time                                   Venue

18th February              9.00 – 11.00am      Committee Room, Westgate House

15th April                 9.00 – 11.00am      Committee Room, Westgate House

17th June                  9.00 - 11.00am      Finance Meeting Room, Westgate House

19th August                9.00 – 11.00am      Committee Room, Westgate House

21st October               9.00 – 11.00am      Committee Room, Westgate House

16th December              9.00 – 11.00am      Committee Room, Westgate House

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