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					                    Inwards Goods Requirements

The following requirements and instructions are in place to ensure that
your products can be received and stored efficiently and safely at our
warehouse site.

We ask that you and your printer/product supplier comply with the
following guidelines:
   Workplace Health and Safety requirements
   Delivery instructions
   Carton instructions
   Product instructions
   Palletising instructions

Please note that SDS reserves the right to turn away any transport
vehicle that arrives at the SDS warehouse which has not met any of
these guidelines.

The Department, Agency or Business unit will be responsible for
any costs associated with ensuring the inventory meets the
guidelines detailed below.

Please contact SDS Publications if you have any questions regarding the
following information.
Workplace Health and Safety Requirements

All drivers making deliveries to SDS will comply with the sites’ WH&S
guidelines. These guidelines will be communicated by the warehouse
personnel when a delivery is made to the SDS warehouse.

Delivery Instructions

       SDS requires 48 (forty eight) hours notice prior to receiving
        deliveries of either new products or existing replenishment stock;

       Deliveries MUST be made between the hours of;
          o Monday to Thursday: 7.30am to 3.30pm
          o Friday: 7.30am to 2.30pm

       Goods delivered outside of these hours will not be accepted unless
        prior arrangement is made with the Operations or Warehouse

       Notify SDS prior to delivery by emailing bookshop@sds.qld.gov.au
        and copying in:

                  o Inventory Manager joel.fredricks@sds.qld.gov.au and
                  o Warehouse Manager peter.zevenhoven@sds.qld.gov.au

       Provide the following information in the body of the email
           o SDS stock code and product description
           o YOUR SDS account number
           o Number of PALLETS or CARTONS to be delivered

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Carton Instructions

       All stock items must be delivered in a condition which is free
        from moisture, vermin and dust;

       Supply large quantities of publications (20 cartons or more) on
        pallets ONLY - NO SKIDS ACCEPTED;

       All stock items must be packed in sealed cartons with the
        following information clearly marked on the packaging:
                  o Supplier’s name (Agency Name)
                  o Customer’s name (Contact Name)
                  o Customer’s phone number
                  o SDS stock code
                  o Stock description
                  o Version date /ID (if applicable)
                  o Number of cartons e.g. 1 of 10 ctns, 2 of 10 cartons etc.
                  o Quantity per carton

       Different publications                                    stock         items   must   be   packed   in
        SEPARATE cartons;

       Each carton must not exceed 15kg in weight.

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Product Instructions

       Individual items MUST be wrapped, bundled or in cartons in
        equal quantities, E.g. 25, 50, 100, 1000.
            This includes the following items:
                  o Postcards
                  o Business cards
                  o Tattoos
                  o Stickers
                  o Wrist bands
                  o Lanyards
                  o Pens
                  o Tote bags
                  o Travel mugs
                  o Post-it notes
                  o Playing cards
                  o Magnets
                  o Soft toys
                  o Any other item that is not a publication – please check
                    with SDS if you are unsure.

       All clothing items must be wrapped or bagged INDIVIDUALLY
        in plastic;

       All folded brochures MUST be bundled or wrapped in multiple
        quantities, e.g. 25, 50, 100, 1000;

       Single and Multi page forms and fact sheets MUST be wrapped
        in a REAM of 500.

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      Palletising Instructions

       All stock items must be delivered in a condition which is free
        from moisture, vermin and dust;

       Items NOT listed in the Publications Catalogue which are
        delivered to SDS Publications for bulk storage on a pallet MUST
        be PLASTIC WRAPPED – otherwise charges will apply;

       The dimensions of each skid or pallet delivered must not be
        greater than 1.2m L x 1.2m W x 1.6m H;

       No skids will be accepted without prior agreement from the
        Operations or Warehouse manager.

      Sending Stock

Allow two-three working days for your product to be
receipted and released for orders.

Please note; all incoming stock will be counted against the
stated amount displayed on the delivery box. SDS will then
deduct 5% off the count. This is to allow for box discrepancies.

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