; National Food and Drink Policy for Scotland published by Scottish
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National Food and Drink Policy for Scotland published by Scottish


National Food and Drink Policy for Scotland published by Scottish

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									                  National Food and Drink Policy for Scotland published by
                                   Scottish Government
                  The Scottish Government have published, ‘Recipe for Success’ which sets out the next steps
                  of their long-awaited National Food and Drink Policy for Scotland. The Policy is based on
                  the recommendations of the Food and Drink Leadership Forum and sets out how the
                  Government aim to support the growth of the food and drink industry in Scotland to
                  £10 billion of sales by 2017, and build on the country’s reputation as a land of food and drink.

                  The National Food and Drink Policy was established by the Scottish Government as a means
                  of promoting Scotland’s sustainable economic growth. It aims to do so by ensuring the
                  Government’s focus in relation to food and drink addresses quality, health and wellbeing, and
                  environmental sustainability, while simultaneously recognising the need for food access and
                  affordability for all in society.


                  ‘Recipe for Success’ is based on the report of the Food and Drink Leadership Forum, whose
                  role it was to deliver consistent and coherent objectives that would enable the Government to
                  achieve their ambitions for our key sector. The Leadership Forum, a group of ‘Champions’
                  brought together from a range of backgrounds, took account of the outputs from each of the
                  five Workstreams established to provide recommendations on a broad spectrum of topics and
                  issues. These had, in turn, been identified via responses to the Government’s consultation on
                  the Policy, ‘Choosing the Right Ingredients’, towards which SFDF contributed.

                  Further details of the background to the policy process can be found in past issues of
                  SFDF Update, which are available at: www.fdf.org.uk/membersonly/m_sfdf_update.aspx.

                  Next steps towards delivery

                  ‘Recipe for Success’ outlines the next steps which the Government have concluded are
                  required in order to achieve their ambitions for the food and drink industry. In announcing its
                  publication at the Royal Highland Show in June, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the
                  Environment, Richard Lochhead, said “The measures announced today are based on evidence
                  and input from some of the country’s leading and most respected experts… Delivering this
                  next wave of success can’t be achieved by single groups or individuals working in isolation. It
                  is challenge that can only be met through a collective response”.

                  SFDF are already involved in discussions as to how we can actively contribute towards the
                  next steps of the policy and members will, of course, be kept up to date with opportunities to
                  engage as these emerge. As part of these next steps, the Government are putting in place a 3-

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year access-to-market strategy for food and drink businesses, which they hope will help grow
domestic sales across the UK and secure greater export opportunities internationally.
Working in partnership with Scotland Food and Drink (SF&D) and the Enterprise Agencies,
they will also seek to develop a strategy to achieve more scale within the sector, leading to
increases in productivity, profitability and employment levels.

Members will recall that SFDF are part of the Education Food and Drink Partnership Group,
which is currently engaged in the development of proposals for a food and drink skills
academy for Scotland. The Government have committed to supporting the development of
the academy, and will also support SF&D and the Enterprise Agencies in establishing a food
and health innovation and commercialisation centre. It is hoped that this will support the use
of research to meet industry needs and maximise commercial opportunities.

The Scottish Government have recognised that monitoring progress and measuring success
against the ambitions of the Food and Drink policy is vital. It is intended that over the coming
months a “refocused” Leadership Forum will be invited to set specific, measurable and
meaningful targets which will ensure all elements of the food and drink chain are involved in
driving the policy forward. The conclusions of the Leadership Forum will be set out at a
national conference to discuss progress of the Policy and to map out the way ahead. The
‘vision’ is that this conference, the first of several, will act as an exemplar to other countries
on the formulation and delivery of food policy.

Progress so far

‘Recipe for Success’ highlights a number of key areas where the Scottish Government
considers that it has already made good progress towards the ambitions set out in the policy.
For example:

   The provision of grant schemes to enable companies to retain and, where viable, create
    employment opportunities
   Establishing the Supplier Development Programme, which aims to enable SMEs to win
    public sector procurement contracts
   Expanding the availability of Level 2 Modern Apprenticeships and reintroduce funding
    for adult Modern Apprenticeships
   Making available £6 million of funding to WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action
    Programme) to improve the provision of infrastructure such as anaerobic digestion plants
    for the treatment of food waste.
   Establishing ‘Homecoming Scotland 2009’ which included opportunities to promote
    Scotland’s food and drink industry both internationally and domestically
   Forming the Resilience Advisory Board for Scotland for Food to help plan for any
    potential crises in the food chain supply chain.

Responding to the ‘Recipe for Success’ report, Flora McLean, SFDF Director said “Our
industry is a vital component of a healthy Scottish economy and the process of developing a
national food and drink policy for Scotland has highlighted the critical strategic importance of
our sector.

“SFDF looks forward to working closely with the Scottish Government, the enterprise
network and partner organisations to shape the emerging strategy that we hope will drive our
sector’s future growth. The issues facing our industry are complex and so there is a strong

Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF)                                                   Page 2
imperative to strike the right balance between economic, environmental and social factors to
ensure we don’t undermine the underlying competitiveness of businesses.

“The launch of this policy provides us with a real platform from which to promote a better
understanding of our sector, the work of our members and the excellence of their products.”

Should members have any queries on the policy or have any issues they would wish to raise,
please contact greg.mccracken@sfdf.org.uk, or telephone 0131 229 9415.

A full copy of the Scottish Government’s National Food and Drink Policy document
‘Recipe for Success’ is available online at the Scottish Government website at:

A full copy of the Leadership Forum Report Development of the National Food and Drink
Policy    is   available   online   at  the    Scottish  Government      website   at:

The Scottish Government have also published the booklet, ‘Food and Drink in Scotland: Key
Facts’. This booklet draws together key facts and figures on food and drink in Scotland from
a range of sources including official statistics, research and consumer surveys. A copy of the
booklet is available at: www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/277133/0083215.pdf.

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