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									Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

XSell® EPOS and Retail Management solutions have been developed to satisfy the ever more demanding role of EPOS
systems. In today's challenging retail environment it is essential to utilise all of the technology available to improve your
response to customer needs and expectations, giving maximum assistance to your sales personnel whilst at the same time
improving cost savings through reduced shrinkage, lost orders and pricing issues.

XSell EPOS Software is based on Microsoft Windows® architecture and shares the same visual styling. However, the
specific needs of EPOS software in the retail environment have been accommodated through a simple screen layout and
simplified keyboard or touch screen operation.

All relevant information within the EPOS software is displayed in large characters and the screen changes dynamically as
the sale proceeds, acting as a cue to the operator. XSell EPOS Software is feature rich, offering the retailer all the functions
needed to ensure their business runs efficiently.

The flexibility of XSell EPOS software allows it to sit happily in most retail verticals.

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Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

Features Available with Xsell EPOS
Some of the features within our EPOS software are listed below:

Multiple methods of price lookup (PLU) or product search                       Promotions.
Full Support for all barcode standards.                                        Serial Number Tracking.
Unlimited Assistants.                                                          Prompt on Till for Linked Product Information.
Optional support for Chip and PIN.                                             Automatic Staff / Customer / Quantity discounts
User definable Methods of Payment with independent floor limits.               Bar-coding of Receipts, Gift Vouchers, Credit Notes and Layaways.
Cheque Printing.                                                               Full Operator Security.
Foreign Currency handling.                                                     On-line Stock check, including Real-Time Stock at other stores*.
Export Sales supported.                                                        Training Mode.
Cash and Credit Accounts.                                                      Automated Creation and Redemption of Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes.
Loyalty Schemes.
Optional Postcode Lookup.
Multiple Selling Prices With Price Breaks and Bulk Discounts.
Print A4 / A5 Receipts or via Thermal Printer.
Pre-set keys for frequent items.
Bill of Materials
Production of Quotations within EPOS software.
Electronic Journal with Reprint Function.
Special Orders and Deposit Handling.
Refunds and Exchanges with reason codes.
Links to Accounting, CRM and E-Commerce Packages.
Fully itemised till receipt / credit card voucher slip.
Receipts incorporating Logo and Promotional Text.

* Only available when connected to Head Office via a Wide Area Network, otherwise stock levels from end of day shown.

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Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

Xsell Chip and PIN

XSell Chip and PIN module integrates into the XSell Store system to provide instant credit card authorisation. Utilising both
standard modem and telephone lines, or for extra fast response the PAKNET radio data network. The software links directly
to the credt card companies. All major UK credit and debit cards are handled along with a number of foreign cards.

This one-stop System prints the Credit card slip on the Receipt Printer, eliminates keying errors and also removes the need
for PDQ or 'Pre-approved' devices taking up valuable counter space and also means you only require a single telephone line
and have to stock one size of receipt paper.

The major features of the Chip and PIN solution are :-

Solution integrates into the XSell EPOS module with inbuilt support of Chip and PIN .
Instantaneous credit card authorisation including checking for stolen cards and credit limit.
Handles debit cards, whereby funds are immediately transferred from the payees account.
All major UK cards are handled plus a number of foreign cards.
Authorisation is conducted via standard modem or fast-tracked via PAKNET radio system.
Multiple till points can utilise the same authorisation point without incurring delays.
Authorisation is via a controller rather than till point saving hardware expense, cabling and counter space.

          XSell Chip and PIN is backed up by 7-day telephone help desk covering standard business hours.

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Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

The Xsell Back Office system is a modular in-store computing solution which complements the Xsell Point of Sale Solution, which can be used
in it’s entirety to provide a complete in-store system, or individual modules can be selected to give a tailored solution. It can be used in conjunction
with 3rd party back office and head office systems.

The Back Office Server(s) maintain the central copy of the in-store EPOS data, including product and price details, electronic till journals and
consolidated transaction records. The back office module includes options for maintaining, viewing and reporting on this data, as well as
communicating with the Head Office System.

Microsoft Windows XP™ provides the operating system platform for the XSell Back Office system. This operating system is fast becoming the
standard for retail systems. It provides the power, flexibility, robustness, security and ease of use required for this type of application.

XSell will run on any Microsoft supported network. Typically Microsoft’s own built-in networking will be used, but other options are available.

The Xsell product range is based upon a modern relational database technology. The benefits of this include:

Flexible data querying.
Speed of data access.
Ease of interface to other software and databases.

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Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

XSell® Back Office Solutions provide all the features needed to run a modern retail business. The Back Office communicates
in Real-Time with the XSell EPOS and Head Office Solutions. Comprehensive on-line help is available to guide users when
using less common options.

Modules Available with Xsell Back Office

Maintenance and Reporting

Maintenance includes:                                                      Reporting includes:

Maintain Products.                                                         Full Cash and EFT reconciliation.
Maintain Suppliers.                                                        Payment Type analysis.
Maintain Customer Records.                                                 Assistant Performance.
Maintain Staff Codes.                                                      Separate analysis of Voids and Refunds.
Categorise Stock to Multiple Levels.                                       Margin reports by Products and Groups.
Incorporates full Colour, Size, Fit matrix.                                Receipt Analysis.
Sell products by Item, Length or Weight (Interfaces to Weighing Scales).   Customer Analysis.
Maintain Promotions and Multi-Buy types including ‘Happy Hours’            Full Audit Transaction Log.
Maintain Till Presets.                                                     VAT Accountability incorporating second hand goods scheme.
Display frequently bought items via an on screen matrix.                   Best Sellers and Worst Sellers Reports.
Powerful reporting By Day, Week, Month, Year.                              Loyalty Schemes.
Criteria based Product Search on Unlimited History.                        Gift Voucher and Credit Note Tracking.
Real-Time Communications between Branch and Head Office.                   Handling of Serial Numbers.
Real-Time Communications between Tills and Back Office.
Automated Backup Routines.
Graphical Representation of Stock and Sales figures.
Flexible Payment Methods, Vat Codes, Discount & Price Override Codes.
Incorporates central Cash up and Bank Reconciliation procedures.

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Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

Modules Available with Xsell Back Office

Stock Control and Purchasing

Stock Control Module includes:                                                    Purchasing Module includes:

Supports On-Line Stock Control.                                                   Automated purchase order generation locally or receipt of order details
Stock Evaluation at cost / average cost / selling price.                          from Head Office, Order by Unit, Pack or Case.
Bill of Materials.                                                                Manual Ordering with Hand Held Terminal facility.
Instant, forward or promotional price changes.                                    Recommended order quantity based on stock and or sales levels.
Price lists for customer or in-house use.                                         Facility to add or modify orders.
Sales and Margin reports                                                          Order by own code or by suppliers code.
Non-stock (Miscellaneous) items catered for .                                     Immediate price update and label production on goods received.
Single or Multi-User.                                                             Goods in via Hand Held Terminal, Barcode Scanner or manual
Single or Multi-Branch.                                                           acceptance.
Comprehensive reports from individual product level up to full company totals.    Ability to check suppliers invoice against purchase orders.
Facility to substitute products with replacements.                                Optional head office control of purchase orders.
Products allocated as damaged, displayed or good stock.                           Multiple alternative suppliers per product.
Stock sheets using pre-prepared stock count sheets, free format or via HHT.       Back Order facility.
Goods-In, Goods-Out and Inter-Branch Transfer Systems. Via HHT or manually.
Automatic stock reporting at branch, with details to head office at end of day.
Central control at Head Office via scheduled communications link.

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Advanced EPOS and Retail Management Solutions

Modules Available with Xsell Back Office

Additional Modules

XSell Labelling                                                                   Xsell Cataloguing

Labels can show barcode, product code, description, price.                        Create 3rd party catalogues to run alongside the XSell software.
Automatic production of labels at Goods-In.                                       Including catalogues from wholesalers and major buying co-ops.
On-Demand production of Labels.                                                   On-going update of product and price information.
Shelf edge or product labelling.                                                  Maintain product files via catalogue file in line with products stocked.
Label size options.                                                               Operates alongside the XSell systems for customer enquiry purposes.
                                                                                  Products not stocked can be set up immediately for ordering.
XSell Invoicing (Included in Maintenance and Reporting)
                                                                                  Catalogue can be maintained either at store level or at a centre.
Invoices produced at time of day or end of day/period.
Credit note facility.                                                             XSell 3rd Party Links
Optional invoice formats.
                                                                                  Enables information to be extracted and imported to and from
XSell Accounts Link                                                               XSell System into other software systems including

Interfaces to accounting packages such as Sage and Pegasus.                       3rd Party Head Office Solutions.
User specified nominal code breakdown.                                            Customer Relationship Management Software.
Interchange of data between XSell and Sales/Purchase through to Nominal Ledger.   E-Commerce Packages.
                                                                                  Many Microsoft Products.

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