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					                        DeShay Rene’s Cheer Xtreme
                           705 North Burnside
                           Gonzales, LA 70737

                                 Policy Manuel

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a learning experience through a positive environment of
caring and motivation. Our staff will teach what it means to be a team, and that
having fun is the most important thing in cheerleading. We will provide a safe
environment to build self-esteem. We will teach at their ability level and not let
anyone feel out of place. We will praise the triumphs no matter how small and
encourage the next triumph. We will provide a competent staff that will always
go the extra mile to better themselves with education and teach that information
to the team. We will strive to have age appropriate music and dance and keep to
our Christian ways. We will encourage parental participation when needed.

Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy of DeShay Rene’s Cheer Xtreme is based on the belief that
cheerleader success is the primary goal of all cheerleading activity. This gym
should provide social, emotional, and physical opportunities for all cheerleaders
to be successful.

We fell that learning is an active process and cheerleaders should be actively
involved to acquire the knowledge provided to be successful. We recognize that
the parents and the community are great supporters of our active process.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13.
Gym Attendance

In order for our team to work; we need everyone to adhere to the attendance
policy. It is the ultimate responsibility of the cheerleader and guardians to
follow the procedures below:

        1. If the cheerleader is going to be 10 minutes late, please call the gym
           225-644-8485 to let your coach know.

     1. If the cheerleader is going to be absent, please call the gym at 225-


The cheerleader is allowed only 3 demerits per cheerleading season or they will
be asked to leave the squad. All monthly fees and competition fees will still have
to be paid in full for the entire cheer season. A team can only practice if the
whole squad is there. If excuses are obtained, no demerits will be given.

Dress Code

The dress code is pretty simple.

   1. Cheerleaders must have shorts, and shirt that is not to loose or shows bra
   2. Cheer shoes must be worn at all times during practice. Wear slippers to
      the gym and change to cheer shoes once you are inside the gym.
   3. Hair must be in a ponytail and bangs pulled back. No hair pieces during
   4. No jewelry at any time during practice or competition.

If any of the dress code is not adhered to, warnings and write-ups will be given

Cheerleaders are expected to behave in an acceptable manner at all times. This
includes the proper respect towards all persons and their property. The ultimate
responsibility for cheerleader conduct rests upon the cheerleader and the
parents. It is the gyms responsibility to assure that no single person interferes
with the learning environment of other students. Disciplinary action may include,
but not limited to, any of the following:

       1.   Counsel/warn the cheerleader.
       2.   Administer work appropriate to disruption.
       3.   Time-out.
       4.   Contact parent/guardian to pick up cheerleader.

It is the responsibility of every cheerleader to reduce the risk of violence by
demonstrating mutual respect and a caring attitude toward each other.

Drop off/Pick up

Please bring in your child and come in the gym to pick up your child. The
entrance is next to a street and to have children running around is very
dangerous. If someone else other than parents/guardians is coming to pick up
your child, please let the coach know in form of a letter sent with your child.

If you plan to stay at the gym, curtains will be put up and closed until parent
watch week once a month. Under no circumstances will any parent be
allowed in the classroom without permission from a coach before class

Cheerleading Activities/Competitions

Remember that at competitions, cheerleaders and parents are representing the
gym as well as our parish and state. Please try to ensure proper sportsmanship
towards other teams and parents. It will be the policy of the gym, to have our
teams sit together before, during and after competitions to show unity. Parents
will be allowed to sit with the teams. No team member will be allowed to leave
until after all trophies for all teams are awarded unless coach permission
has been obtained before competition. Also the gym will be hosting several
activities/sleepover with lots of supervision. Please remind your child that the
Discipline policy will always be in place.
Payments on Accounts

Payment on accounts will be due on the first of every month. Letters and late
charges will be issued on the 5th of the month. Please keep your payments up to
date. We are a small gym.

         Competition Squads

         1. Mini and Youth--$70.00/month
            **3 hours per week
            This includes tumbling
            Other fees (music, choreography, uniform, competition)
            $1150.00---6 payments of $192.00 June-November

         2. Jr. and Sr.---$90.00/month
            **6 hours per week
            This includes tumbling
            Other fees (music, choreography, uniform, competition)
            $1250.00---6 payments of $210.00 June-November

         3. Exhibition squad--$50.00/month
            **1 hour per week
            Other fees (music, choreography, uniform, competition)
            $400.00---5 payments of $80.00 June-October

Tumbling or Cheer tech-$50.00 month---1hour per week for 3 months
These classes start every quarter January, April, July, and October.

Registration fee--$65.00/per year

DeShay Rene’s Cheer Xtreme is very excited about cheerleading and educating
your child. We hope that this will be an exciting and fun year for you as a parent
and fun for your child.


Bebe Burns
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This is an equal opportunity institution and is dedicated to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment or
training. Qualified student, applicants, or employees will not be excluded from any activity because of age,
race, creed, sex, religion, national origin, or qualified handicap. All students have equal rights to counseling
and training.

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