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									Diversity and Citizenship policies
at local level

    Workshop on Citizenship, Participation and Political
                      Rights of Third country nationals
                                  Bologna, 13 July 2007
Political rights: The main gap

• Only Spanish, EU and Norwegian citizens are entitled to vote in local and
EP elections.
• Council Directive 2003/109/EC concerning the status of third-country
nationals who are long-term residents has not been ratified by Spanish
• Amendment of the national Constitution or bilateral agreements with third
• Favourable public opinion: (CIS Opinion Poll on November 2005)
         YES: 60,8%
         NO: 28,1%
         Missing: 11,1%
     L L E ID A
                              G IR O N A



                                           Barcelona province
                                           5.309.404 inhabitants
                                           12,4% foreign citizenship
% foreign citizenship. Municipalities, Barcelona province 2005

                                                                P o rc e n ta g e p o b la c ió n d e
                                                                 n a c io n a lid a d e x tra n je ra

                                                                           M enos del 5 %
                                                                           De 5 a 10 %
                                                                           De 10 a 15 %
                                                                           De 15 a 20 %
                                                                           De 20 a 25 %
                                                                           M ás de 25 %

                          Source: INE National Statistical Institute (01/01/2005)

     Greater local
                                                      The target of
                                                     the local action

                     The strategies focus on:

• Living together                               •The immigrant population
• Integration
• Social cohesion
                                                •All the citizens
Reference Framework
                                            • Respect for human rights
                                            • Defence of the basic values and
                                              practices of democracy

             Rule of Law                    • Respect for the law and rule of
         DEMOCRATIC VALUES                  • Respect for cultural differences
           + regulated         + flexible   • Promoting interaction and the
                                              creation of a sense of identity
                                              and fellowship in a common
       Diversity and Intercultural
                  Society                     society
                                            • Defence of social cohesion and
                                              the coexistence of citizens
Local authorities
                                        Democratic values, this ambit is
                                           where consensus is greater, at the
                                           same time it is the most regulated.

                            DIVERSITY   Rule of Law, regulation space
                    RULE   INTERCULT       between democratic values and
                     OF       URAL
                    LAW      SOCIETY

+ REGULATED                + FLEXIBLE   Diversity and intercultural
                                           society, space of maximum
                                           diversity and minimum regulation,
                                           intercultural society, mediation
                                           area, including the local action.
Settlement process
                                                  The settlement process
                                                  corresponds to the period in
Settlement process
                                                  which newcomers establish
                                                  themselves in the city.

ARRIVAL     INSTALLATION    TERRITORIALISATION    It consists of three stages,
PHASE       PHASE           PHASE
Reception   Reception      General services for   according to the degree of
services    services       assistance and the
                           promotion of
                                                  establishment in the city:
                                                  1. Arrival phase
                                                  2. Settlement phase
                                                  3. Territorialisation phase
Criteria of definition and differentiation of living together
         Dimensions                                    Main aspects
                         Existence or lack of social and interpersonal communication
 1        Relational     The nature of this interaction
                         Shared rules
 2        Normative      Knowledge and acceptance of the rules
                         Normative adaptation

          Axiological    Shared values and purposes
 3                       Recognition and respect of what is not shared
                         Presence in decision-making fields
 4       Participative   Existence or lack of feeling of belonging
                         All the people getting involved in the joint social life
 5      Communication    Norms and spaces of communication
                         Treatment of underlying and evident conflicts
 6        Conflictual    Peaceful or violent behaviour
                         Negotiation vs other people getting involved

                         Respect towards the other
 7        Attitudinal    Nature of tolerance
                         Wish to include or exclude
                         Shared or unshared identities
 8         Identity      Sense of belonging
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