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					                       CHEERLEADING CONSTITUTION

        PURPOSE: We, the cheerleaders of Washington Community High School,
dedicate ourselves and our services to endeavor to maintain enthusiasm and school
spirit at all athletic events.

        PLEDGE:      I hereby pledge myself to aid in every way to promote good
sportsmanship, good school spirit and good citizenship; to back our athletic teams
and all other endeavors which reflect credit upon our school; to abide by all rules
governing my living, that I shall be a worthy representative and a respected leader
of the student body.

       I. Procedure for Selection

          A. Eligibility

              1. Any student may try out for cheerleading provided that:

                 a. For the varsity Football or Basketball squad, the student is a
                    sophomore or junior at the time of tryouts and meets other
                    requirements as set forth in the constitution. (Minimum of
                    eight regular of each).

                 b. For the sophomore Football or Basketball squad the student
                    is a freshman at the time of tryouts and meets the other
                    requirements as set forth in the constitution. (8 regular of

                 c. For the freshman Football or Basketball squad, the student
                    is an incoming freshman to WCHS at the time of tryouts
                    and meets other requirements as set forth in the constitution.
                    (8 regular of each)

                 d. Eligibility for a student trying out for cheerleading will be
                    determined in accordance with the I.H.S.A. By-laws for

          B. Workshops

              1. Dates for workshops will be set up and given to all interested in
                 trying out for a squad by the head coach. Attendance at each
                 session of these workshops is strongly recommended but not

              2. At the workshop each candidate will receive a letter to the parent,
                 a parent permission slip and the cheerleading constitution. Parent
      permission slips must be returned to the head coach before
      preliminary tryouts in order to try out.

   3. Students with high school cheerleading experience will be
      distributed among the non-experienced so that all may have a fair

C. Tryouts

   1. Minimum of eight students will be selected to be Varsity
      Football, eight Varsity Basketball, eight Sophomore Football,
      eight Sophomore Basketball, eight Freshman Football, and eight
      Freshman Basketball Cheerleaders.

   2. Selection preference.

      a. The Freshman and Sophomore candidates will choose on their
         permission slip as to what sport they would prefer. (Football
         first, basketball second; basketball first, football second;
         football only; or basketball only).

      b. The Varsity candidates will choose on their permission slip as
         to what sport they would prefer. (Football first; basketball
         second; basketball first, football second; football only;
         basketball only; or football and basketball).

   3. Each candidate for the football or basketball squads may be
      required to do single and group cheers, sidelines, jumps, and
      acrobatics, including a back flip.

   4. A white tee-shirt, dark shorts, and white socks will be worn for all

   5. Stunts may be allowed at tryouts with head coach approval.

   6. Senior varsity cheerleaders will organize and teach cheers and
      sidelines to be used at tryouts.

   7. Final selection for all football and basketball cheerleaders will be
      made by a panel of judges. The head coach will be in charge of
      selecting         the judges and will also serve on the panel. No
      students will be allowed to judge tryouts.

   8. All candidates will be notified by posting the list of those selected
      on the Bondurant and Jefferson entrances.
          9. If a situation should arise leaving a vacancy on a squad, the
             candidate who ranked the highest among the remaining group
             that tried out for the squad will be moved to that squad. The
             decision to fill a vacancy will be decided by the head coach.

II.       Uniform

       A. The financing of the cheerleading uniform will be cooperative between
          the school and the cheerleaders. That part of the uniform financed by
          the school will become property of the school.

          1. The school will purchase uniforms for each squad as they are

          2. The school will purchase for football cheerleaders a raincoat if

          3. Any other items are to be paid for by the cheerleaders. (shoes,
             briefs, shirts, body suits, etc.) The head coach shall oversee such
             purchases to      assure that no financial strain is put upon any
             cheerleader or family.

       B. The uniform must be approved by the head coach before anything is

       C. The head coach must approve the making and fitting of the uniform.
          (Length and tightness of the clothing are included in fitting).

       D. The uniform will be worn only when the cheerleader is representing
          WCHS as a squad member.

       E. No jewelry is to be worn with the uniform. This is an IHSA ruling.

       F. There will be no extreme hair styles or color or excessive make-up.
          All cheerleaders must wear their hair pulled back so that it is off their
          shoulders and out of their eyes during games and practices.
          Cheerleaders will wear no glitter and no tattoos may be visible.
          Fingernails will be trimmed in accordance with the IHSA rules.
          These are IHSA rulings.

       G. Only the official uniforms may be worn at the games.

III.       Attendance

       A. Practices
  1. Practice times will be set by the head coach.

  2. Each cheerleader shall arrive on time for each practice session,
     dressed for practice. Captains are responsible for starting
     practices on time.

  3. A cheerleader who has an unexcused absence from practice will
     not cheer at next game but is required to attend the game in
     uniform and sit in the stands with head coach to help cheer.

  4. Three unexcused tardies from practices will constitute an
     unexcused absence from practice. (OP hours may be considered
     an unexcused   absent.)

  5. Practice time will be used for that purpose only. Anyone not
     practicing will be asked to leave and given an unexcused absence.

B. Games

  1. Cheerleaders are to attend and cheer at all games, both at home
     and away. This includes all tournament and all post season play.

  2. A cheerleader who is ill or will be absent from a game for any
     reason must inform the head coach by 3:00 p.m. of the day of the
     game. A cheerleader must attend three hours of school day to be
     eligible to cheer at a game that night. More than three excused
     absences from games/events will constitute reason for dismissal
     from the squad. The final decision will be left to the discretion of
     the head coach. Varsity cheerleaders must attend holiday
     tournaments. Other squads are expected to attend the
     tournaments for their respective teams.

  3. One unexcused absence from a game will result in suspension from
     the next game but the cheerleader must attend the game and sit in
     the stands to help cheer. (In uniform) A second unexcused absence
     will result in dismissal from the squad. The final decision will be
     left to the head coach. (Unexcused absences include appointments,
     vacations, (unless extenuating circumstances which can be
     addressed with head coach) work and other reasons outlined in
     the school rules & regulations.)

  4. Grade Average
     Eligibility for cheerleaders will be determined on a weekly basis in
     accordance with the I.H.S.A. By-laws for Athletes.
      5. Cheerleaders will be ready to cheer fifteen minutes before the start
         of each game and one minute before the start of the second half of
         the game.

      6. The squad will go to and from away games on the school bus. If
         the school does not send a bus, the head coach will determine how
         the squad will travel to the game. Cheerleaders who miss the bus
         may not go to the game. The only exception will be with prior
         approval of the head coach. Cheerleaders may return from a game
         with their parents if they have filled out a permission slip and the
         parent contacts the head coach at the game. Cheerleaders may
         only go home with their own parents.

      7. Cheerleaders will sit as a group and assist with the cheering of the

      8. Football: Varsity cheerleaders will arrive at the freshman home
         game at 6:15, sit together as a group, and support the freshman
         cheerleaders. They are to be in uniform and ready to cheer!
         Varsity cheerleaders will sit through entire away game and cheer
         for freshman cheerleaders. Freshman cheerleaders will attend the
         entire varsity game, will sit together as a group, supporting the
         varsity squad. Sophomore cheerleaders are encouraged to support
         the other squads at their games as well as the other squads are
         encouraged to support the sophomores.

      9. Basketball: Varsity cheerleaders will arrive at the sophomore
         home game one half hour after game starts, sit together as a
         group, and support the Sophomore squad. Varsity cheerleaders
         will sit through Sophomore away game until last three minutes to
         support sophomore cheerleaders. The other squads are
         encouraged to support the freshmen.

IV. Captains

    Cheerleading squads will have captains that will be chosen by the head
    coach. The head coach will develop a list of captain responsibilities.

V. Conduct

   A. Cheerleaders, as leaders of school spirit, are to abide by the following:

      1. A cheerleader is to lead and control the crowd. A cheerleader
         should discourage any behaviors which reflect poorly on WCHS.

      2. A cheerleader’s primary focus must be on the game.
              3. A cheerleader is not to primp in public.

              4. A cheerleader is not to use language unbecoming the office.

              5. A cheerleader is not to chew gum while cheering.

              6. A cheerleader is to be cooperative and the welfare of the entire
                 squad is to be given top priority.

              7. Any cheerleader who is uncooperative or is found guilty of
                 conduct unbecoming herself or the school may be suspended or
                 dismissed from the squad. Any cheerleader who is not fulfilling
                 the responsibilities of a squad member may be suspended or
                 dismissed from the squad. The cheerleading head coach will have
                 the responsibility for approving and making all final decisions.

          B. Cheerleaders will follow all school rules and regulations concerning
             student behavior. Cheerleaders will follow all additional rules set up
             by the head coach which may not be covered in this constitution. A
             copy of the rules will be given to the administrator.

          C. Cheerleaders shall sign and follow the Athletic Department Rules and
                Regulations concerning drinking, smoking and drugs.

       VI. Insurance

          Each cheerleader is expected to carry school insurance while on the
          squad or the parent will be asked to sign a waiver indicating that the
          student is adequately covered in case of injury or accident.

       VII. Physical

          Each cheerleader is expected to give the head coach a current physical
          one month after being selected.

Revised 6/26/07

       I have read and considered carefully the Cheerleader Constitution for
Washington Community High School. I will, if chosen, abide by the rules and
regulations to the best of my ability. I promise to uphold the high standards of the
school and at all times to conduct myself in a way that will be a credit to my school.

                Applicant for Cheerleader
        I have read the rules and regulations of the cheerleading squad, and I agree
to allow my daughter to participate in cheerleading. I will, in so far as I am able,
assist in every way to see that these rules and regulations are carried out. I will
whenever a question arises contact the
cheerleader coach(es) for clarification of the matters. While I expect that
reasonable precautions will be taken to protect my child from injury that may
occur, I understand that the school can assume no financial obligation for any
injury that may occur. I agree to purchase the school insurance plan for my child to
protect against financial expenses incurred as a result of injury or to sign a waiver.

       In case of emergency, Dr.                                              may be

called at                       . Any known illness                                  .



                                             Telephone Number

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