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					                   Canyon Hills Junior Athletic Association

     Head Cheer Coach _______                            Assistant Coach _______
Name:     ________________________________            Home Phone: _____________________

Address: ________________________________             City: _______________      Zip: _______

                                      Coaching Experience
                         Years            Where              Position           Sport
____    Youth Cheer __________________________________________________________
____    Other ________________________________________________________________

                                      Cheering Experience
                         Years            Where              Position           Sport
____    Youth ________________________________________________________________
____    High School ___________________________________________________________
____    College ______________________________________________________________
____    Other ________________________________________________________________

Division Desired (See Below) _________________            Any Specific Team _______________
Do you have an organized Staff? ______________            If so please attach names & addresses of
                                                          assistants to this sheet.
I believe I’m qualified for a coaching position because: ________________________________

Division of level and prerequisites for head cheer coaches:
    1. Flag – Must have cheered in organized youth cheer or previously coached youth cheer.
    2. Mighty Mites – Must have coached or cheered in youth cheer, high school or college or
        coached youth cheer in the last 5 years.
    3. Junior Pee Wee – Must have been an Assistant Cheer Coach for at least one year in Pop
    4. Pee Wee – Same as Junior Pee Wee
    5. Junior Midget – Must have been a cheer coach in the Pee Wee classification or higher for at
        least two years in Pop Warner Cheer.
    6. Midget – Same as Junior Midget

All coaches, head and assistant, appointments shall expire December 31st of each year and must be
reappointed for the next season. The Executive Board shall approve all Head and Assistant Cheer
Coaches for all teams.
                                              Adult Personnel
    A. Qualifications: All adults connected with the Pop Warner program shall be of unquestionable moral
       character and with the exception of municipally sponsored programs shall serve on a non-compensated
    B. Requirements: Adult requirements shall be as follows:
           1. All team personnel may be required to submit their name to a personal record check by local
               authorities. Any person found arrested on a charge involving moral turpitude or related offenses
               shall be deemed ineligible to serve in any coaching capacity.

                                        Coaching Requirements
    1. Coaches must be at least 21 years old by the start of the season, August 1st. Assistant coaches must
       be at least 18 years old.
    2. The position of coach shall be open to any responsible adult with sufficient interest in the game to study
       and develop teaching ability. Each coach must show satisfactory character and sincerity of purpose to
       be a proper influence upon young girls/boys.
    3. The Head Cheer Coach has final responsibility for his/her actions, those of his/her assistant coaches,
       spirit participants, staff and parents.
    4. Women/Men who coach Pop Warner Cheer Squads must be real sportswomen/men who embody the
       best qualities of leadership and by their own example plant the attitude, ideals, and principles of
       sportsmanship and fair play into the minds of youth.
    5. Attendance at a OEC Cheer Coaches meeting should be an annual requirement for all Pop Warner
       Cheer Coaches.
    6. A coach may be asked to resign her/his position or be replaced, whenever, in the opinion of the CHJAA
       Executive Board, the coach is not capable of handling young girls/boys or cannot properly assume the
       duties of and responsibilities require for this position.

                                Coaching Responsibility and Conduct
Adult Team Personnel should:
   1. Refrain from smoking on the field.
   2. Reserve constructive criticism for a private moment or in the presence of the team if others might
        benefit, but never in front of spectators.
   3. Refrain from using profanity.
   4. Not use sideline walkie talkies, telephones or other electronic equipment. (Portable sound system for
        halftime routine is permitted.)
   5. Not use halftime films interchanged or taken by scouts, parents or others for the purpose of scouting a
   6. Not attend any practice session of any future competitor.
   7. Abide by team and family doctor’s decision in all matters of a payer’s health and injuries and physical
        ability to cheer.
   8. Strive always to make every cheer activity serve as a training group for life.
   9. Together with game, board and OEC officials be jointly responsible for the conduct and control of the
        squad, team fans and spectators.
  10. Uphold the National Rules and Regulations, the philosophy of the program and applicable requirement
        of the highest local authority.
  11. Accept the decision of the judges at competitions.
  12. Not criticize an opposing squad, its cheerleaders or fans by word of mouth, gesture, or cheer routine.
  13. At least one rostered adult shall have a current First Aide Red Cross card.

C. Head Cheer Coach Final Responsibility: The head spirit coach shall be directly responsible for actions
   involving herself/himself, assistants, and cheerleaders. She/he is responsible for her/her squad’s support in
   all league fund-raising activities. During the months of August, September, October and November it will be
   mandatory for the Head Cheer Coach to attend at least one (1) meeting each month for information
   purposes only. I hereby agree that the statements contained in this application are accurate to the best of
   my knowledge and agree to confirmation of these statements by the Coach Selection Committee and/or
   Executive Board.

Coaches Signature: ___________________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________________________

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