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MEDINE Executive Board Meeting

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									                      MEDINE Executive Board Meeting

                 Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Meeting Room
                       69 St Michael’s Hill Bristol BS2 8DZ
                       University of Bristol, United Kingdom

                            09.00 – 17.00 21 October 2005


Chair: Professor Gareth Williams, University of Bristol

Professor Madalena Patricio, Lisbon (representing AMEE)
Mr Karel van Liempt, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Professor Pavel Kucera, Lausanne, (representing the ECTS Medicine Association)
Professor Allan Cumming, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Dr Veronica Komives, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Professor Lajos Szollar, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Dr Hans Karle (President of the World Federation for Medical Education), Copenhagen

In attendance:
Mr Tim Jones, University of Bristol
Alison Paton, University of Bristol

Dr Bernard Maillet (representing UEMS)
Dr Herman Van Rossum (representing AMSE)

Not present:
Miss Vanja Ivosevic (representing ESIB)
Mr Divo Ljubicic (representing EMSA)

1. Welcome – GW

2. Present Situation – TJ

The Interim Report was required by the Commission on 01.01.06. The report required
a declaration of expenditure on the network, which included expenditure incurred by
Partners against budget. The Commission’s guidelines were quite specific and input
would be needed from the Task Forces.
There was little objective evidence so far of work in progress in the Task Forces, with
the exception of the Tuning Task Force. It was essential that this evidence be provided
in the Interim Report to demonstrate to the Commission that work was under way
towards meeting the objectives of the Network. There are now competitors waiting to
take over this kind of initiative - the “Liaison Committee on Accreditation Medical
Education in the European Union” was one such ( Workplans from
all Task Forces were therefore needed, and as quickly as possible.

a) Timesheets needed from all EB members detailing actual time spent on MEDINE
activities, including attendance at meetings, with actual costs, which must include
employers’ costs.                                                 Action: All TF leaders

b) Workplans for each Task Force.                               Action: All TF leaders

3. Task Force presentations:

Each of the Task Force leaders presented an update on progress within their Task
Force. The PowerPoint presentations are attached (Tuning, Recognition of
Qualifications and Medical Education and Research). The other two oral presentations
are summarised below (as provided by the two Task Force leaders).

Points made:
Tuning Counsellor yet to be appointed - possibly Julia Gonzalez. Questionnaire
developed using SurveyMonkey.
Evaluator appointed and translations into French and German under way. Issue to all
partners once translations done.
Task Force meeting in Edinburgh on 03/02/06. Structure of meeting to be decided.
Other Task Forces to meet at the same time.

Recognition of Qualifications
Points made:
Workplan includes survey.
Future meetings of Task Force agreed for December.
Contact necessary with UEMS.

Quality Assurance
Responsible for this Task Force are the World Federation for Medical Education
(WFME) and the Association for Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE).

Plans for the Task Force work started immediately after the MEDINE Executive Board
Meeting in March 2005 in Budapest, where the two partners (Hans Karle, WFME and
David Gordon, AMSE) had an opportunity to meet. The discussions continued at the
Network Meeting in Brussels in May 2005. It was decided to go for a small and
effective group, but at the same time to have reasonable broad European coverage.
Appropriate persons were identified. After that meeting, David Gordon was replaced by
Herman van Rossum as representative of AMSE.

Following the meeting in Brussels, the WFME Office invited potential members and
over the summer, the Task Force was established with members from Denmark,
Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and UK. The list of
members is on the MEDINE web site.

In connection with the AMEE Conference in Amsterdam, Herman van Rossum and
Hans Karle discussed the plans for the Task Force work. It was decided that the
WFME Office should be the address of the Task Force.

Conditions for the Task Force work regarding secretarial assistance and travelling
possibilities were finally settled at the MEDINE Executive Board Meeting in Bristol in
October 2005.

The first meeting of the Task Force will take place on 10 January 2006 in Amsterdam.

In the meantime, the WFME Office has collected relevant material including:

•   WFME Global Standards for Quality Improvement in Basic Medical Education,
    Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development of
    Medical Doctors

•   IIME Global Minimum Requirements Standards

•   WHO/WFME Guidelines for Accreditation of Basic Medical Education

•   ENQA Models, Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation of Higher Education.

It has also been decided that the Task Force should have contact to ENQA, UEMS,
the European Medical Students’ Association and the World Health Organization
European Office.

A discussion paper is now being developed as background material for the first Task
Force meeting. It is envisaged, that adaptation of the WFME Global Standards to the
European context as stated in the objectives will require another dividing line between
Basic Standards and Standards for Quality Development. Another focus point will be to
modify the annotations to the Standards and perhaps to develop some other
specifications relevant to the European scene.

It is planned that following the first meeting, the Task Force will primarily work
electronically, but there might be need for new meetings.

It is planned to develop some preliminary thinking about European Standards to be
presented at the MEDINE Network Meeting in Prague in 2006 and at the AMEE
Conference in Genoa in September 2006.
   As one of the activities implemented by the Transparency Task Force, it is proposed to
   develop further the online medical education information source and encyclopaedia
   planned by AMEE (TIME – Topics in Medical Education).

   It is proposed that the approach will be developed further over the next three months
   and that a full paper will be produced for further debate and consideration by members
   of the Task Force and the MEDINE Board in January.

   Other points made: MP had had a low response to her request for participants to
   develop workshops.
   Task Force meeting in Edinburgh alongside the Tuning Task Force meeting in
   An amendment to the Contract would be necessary, since not all of the activities of this
   Task Force could be implemented. MP would detail the amendment necessary and
   send it to TJ.                                                           Action: MP

   Medical Education and Research
   Timelines needed adjusting (as for all Task Forces)

   4. How the Network is running

   AP gave her perspective on the organisation of the Network, reminding the Executive
   Board that accurate costing of time spent was crucial and that the deadline for
   submission of expenses and other costings was Nov 15th, ahead of the Interim Report.

Afternoon session

   Analysis and discussion of decisions made during the morning session, including
   publicity for the Network

   General points agreed:

      •   Membership of Task Forces is open to all partners.
      •   Full costs of attending meetings (Task Forces, the annual General meeting of
          all partners, Executive Board) can be met from the grant, with a limit of €450 for
          travel and the limit set by the European Commission for accommodation and
          subsistence according to the country in which the meeting takes place. If the
          travel costs are more than this, the full cost should be submitted on the
          expenses form and the difference will be counted as matched funding, ie from
          your organisation/institution as contribution to MEDINE
      •   Time spent on the project by staff from partner institutions can be set against
          the overall budget for the Network as matched funding (this was confirmed by
          telephone with the DentEd Thematic Network organisers in Dublin).
      •   There was a need to activate the €4,000 agreed for the 3 Task Forces
          identified as needing secretarial help (QA, Qualifications, Transparency).
                                                                             Action: TJ/AP
   •   To give time for completion of the Interim Report, 15 November was set as the
       date for information on costs incurred to be submitted to Alison Paton.
                                                                               Action: All
   •   Task Force leaders to submit information on their Task Force activities to
       Alison Paton by 30 November, in accordance with the format required by the
       Interim Report.                                            Action: All TF Leaders
   •   It was essential that the full cost of time spent on the project was submitted:
       This included employers’ costs as well as salary prior to deduction of tax. It
       could also include costs of attending those parts of other meetings where the
       MEDINE network was being presented or publicised. The monthly cost should
       be submitted on the timesheet.
   •   AP would do a projection of likely costs of meetings for the duration of the
       Network, based on 2 EB meetings per year, two meetings of each Task Force
       per year and 3 more general meetings of the full network.          Action: AP
   •   Contact with the partners to stimulate activity should be through the named
       contact person, but copied to the relevant Dean or Head of organisation.
                                                                          Action: All
   •   The reporting period for the Interim report is 1.10.04 to 31.12.05, but activities
       occurring after 1.12.05 would not be included in the report, except to mention
       that they would be taking place.
   •   The European Commission was to be asked how to assess the salary costs of
       someone involved with the project who is retired.                  Action: AP
   •   Members of the Executive Board to be sent copies of the MEDINE poster and
       Task Force flyers. These also to be placed on the web site for the benefit of all
       partners.                                                          Action: AP
   •   Information on the activities of the Network to be sent to Peter van der Hijden,
       employee of the European Commission, expert on ECTS and Thematic
       Networks, who gave strong encouragement to the creation of this Thematic
       Network.                                                           Action: TJ
   •   A Newsletter should be issued monthly to all partners.             Action: AP/TJ
   •   Timelines need to be adjusted from those in the original application and
       included in the Interim Report.                                    Action: AP

5. Prague Meeting May 2006

It was decided that the following schedule would run:

Thursday 4th May 2006:

Executive Board meet for dinner in evening

Friday 5th May 2006:
9.00-12.00 Executive Board meeting
13.00 Opening of the General Meeting and welcome from the Chairman and the local
13.30 Professor Derry Shanley, DDSH – Lessons from a successful Thematic Network
14.00 – 15.00 For/against debate – Bologna and Medical Education – Blessing or
15.00-15.15 Setting the scene for Task Force workshops
15.15-18.00 Task Force workshops
19.30 Dinner

Saturday 6th May 2006
09.30-11.00 Feedback from Task Force meetings
11.30-12.30 Panel discussion/interactive session
13.00 Lunch

Subject to the agreement of the ECTS Medicine Association, the rest of the day would
be devoted to their annual meeting.

• Suggestions needed for speakers on the topic of Bologna: Blessing or Curse?
                                                                          Action: All
• PK to discuss urgently the format for the two days with the Chairman of the ECTS
   Medicine Association and report back to AP.                      Action: PK
• TJ/AP to contact Michael Halaska in Prague regarding the proposed schedule.
                                                                      Action: TJ/AP

6. Future venues for meetings

Network Meetings (General Meetings):

May 2007 and Sept 2007
The following venues were suggested:
Geneva, London, Barcelona. Barcelona was the preferred venue for the final meeting
in September 2007. TJ/AP would explore the possibility with the contact person at
Barcelona. PK would check whether a meeting could be held on the French side of
Geneva.                                               Actions: TJ/AP and PK

Executive Board Meetings

It was agreed that there might be no need for an Executive Board meeting prior to the
general meeting in Prague, but in case one was necessary, it would be on Thursday
9th Feb 2006 in Geneva or London. AP would check whether the Commission would
allow travel into Geneva (the meeting itself would be held over the border in France).
                                                                Action: AP

Task Force meetings

Two Task Force meetings per Task Force per year were envisaged, to be held in
venues decided by the Task Force leaders, preferably where cheap flights and
accommodation were available.

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