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Managing an HR Department of One


Managing an HR Department of One

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Managing an HR Department of One

Description:    This human resources handbook for the solo practitioner gives you the guidance and tools to run
                your HR department effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re a person new to HR or an HR
                manager in a solo environment, it will help you perform your HR function with the best of them.

                Explains how to align HR with your company’s goals, build credibility and influence, understand HR
                ethics, cope with management expectations, learn effective staffing strategies, and use HR metrics
                to prove your contributions.

                Practical chapters show you how to get big HR performance with a limited staff:

                - Align HR’s goals with the company objectives
                How to find out what your CEO really wants, and keep your efforts focused

                - Keys to building credibility and influence
                Learn how to engage other managers and get their support, plus ethics for the HR professional

                - Overview of compliance, federal and state issues, and best practices
                At-a-glance reference summarizes all key laws you must comply with such as posting
                requirements, staffing, hiring and firing, the legal side of compensation and benefits, privacy
                concerns, harassment

                - The strategic HR planning process
                Gives you practical guidance and tools for HR communications, handbooks, budgeting and resource
                allocation, recordkeeping, recruiting, hiring and interviewing, etc.

                - Training for organizational excellence
                You get nine steps to effective training, training preparation, topics for training, documentation,
                evaluating effectiveness

                - Prewritten forms, policies, and HR checklists
                Carefully developed templates save you time and money

                Chapter 1: Going It Solo .

                 New to HR? You’re Not Alone!
                 Your Skill Set
                 Your Roles and Responsibilities
                 Your Day-to-Day Mission
                 The Solo Practitioner: How to Get Started
                 Access the Resources You Need
                 Seasoned in HR but New to a Small HR Department?
                 HR Today
                 The New Face of the Workplace
                 Aligning the HR Agenda with Your Company’s Needs
                 Two Keys to Building Credibility and Influence
                 The Conscience of Your Company
                 Ethics for the HR Professional
                 Why HR Matters
                 Leveraging HR
                 What Your CEO ReallyWants to Know
                 Selling HR
                 Become an HR MBA
Always Remember Your Customers
Job One: Learn Your Organization
Understand Your Starting Position
Learn What Your Organization Does
Learn About Your Company’s Products or Services
Reach Out to Your Managers
How to Build Bridges
Gain Employee Trust
You’re Ready!

Chapter 2: Strategic HR Planning .

Get Your Priorities Straight
Strategic Planning Defined
The Strategic Planning Process
Choosing Your Top Priorities
HR Communications
Handbooks and Manuals
Budgeting and Resource Allocation
What Records to Keep
Before You Recruit
Recruitment Sources
Hiring and Interviewing
Choosing Candidates to Interview
Conducting the Interview
Checking References
Picking the Best Candidate
Leadership and Team Building
Your Leadership Role
Developing Effective Leaders
Building a Winning Team
Effective Teams = High Morale
Getting Managers on Board
Succession Planning
Performance Management
Preparing for the Meeting
Conducting the Appraisal
Setting Performance Goals
Performance and Pay
Annual Salary Increases
Managing Executive Pay
Managing Team Performance
Identifying and Solving Problems
From Problem to Solution
Problems vs. Challenges
Solving Morale Problems
Leadership Problems
Employee Fit
Communication Issues
Conducting Periodic Audits
Types of Audits
Benefits and Pitfalls of HR Audits
Approaches to Conducting Audits
Simple Job Analysis
Getting Ready
Data Gathering
Using the Job Analysis
Managing Your Benefits and Compensation Program
Healthcare Plans
Indemnity Plans
PPO Plans
POS Plans
Cost Control Efforts
Consumer-Directed Health Care
Employee Contributions
Prescription Drug Costs
Workers’ Compensation
Disability Insurance
Pensions and Retirement Plans
Compensating Employees
Compensating Executives
The Technology Edge
Choosing an HRIS System
Online Recruiting
Using Intranets
The Wonders of Technology
Change Management
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Minimizing the Impact of Bad News
Surviving Major Job Reductions
The Personal Side of Change
The Downside
Making the Decision
Finding Outsourcing Solutions
Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs)
Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs)
Application Service Providers (ASPs)
Look Before You Leap
Personal and Professional Development
Key Competencies
How to Develop Competency
Professional Certificate Programs
Maximize Your Resources
Plan and Organize for Success

Chapter 3: Your Legal Responsibilities .

Learning the Law
Federal Law Compliance Chart
Posting Requirements
Federal Law
Other Federal Notices
State Law Postings
Other Posters and Notices
Staffing: Hiring and Firing
Job Descriptions
Reasonable Accommodation
Advertising a Position
Developing Your Application Form
Conducting a Legal Interview
Performing Background and Reference Checks
Disposal of Consumer Reporting Information
Post-Hire Legal Issues
Exit Interviews
The Legal Side of Compensation and Benefits
Compensation: Fair Pay and Equal Pay
Benefits—Many Laws, Many Protections
Setting and Monitoring Leave Policies
Privacy Concerns
Electronic Privacy
Lie Detector Tests
Health-Related Privacy Concerns
Property Searches
Personal Inquiries
Protecting Your Employee Handbook
Maintain At-Will Employment
Comply with State and Federal Mandates
Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Charges
Defining Sexual Harassment
Defining Discrimination
Avoiding Harassment and Discrimination Claims
Watch for Retaliation
Maintaining a Safe Workplace
Your Responsibilities
Employee Rights
OSHA Inspections

Chapter 4: Training for Organizational Excellence .

The Importance of Training
Benefits of Training
The Key Role of Supervisors
Nine Steps to Effective Training
Training Preparation: Issues to Consider
Legal Considerations
Topics for Training
Training Resources
Documenting Training
Choosing the Right Mode of Training
On-the-Job Training
Classroom Training
Computer-Based Learning
Blended Learning
Continuous Learning
Getting the Most from Your Training Sessions
Effective Training Techniques
Breaking Through Language Barriers
New Employee Orientation and Training
Orientation Basics
Suggested Orientation Schedule
Basic Training for New Supervisors
When to Train
What Subjects to Train On
Making Training Stick
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training
            Proving Return on Investment
            Conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis

            Chapter 5: Appendix: Model Documents and Resources .

            Introduction Table of Documents

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