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					                                       Bob Morgan Athletics
                                         13116 Tollway Ave.
                                      Baton Rouge, LA 70816

We think your kids are terrific!
       Something to watch for: During the first two weeks, we encourage and encourage, building a base
        of trust as the kids get to know us. During the next few weeks, instruction becomes more intense
        and the players are pushed a bit more. So—if you think the coaches are being a little tougher, they
       IMPORTANT: Please talk to Randy or Pat if your player needs a little more encouragement than
        he’s getting— helping us to focus quickly on a potential problem is a positive step for your kids.

A few notes about our lease agreement: it is written into our contract with the facility that we not have
tobacco or alcohol use on the grounds. In addition, pets should not be at the field for any reason. We
encourage you to bring a cheering squad to a game, and we ask that you remind them of these simple
Picture Update (From Pat):
     Pictures will be taken at practices this week, starting each day at 5:00 and continuing through
      practice until the light is gone.
     All players will be photographed for the team shots at each practice, and I generally shoot all of
      the kids individually. Packages include options for trading cards, wallet sizes, calendars, etc.
     I’ll set up combo packages for siblings, and if you want a special item that is not listed on the
      form, talk to me and I will see what I can do.
     Order forms will be sent home and also posted on the website. If you want pictures, return the
      order form by Tuesday, October 21, with a check made out to Pat Morgan; I will order pictures
      on Wednesday, October 22.

Please check in 15 minutes before a game to get a shirt. Shirts should be returned after each game.
8:00 A.M. FIELD ONE                 8:00 A.M. FIELD TWO                  8:00 A.M. FIELD THREE
Packers                             Buccaneers
Remy Hidalgo (A)                    Ethan Gettys
Caed Girod                          Jordan Candilora
Lex Landreneau                      Clay Thompson
Becket Pricer                       Marcus Lemon
Brad Mahoney                        Jackson Hood                                     NO GAME
Jefferson Koonce                    Hunter Wascom
                                    Hank Henry                                        PLAYED
Beau Buckland                       Patriots                                      AT THIS TIME
Jack Buckland                       Caleb Warner
Ben Papizan                         John Allen Stall
Ryan Kennedy                        James Lalonde
Alex Theriot                        Will Smith
Matthew Langlois                    Jack Jordan
                                    Pierson Bernuchaux
                                    Luke Miletello
9:00 A.M. FIELD ONE    9:00 A.M. FIELD TWO             9:00 A.M. FIELD THREE
Ravens                 Raiders                         Jets
Bryce Boyd             Dane Harter                     Michael Hagmann
Trent Mahoney          Myles LeBlanc                   Brandon McGee
Andrew Stewart         Alex Skavron                    Andrew Gauthier
Julian Marcelle-Sam    Will Hartmann                   Joseph Cretini
Justin Chase           Alex Landry                     Taylor Powers
Javion Hughes          Andrew Bradley                  Andrew Compton
Cole Viguerie          Grant Dawson                    Evan Thompson
Titans                 Chargers                        Seahawks
Charlie Hayes          C.J. Ragsdale (A)               Blake Davis
Brock Slaton           Caleb Barber                    Aria Shahsavari
Micah Baamonde         Ryan Aultman                    Matthew Cangelosi
Haddon Ontiveros       Parker Rabel                    Patrick Landry
Caleb Sanders          Mason Rabel                     Patrick Selent
Johnny Viator          Nathan Murray                   Ryan Bankston
Jordan Lazard          Luke Petit                      Jack Stewart
                       Ben Baldwin
10:00 A.M. FIELD ONE   10:00 A.M. FIELD TWO            10:00 A.M. FIELD THREE
Steelers                                               Buccaneers
Sebastian Cordova                                      Kyle Buvens
Dallas Day                                             Jim Conklin
Grant Rabel                                            Dylan McGee
Sam Stewart                                            Andrew Hyde
Max Johnston                     NO GAME               Joey Bourgeois
Dustin Meeks                                           Bryan LeBlanc
Brennan Arceneaux                 PLAYED               ________________________
Bears                                                  Patriots
Michael Sparks                 AT THIS TIME            Brendan Jones
Brandon Garrido                                        Bailey Rome
Jared Eaglin                                           Dylan Arceneaux
John Wesley Stewart                                    Alex Chollette
John Landry                                            James Pierce
Kade Kienzle                                           Michael Stein
Amir Shahsavari                                        Austin Ray

11:00 A.M. FIELD ONE   11:00 A.M. FIELD TWO            11:00 A.M. FIELD THREE
                       Redskins                        Falcons
                       James Smith                     James Purpera
                       Brayden Boyd                    Peyton Drago
                       Abel Duhon                      Nick Mayard
         NO GAME       William Maley                   Marshall Stewart
                       Theo Edwards                    Matthew Pickholtz
          PLAYED       Lewis Carley (A)_____________   Ian Harter
                       Paul Schmieding (A)__________   Josh Van Timmeren
       AT THIS TIME    Cowboys                         Eagles
                       Patrick Dunn                    Joseph Bosley
                       Kael Howard                     Joseph Eaglin
                       Andre Aguillard                 Nick Fruge
                       Spencer Buvens                  Jordan Plain
                       Pat Mahoney                     Lanndon Sims
                       Nick Carley (A)______________   Collin Maum
                       Kirby Baumann                   R.J. Jefferson