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Make a world of difference
and leave a gift in your Will
to protect our future planet

By leaving a legacy to Friends of the Earth there can
be life after death. You can leave this world knowing
that there will still be committed people campaigning
to make it a better place after you’re gone.

In its 35 years Friends of the Earth    • In 2005 our Big Ask campaign
has become a well established and       saw over 100,000 people contact
trusted campaigning body working        their MPs to do more on climate
towards a sustainable future for all.   change. This campaign was so
Our supporters are vital; through       successful that in November 2006
financial support, writing and          the Queen announced a Climate
talking to MPs or being involved        Change Bill to be made law.
in one of our local groups, our
supporters are the power that moves     • Following 20 years of hard
us closer to the world we want.         campaigning by Friends of the
                                        Earth, the Countryside and Rights
And it’s by working with people like    of Way Act was introduced to
you that Friends of the Earth has       protect our wildlife in 2000.
seen many successes. These range
from our own back yard through to       • In 1996 B&Q and four other
the global stage. Some big, some        DIY chains agree to halt
small – they all add up to prove that   mahogany sales as a result of our
when many people come together          Mahogany is Murder campaign.
and speak out for a better world
we can achieve real protection for      But there is still so much more
the future of our planet. Here are      to do and that is why I hope
just a few achievements that prove      you will consider leaving
we use our funds effectively.           us a gift in your Will.
                                                                            Ingram Publishing

                                        Tony Juniper, Chief Executive
                                        of Friends of the Earth
          a gift
        in your

                           Leaving a gift in your Will is an opportunity
                           to extend the support during your lifetime by
                           directly helping to make the world a better
                           place for your children, grandchildren and
                           everyone in it. You don’t have to be wealthy
                           to leave a legacy; nor is it a choice between
                           family and charity. You can remember both,
                           giving security to your family and continuing
                           your existing support to Friends of the Earth.

                           A gift in your Will can help support our on-
“It shows your faith in    going campaigns in vital areas such as climate,
and commitment to an       waste, big business and food – issues that need
 organisation that will    continual action – well into the future. You can
   continue to stand up    ensure a trusted voice will continue to speak
   for the Earth – even    out on your behalf to protect the environment.
    when you’re not on
    it. A legacy ensures   Legacies left to Friends of the Earth are
     that Friends of the   incredibly valuable to the future of our planet,
    Earth can carry on     but last year we received just one fifth of our
 with those beliefs you    total income from this source, compared to
 hold dear to you,” Liz    Cancer Research UK, which gets almost half
  Hipkins, a supporter     of its funding this way. This is why we printed
   and a Friends of the    this leaflet and updated our website, to tell
  Earth legacy pledger.    more people like you how valuable a gift in
                           your Will to Friends of the Earth could be.
                                                           A tax effective gift
                                                           Inheritance Tax (IHT) can dramatically reduce the value
                                                           of your estate. Leaving a gift in your Will to Friends of
                                                           the Earth Trust can be very tax efficient because no
                                                           Inheritance Tax is payable on it. This ensures all of your
                                                           money is directed to where you want it to go.
Elena Elisseeva/istock photo

                                                           Currently charitable bequests are not usually subject to
                                                           Inheritance Tax and this means that by leaving a gift to
                                                           Friends of the Earth Trust all of your legacy will reach us.
                                                           Please speak to your solicitor about ways to minimise the
                                                           impact of Inheritance Tax.

                               In 2003 one of our
                               supporters left a           How you can include us
                               generous percentage of
                               their estate which helped   in your Will
                               fund most of our food
                               and farming campaign        Below you will find some more information about the type
                               for that year. This gift    of gift you can leave. We would always advise you to talk
                               helped strengthen the       to a solicitor before making a new Will or amending your
                               campaign immensely          current one.
                               and culminated in the
                               big biotech company         Different types of legacy you can leave
                               Bayer withdrawing its
                               application to grow                •   A residuary gift – or share of your estate
                               the first GM crop in                   for instance 10% of the value of your
                               the UK. This gift was a                estate after all other gifts and payments
                               fantastic boost to our                 have been made (residue). This is a good
                               work and ensured that                  option if you want to ensure that your gift
                               our right to GM-free                   is not reduced by inflation over time.
                               food was maintained.               •   A pecuniary gift means a specific sum of
                                                                  •   A reversionary gift means leaving Friends
                                                                      of the Earth something you want another
                                                                      beneficiary to have use of during that person’s
                                                                      lifetime. Example wording of this might be:
                                                                      “if she survives me by 30 days to my wife
                                                                      £x and thereafter to Friends of the Earth”.
Some helpful wording for your gift

If you are leaving a gift in your Will to help the
environment you may like to keep the following
wording to use next time you are updating your affairs.

“I give all (or a ....% share of) the residue of my
estate/ sum of £ [words and figures] to Friends of
the Earth Trust, 26-28 Underwood Street, London
N1 7JQ, registered charity number 281681 to be
used for its general charitable purposes and I declare
that the receipt of their Treasurer or other proper
officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge.”

If you would prefer to leave a legacy to the
campaigning arm of Friends of the Earth which
is a Limited company and not a charity (please
note there will be no relief from Inheritance
Tax) then omit the Word “Trust” and the Charity
Number from your wording in your Will.

We have also enclosed a Codicil form should
you wish to amend an existing Will. You can
also download it from
This will need to be completed in a formal
way and kept with your Will for safety. We do,
however, recommend contacting your solicitor
before making any changes to your Will.

Please let us know if you can help in
this valuable way.
If you have made the decision to include a gift in your
Will to Friends of the Earth this is wonderful. It would
be very helpful if you would let us know that you have     Thank you
included us so that we know not to approach you again
and we can keep you updated on our work. If you would
like to let us know you can use the form enclosed.         Friends of the
                                                           Earth will use your
For more information please contact us on 020 7490         gift to protect our
1555 or visit to see more           planet for future
information on leaving a legacy to Friends of the Earth.   generations to enjoy.
                            “Many people feel that we should leave
                            the world as we found it. My way to make
                            amends and support campaigning for a
                            better future is by leaving a gift to Friends
                            of the Earth,” Carol Hughes, Friends of
                            the Earth’s head of Human Resources

                            “The problems associated with the environment
                            aren’t going away. Future generations
                            need an organisation which is informed,
                            organised and independent. Friends of the
                            Earth needs enough money to be effective
                            and to plan long-term,” Lindsay Duncan

                            “Without the continued efforts of Friends of the
                            Earth, there may not be an Earth left for our
                            descendants to live on and enjoy,” a supporter

                            “I have left a legacy to help Friends of the
                            Earth plan and do more for our children’s
                            future – it is as much for them as it is my
                            personal interest,” Mr M Martinez.

Friends of the Earth 26-28 Underwood Street London N1 7JQ
Telephone 020 7490 1555 Fax 020 7490 0881 Website
Friends of the Earth Trust Company number 1533942 Registered charity number.281681
Friends of the Earth Limited Company number 1012357

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