LPSAL November 2009 Dear ParentsGuardians As you are no doubt

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November 2009

Dear Parents/Guardians

As you are no doubt aware, the Year 7 Parents’ Evening will take place on Tuesday 24th November
between 6.00 and 8.00 pm in the St Nicholas Hall. As it is possibly your first Parents’ Evening at
Leicester Grammar School, we would like to give you some idea of the general practice for the

Your child will be given an appointment card by their form tutor, and they will then see their subject
teachers to book appointments for you to see them at various times during the evening (five
minutes per appointment).

In Year 7 a number of staff teach more than one class and this can cause difficulties over timings
and organisation during Parents’ Evenings. A list of the staff in this situation is printed below. A
consequence of this is that it makes it impossible, within the given time, for these staff to see the
parents of all the students they teach. It would therefore be much appreciated if appointments with
them could be reserved for those parents with particular concerns about their son’s/daughter/s
progress. A member of staff may have their own concerns and, if they do, they will make sure an
appointment is made with you.

All the staff who teach your child are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.

Yours sincerely

Laurie Potter
Head of Lower School

Mr R Berry                        Miss L Christie                               Mrs P Gangar              Mrs N Gaulthier

Dr S Hayhoe                       Mrs H May                                     Miss J Mould              Mrs E Pottinger

Miss K Staunton                   Mrs H Watt

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