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									Bob Lieberman MS, PMP
Tel: 503.230.0685 - Portland, Oregon	                                  

Thank you for your interest in my work cultivating creativity.

                                  Equally at ease with ideas, technology, business, performance, and peo-
                                  ple, I’ve been described as an articulate, strategically-minded catalyst.

                                  I’m a violinist and violin teacher, a trained mediator, a certified project
                                  manager, an educator, and a long-time software professional. I teach
                                  Organizational Development at Portland State University, and I hold an
                                  MS in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University.

                                  Over my forty-year career, I’ve found success in virtually all aspects of
                                  the software business while still finding time to perform and teach music
                                  at a professional level. The insights gained from this creative life have
                                  contributed to my success as a builder, manager, and mentor of self-
                                  directed work teams at Transcore, and to key creative contributions in
                                  ground-breaking commercial software products at Sybase, McDonnell-
                                  Douglas, and Avalon Software.

I believe that business leaders can (and must) create an innovation culture by capitalizing on the creative
potential of their colleagues and themselves. For the last several years I’ve been showing them how to do
just that. My background and experience give me a rare perspective on leadership development that is
especially well-suited to the new creative economy. I would like to share that perspective with you. I speak,
write, teach, facilitate, and consult, and would be happy to do any of those things for your organization.

Some beneficiaries of my services:

☀   Avalon Software
                     ☀ McDonnell-Douglas 
               ☀    Oregon Graduate Institute
☀   Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center
 ☀ Merrill Lynch
                    ☀    Sybase

☀   Community Technology Center
         ☀ Portland State University
        ☀    Transcore
☀   iAspire
                                   ☀    Wells Fargo Bank

Some of my creative leadership presentations:

    Creative Problem-Solving Institute International Conference (CPSI)	
    PSU Managing Programs & Projects Conference
    Non-Violent Living Conference
    Oregon Mediation Association Conference
    Organizational Development Network Of Oregon

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