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									I S O C I N 2007                         leadership, engagement, technology advancement
Backed by solid funding and a team       multiyear effort is intended to raise   Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji (as part        Also in 2007, ISOC released its
of talented and dedicated staff          the profiles of Chapters within their   of PICISOC), Hong Kong, Mexico,         “User-Centric Internet” white paper,
members located throughout the           local communities, increase the         Moldova, and Morocco—served as          the most forward-looking assess-
world, ISOC is poised to have an         number of partnerships with local       ambassadors to the IGF on behalf        ment to date of why users’ interests,
even more positive impact on the         stakeholders, and improve Internet-     of ISOC. ISOC’s policy team and         choices, and capacity to innovate
future of the Internet.                  based tools, support, and informa-      Regional Bureau representatives         must remain at the centre of all
                                         tion available to Chapters.             organized a series of regional meet-    policy and technical discussions
In late 2007, ISOC announced a
                                                                                 ings meant to spur discussion of        related to the future of the Internet.
set of three long-term strategic         ISOC’s role in the African region
                                                                                 issues critical to Internet deploy-     The paper will help guide ISOC
initiatives. The initiatives embody      grew considerably since the estab-
                                                                                 ment in developing countries—           through its efforts to further culti-
ISOC’s philosophy that the Internet      lishment of the African Regional
                                                                                 particularly with regard to access,     vate and develop its policy positions.
is for everyone, and they provide        Bureau. In 2007, the bureau orga-
a solid foundation from which the        nized an INET meeting in Abuja,         connectivity, and Internet gover-       ISOC’s commitment to global
organization can influence stan-         Nigeria, as well as an Internet         nance. The team also began work         Internet education continued in
dards and technology development,        governance meeting in Kigali,           coordinating a technical community      2007 primarily through its support       Lynn St. Amour addresses the Opening
                                                                                                                         of a wide range of educational           Session at IGF Brazil 2007.
business practices, and government       Rwanda. The number of Chapters          forum for input to the ministerial
policies. For more information on        in Africa also grew with the addition   conference of the Organization          programmes, including two SANOG
the initiatives, see pages 9 and 11.     of Burundi, Democratic Republic         for Economic Cooperation and            meetings, AfNOG 2007, AfriNIC-6,
                                                                                 Development.                            MENOG 2, PacNOG 3, and WALC
                                         of the Congo, Republic of the Congo,
Collaboration among Chapters                                                                                             2007. ISOC continued its long-
                                         Sierra Leone, and Sudan.                In addition to expressing its ongoing
improved greatly over the past year,                                                                                     standing effort to promote develop-
primarily through electronic and         ISOC played a central role in the       organizational and financial support    ment of the Internet by hosting a
face-to-face meetings but also           preparations for and success of the     of and commitment to the standards-     regulators forum at PacINET 2007
through the launch of a wiki             Internet Governance Forum (IGF),        making excellence of the Internet       in conjunction with its Pacific
(, which   which dramatically increased the        Engineering Task Force, ISOC            Islands Chapter (PICISOC). ISOC
was initiated, supported, and devel-     organization’s public policy profile.   took the opportunity at the IGF to      Chapters made a considerable
oped by Chapter members. ISOC’s          In addition, ISOC provided a number     urge network operators and other        contribution to ISOC’s education
belief in the potential of its world-    of key speakers and organized a         Internet stakeholders to communi-       efforts through such events as the       PacINET 2007, Solomon Islands.
wide Chapters to promote the             variety of workshops. Representa-       cate their operational experience       Australia Chapter’s IPv6 summit,         Photo by Franck Martin.
Internet and defend the principles       tives from 10 ISOC Chapters and         with IPv6 deployment as the Internet    PICISOC’s PacINET, and ISOC’s
of ISOC resulted in the launch of a      from Chapters in formation—includ-      community prepares for depletion        France Chapter–organized Egeni
new Chapter Development plan. The        ing Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin,       of the IPv4 address pool.               meeting. In addition, ISOC held two


                                                                                  country-code top-level-domain            Australia                                 Nigeria
                                                                                  (ccTLD) workshops in collaboration       In 2007, ISOC’s Australia Chapter         ISOC’s Nigeria Chapter announced
                                                                                  with the Network Startup Resource        completed its IPv6 for e-Business         the launch of three new Jon Postel
                                                                                  Center: one for the Middle East and      project. Funded under the Australian      IT centres, bringing the total number
                                                                                  the other for the Caribbean. The         government’s Information Technol-         to 11. The new centres are located
                                                                                  ccTLD workshops provide the knowl-       ogy Online programme, the project         at the Nigerian Society of Engineers
       Jonathan B. Postel
                                                                                  edge and skills that ccTLD operators     sought to document the state of           in Abuja; the Computer Center at
           Service Award
                                                                                  in developing countries need to build    readiness for IPv6 in Australia;          the Federal University of Technology
          In November,                                                            and maintain high-quality infrastruc-    to develop an easy-access device,         in Akure, Imo State; and the Sports
  ISOC announced that                                                             ture and services. ISOC also began       business models, and return-on-           Council in Port Harcourt, Rivers
   Nii Quaynor was the                                                            addressing the challenges associated     investment tools to assist Australian     State. Two more are expected to
                                                                 Nii Quaynor
  2007 recipient of the                                                           with development and operation of        businesses in their efforts to adopt      be launched in 2008: one at Katsina
prestigious Jonathan B. Postel Service Award. The award was presented             Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in       IPv6; to provide online resources         State University and another at the
    for Nii’s leadership in advancing Internet technology in Africa and for       the developing world by hosting two      and information related to IPv6;
                                                                                                                                                                     University of Port Harcourt. The
    galvanizing technologists to improve Internet access and capabilities         workshops for IXP operators in Africa    and to create IPv6 seminars in
                                                                                                                                                                     centres, which are dedicated to the
                                                 throughout the continent.        and by organizing a highly successful    each Australian capital city.
                                                                                                                                                                     memory of Jon Postel, were created
                                                                                  international workshop at the IGF
    Nii’s pioneering Internet work began in Africa in 1993 when he returned                                                                                          to promote and diffuse the Internet
                                                                                  meeting in Rio de Janeiro.
        to his home country of Ghana to establish the first Internet service—                                                         Italy                          in Nigeria through seminars,
       operated by Network Computer Systems (NCS), Ghana.COM—in West              CHAPTERS IN 2007                                      ISOC’s Italy Chapter         courses, and conferences.
          Africa. At NCS, he and his team worked on early development of the      Argentina                                              launched Juridical

         Internet in Africa. Currently, Nii is chairman of NCS and professor of   ISOC’s Argentina Chapter organized                      Aspects of the Internet—
                                                                                                                                                                     Pacific Islands
       computer science at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. He is also      a task force on Web accessibility                        Contribution to the
                                                                                                                                                                     ISOC’s Pacific Island Chapter’s
    convener of the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) and founding          and organized a seminar for a Web                       Internet Governance
                                                                                                                                                                     annual PacINET Honiara Information
                   chairman of AfriNIC, the African Regional Internet Registry.   without Barriers for Persons with         Forum, a new publication designed
                                                                                                                                                                     and Communication Technology
                                                                                  Disabilities. With support from the      to encourage more participation
      The Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was established to honor those                                                                                            conference in 2007 focused on IPv6
                                                                                  ISOC Funding Project initiative and      in discussions inside the Internet
            who have made outstanding contributions in service to the data                                                 Governance Forum and to help offer        and the region’s One Laptop per
                                                                                  in conjunction with the Disability and
       communications community. It focuses on sustained and substantial                                                   arguments to those who already            Child project. The Chapter partici-
                                                                                  Special Needs Chapter, the Argentina
     technical contributions, service to the community, and leadership. The                                                participate in international bodies       pated in OneWebDay, a series
                                                                                  Chapter was able to create what
    award is named after Jonathan B. Postel, who embodied those qualities                                                  involved in Internet governance.          of celebrations that included the
                                                                                  has been called the most important
         during his extraordinary stewardship over the course of a 30-year                                                 The journal is published in Italian.      Cook Islands, Fiji, and Vanuatu.
                                                                                  event on Web accessibility ever held
                                                     career in networking.        in Argentina.                  
                                                                                                                                                                     It was also involved with the Pacific
                                                                                                                                                                     Islands GIS/RS Users Conference
                                                                                                                                                                     in Suva, Fiji, which aimed to bring
                                                                                                                                                                     GIS/RS users and decision makers
                                                                                                                                                                     from the Pacific region together

                                                                                                                                                           ISOC IN 2007

to communicate and network. The         South Africa                               Spain
Chapter was a founding member           In an ongoing effort to increase its       ISOC’s Spain Chapter is offering a
of the Asia Pacific Regional At-Large   reach to the broader community,            cycle of conferences on hot Internet
Organization, and Chapter leader        in 2007 ISOC’s South Africa Chapter        topics, with at least five video sites
Rajnesh Singh was named its first       invited partnerships to take a             connected through high-quality
chair. The Chapter helped organize      dramatic production to school-             videoconferences. Chat and direct
an IGF workshop called Dynamic          children. The script, coauthored           streaming are available for those
Coalition on Access and Connectivity    by the Chapter’s committee member          who are unable to attend in person.
for Remote, Rural, and Dispersed        Glen Thompson, highlights the role         In 2007, topics covered inclusion,
Communities.                            of mobile technology, its positive         social networks, radio over the                  and negative aspects, and the use          Internet, and the 10 main changes
                                        of mobile devices to connect to the        in the Internet in 2007. The recorded
                                        Internet. In addition, in its efforts      events are available on the Chapter’s
ISOC’s Québec Chapter announced
                                        to branch out to other parts of South      streaming server.
its Québec Connected to the World
                                        Africa, the Chapter is talking with
initiative (Un Québec branché sur
                                                                                                                             Map of Australian IPv6 readiness, part of
                                                                                   Tunisia                                   a report from the Australia Chapter’s IPv6
                                                                                   The year 2007 was one of grassroots       for e-Business project.
                                                                                   for ISOC’s Tunisia Chapter. Based at
                                                                                   the Khawarizmi Calculation Centre
                                                                                   on the new university campus in
                                                                                   Manouba, Tunis, the Chapter is
le monde—UQBM), which provides                                                     at the heart of the scientific and
                                        the Siyafunda project, a Community
professional services and assistance                                               researcher community. Efforts have
                                        Technology Centre whose aim is to
for regional communities seeking                                                   been made to engage the community
                                        empower, educate, and e-connect
to benefit from low-cost, high-speed                                               in Chapter activities, including train-
                                        communities by bringing information
wireless Internet connection any-                                                  ing university professors in Web 2.0.
                                        and communication technology to
where in the province where service                                                In addition, the Chapter has signed
                                        the community. ISOC’s South Africa
is not currently available. It also                                                a memorandum of understanding
                                        Chapter invites interested parties to
offers services that address digital-                                              with the Centre des jeunes dirigeants
                                        bring to its attention areas of interest                                             Rajnesh Singh, Chapter leader of ISOC’s Pacific
divide issues in communities                                                       d’entreprise (Center for Young
                                        and to engage with the Chapter to                                                    Islands Chapter in 2007. Photo by Franck Martin.
throughout the province. Piloted                                                   Entrepreneurs) to begin a training
                                        build a stronger civil society voice
by the Québec Chapter, UQBM was                                                    cycle dedicated to Tunisia’s young
                                        in the region.
funded by the Québec Chapter, ISOC,                                                managers.
and Communautel, a nonprofit                                             


                                           ISOC FUNDING HELPS THE INTERNET — AND CHAPTERS — GROW WORLDWIDE
                                           In 2007, ISOC’s Project Funding Initiative programme committed USD 168,701 in project support. ISOC funded 17 projects: 14 run by Chapters and 3 by Individual
                                           Members. ISOC funds up to 50 percent of total project budgets (with a cap of USD 10,000), encouraging applicants to build relationships with other partners.

                                           CHAPTER / NAME                      PROJECT                                                                                                                   AMOUNT FUNDED

                                           Armenia                             Partnered with CEENet/NATO, Armenian Academy of Science, and the Armenian national research and education                       USD 10,000
                                                                               networks to identify achievements, problems, and solutions to help Armenian NRENs create a modern infrastructure.
                                           Benin                               Capacity-building project providing IPv6 hands-on training for engineers.                                                           10,000
                                           Bulgaria                            Conduct public awareness events in Bulgaria to stimulate interest and participation in the Science, Education,                      10,000
                                                                               and Learning in Freedom (SELF) platform.
                                           Democratic Republic                 Creation of Internet content for nongovernmental organizations that are promoting human rights in the Democratic                     9,163
                                           of the Congo                        Republic of the Congo.
                                           Ecuador                             Develop Digital Inclusion kits in Spanish and Quichua in Ecuador.                                                                    9,600
                                           Israel                              With partner Access Israel Association, provide increased Web accessibility to Internet sites for people with disabilities.         10,000
                                           Italy                               Sensitization of the Italian-speaking community on the Internet Governance Forum from Athens toward Delhi.                          10,000
                                           Liberia                             Develop an Internet Training and Awareness Centre that provides basic Internet skills and awareness-raising                          9,988
                                           (Chapter in formation)              programmes for end users in Liberia.
                                           Mauritius                           Deliver a hands-on workshop on IPv6 for countries in the Indian Ocean.                                                              10,000
                                           Pacific Islands                     Marovo Lagoon Learning Network, Solomon Islands: develop models for wide-scale deployment of One Laptop per Child.                  10,000
                                           Republic of the Congo               Train a cross section of the Congolese population in three different localities on how to use the Internet; create                  10,000
                                                                               local ISOC community clubs in each locality.
                                           Sierra Leone                        With partner Sierra Vision, build Sierra Leone’s first Digital Village, offering free Internet access and training to provide       10,000
        Members of ISOC’s Congo Chapter                                        exposure to the highest quality-standards based and research-based educational and literacy resources for teachers,
           at Oyo, Republic of the Congo                                       instructors, and students in Sierra Leone.
                                           Taiwan                              Set up a wiki platform for all of the Internet user communities in Taiwan in an effort to document the past and future              10,000
                                                                               of Taiwan Internet development.
                                           Tunisia                             Deliver Internet Access to remote areas of Tunisia via the SolarNetOne platform.                                                    10,000
                                           Global Member                       Establish a Smart Computer Laboratory in tsunami-affected areas of Sri Lanka.                                                        9,950
                                           Dr. Kasun de Zoysa
                                           Global Member                       Implement Operation Tech Start wireless education facility in Tanzania.                                                             10,000
                                           Holly Rich
                                           Global Member                       Working with Childhelp Sierra Leone and SES EXPERTS (Germany), awarded funds to provide free capacity-building                      10,000
                                           Kaprie Thoronka                     training in computer studies and the Internet for schoolchildren and young adults, focusing on disadvantaged girls
                                                                               and women 10 to 35 years of age.

                                                                                                                                                      ISOC IN 2007

Grantee Highlights                       connection to the GEANT network,       An ISOC grant is helping the Smart
In October 2007, ISOC’s Benin            a multigigabit Pan-European data       Computer Laboratory project in
Chapter was awarded a grant of           communications network reserved        Sri Lanka implement a low-cost
USD 10,000 to facilitate IPv6 adop-      specifically for research and educa-   educational computer terminal labo-
tion. The grant, which covered train-    tion. Representatives of ISOC’s        ratory with local language and wire-
ing for more than 30 network techni-     nascent Tajikistan Chapter were        less Internet support. At present, the
cians and engineers, was designed        present, and videoconferencing         first version of the terminal has been
to help sensitize stakeholders on        sessions were carried out with         implemented. Around 1,000 tsunami-
issues surrounding exhaustion of the     representations from two other         affected schoolchildren in grades 3,
IPv4 pool and the need to advance        potential ISOC Chapters, including     4, and 5 will study at Dharmasoka
wider-spread adoption of IPv6.           Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.                College in Ambalangoda.                   

More than 5,000 Congolese were           Tanzania’s Operation Tech Start        Funds made available by ISOC have
trained to use the Internet as a         (OTS) is making headway with           enabled the creation of Internet
development tool as part of an ISOC      the help of ISOC, the Tanzania         content for nongovernmental organi-
grant awarded to ISOC’s Congo            Commission for Science and             zations (NGOs) promoting human
Chapter. The course targeted both        Technology, and Alliance One           rights in the Democratic Republic
those who were unfamiliar with the       International. The project, which      of the Congo. As part of the grant,      Opening speaker at the Armenian National
Internet and its benefits and those      aims to improve communications         six members of ISOC’s Democratic         Research and Education Networks conference,
                                                                                                                         Yerevan, Armenia.
who were familiar with the Internet      that benefit the rural communities     Republic of the Congo Chapter will
but were unable to access it or were     within the Tabora region, is now       train to be Webmasters in collabora-
not able to use it. Thanks to these      poised to launch within the next       tion with ISOC’s Burundi Chapter,
efforts, the Congo Chapter plans         month its research on improving        whose 15 members also benefited
to organize a national multistake-       information and communication          from the training, which took place
holders meeting on the information       technologies. In addition, OTS and     in Bujumbura. ISOC’s support helped
society in Oyo in an effort to promote   Health Action Promotion Organiza-      finance the trainer, who came from
the Internet for all.                    tion HAPO’s centre for orphans and     Cameroon, as well as the partici-                vulnerable children is busy paving     pants, who were from Congo. The six
                                         the way to set up a wireless comput-   participants from Congo are currently
A joint NATO/ISOC workshop titled        er lab for teaching children comput-   creating content for 12 NGOs work-
Armenian National Research               er and Internet basics.                ing in the area of human rights in
and Education Networks:                                                         eastern Congo.                           Tanzanian children explore the basics of
Achievements, Problems and                                                                                               computers and Internet access. Photo courtesy
Solutions was held in November                                                                                           Holly Rich, founder, Operation Tech Start.

2007 to address the need to prepare
Armenian academic networks for


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