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					                                 Introduction to Final Cut Pro                       020 7359 9855               

Course description
Final Cut Pro is used worldwide by video professionals for cutting edge video editing, video compositing and
for generating video effects. Final Cut Pro includes real-time editing architecture and media management
tools plus support for virtually all professional video formats. This Apple authorised three day course is
designed to provide you with the skills and capabilities required to produce high-quality, high-impact
professional video content using Final Cut Pro.

The emphasis throughout this introduction is on practical exercises and examples. These exercises will
cover project management issues, using the canvas and timeline to full effect, working with audio, fine-tuning
your edits, creating transitions and outputting your work for broadcast, the web
or multimedia. Feel free to tailor the course to your exact needs if you wish.

Apple Certification: Having completed this course, you can take the Final Cut Pro Level One exam at
Media Training. For details of exam dates please call us on 020 7359 9855

Course information
Course duration             Three days

Course cost

                           Public scheduled course:        £675 plus VAT per person.
                           This course runs as a public scheduled course on a regular basis.
                           Please call 020 7359 9855 or visit for dates.

                           Private course costs:            £1,260 plus VAT for three days of individual tuition.
                                                            £1,500 plus VAT for two delegates.
                                                            £2,025 plus VAT for three delegates.
                                                            Each additional delegate: £375 plus VAT.

                           Optional exam:                   £100 plus VAT (or £80 plus VAT if booked at the
                                                            same time as you book your course)
Course location

                            We have two fully equipped training centres in central London; one is in Highbury
                            and Islington (one stop from Kings Cross) and one next to Waterloo station.
                            We can also run courses onsite at your offices if you prefer.

Pre course requirements

                            There are no pre course requirements.

Post training support

                            The cost of the course includes lunch, course notes to take away, a certificate and
                            six months telephone Helpline support.
Follow on courses

                            Advanced Final Cut Pro, Professional Storyboard Design, Video Optimisation
                            Techniques, Professional Video Camera Techniques.                     020 7359 9855            
                                 Introduction to Final Cut Pro                      020 7359 9855             

Introduction: Getting started                              Capturing footage
• The Apple Pro Certification program                      • Connecting sources for capture
                                                           • Creating a new project for capturing
Screening and marking                                      • Previewing and marking your source
• The Final Cut Pro interface                              • Logging clips
• Following a workflow                                     • Choosing clip settings
• Navigating clips                                         • Choosing capture settings
• Marking clips                                            • Setting capture preferences

Editing clips in the timeline                              Applying transitions
• Managing project elements                                • Evaluating project needs
• Editing a rough cut                                      • Understanding transitions
• Making overwrite edits                                   • Viewing transition options
• Managing timeline tracks                                 • Applying transitions
• Making insert edits                                      • Modifying and copying transitions
• Adding audio clips                                       • Using the Transition Editor
• Drag and drop editing                                    • Previewing and rendering effects
• Changing volume of edited clips
                                                           Mixing audio tracks
Finishing the rough cut                                    • Organising and editing audio tracks
• Adding cutaways                                          • Monitoring and adjusting audio levels
• Editing to narration                                     • Applying transitions to fade volume
• Editing to music                                         • Setting keyframes to change volume
• Copying, cutting, pasting and positioning clips          • Using the audio mixer
                                                           • Recording a narration track
Trimming to refine clip duration                           • Importing CD tracks
• Preparing a project for trimming
• Trimming overview                                        Creating titles
• Rippling edit points                                     • Adding a lower third
• Rippling in the Viewer and by numbers                    • Applying a Boris title
• Trimming on the V2 track                                 • Creating a credit roll
• Trimming one track of a linked clip                      • Adding mattes
                                                           • Composite opening titles
Trimming to refine a sequence
• Adjusting two edit points                                Changing motion properties
• Slipping one clip                                        • Changing speed properties
• Slipping sequence clips                                  • Creating a freeze-frame
• Rolling two edit points                                  • Changing clip size and position
• Sliding clips to refine position                         • Building a split screen
• Keeping linked clips in sync
                                                           Applying filters
Refining the edit process                                  • Viewing and modifying filter parameters
• Creating subclips                                        • Applying audio filters
• Adding markers to clips                                  • Using a colour correction filter
• Storyboard editing                                       • Animating filters
• Editing multicamera
                                                           Finishing and outputting
Supporting the edit process                                • Detecting audio peaks
• Working with master clips                                • Broadcast video levels
• Saving and loading layouts                               • Using Easy Export
• New ProRes workflows                                     • Backing up projects

                                                           Questions and answers                    020 7359 9855        

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