DIRECTOR OF ESTATES or EQUIVALENT

                                     JOB PROFILE


TITLE                  Director of Estates/Buildings/Estates Management
                       Director of Facilities/Facilities Management
                       Director of Property Services/Property Management/Property
                       Director of Physical Resources

DEPARTMENT             Estates/Estates and Buildings/Facilities/Property Services

RESPONSIBLE TO Governing Body/VC or Principal/Vice-Principal/Registrar

REPORTS TO             VC or Principal/Registrar/Secretary/Vice-Principal.


To participate effectively in the University’s senior management team, contributing to the
University’s strategic and corporate planning, with special responsibility for the physical
environment and the physical resources strategy, in the context of supporting the University’s
teaching, research, residential and other business activities.

To be responsible for managing all aspects of the University’s estate, its related resources and
business activities to provide a physical support environment commensurate with the
University’s corporate objectives and its mission of delivering excellence in teaching,
research and associated commercial activity.

To provide long-term comprehensive and integrated physical resource planning for the
University, its Faculties and Departments, to create the basis for fully exploiting the potential
of the University’s physical resources.

To manage and be accountable for the efficient and effective provision of comprehensive
client centred services for estate planning, management and facility support activities.


Estate size:           Site area                                      Ha
                       Academic and associated building area          m2
                       Residential and associated building area       m2
                       Residential bed numbers                        Number

Estate value:          Replacement cost                               £
                       Rateable value                                 £

Budgets:               Recurrent       Salary                         £
                       Recurrent       Operations                     £
                       Capital         Core funded annual programme range            £
                       Capital         Externally funded programme                   £

Staff numbers:         Estate Management (AR professional)
                       Administrative/clerical (CN)
                       Building and Engineering trades
                       Technical     Telephones, computing, audio-visual
                       Manual        Cleaning, catering, security, portering, grounds, mail,
                                     transport, stores.



The Estates/Facilities Department is responsible for advising on, and contributing to, the
development of the University’s estates strategy, consistent with the corporate business
objectives in teaching, learning, research and other activities; implementing estate
components of planning decisions and the operational management of the University’s land
and property portfolio.

It is a multi-disciplinary Department providing a comprehensive estate planning and
management service and a range of facilities support services, to ensure that the land and
property assets are capable of supporting the academic and other business of the University,
safely and effectively.


Participate in the corporate governance of the University through contributing to the work of
the Central Management/Secretary/Registrars Group, relevant committees and the governing
body. Providing the link from the corporate business planning objectives to the estate
planning/management function and related support services activities, to ensure that the work
of the Estates Department is focused on providing appropriate facilities compatible with the
delivery of the corporate business plan.

Contribute to the University’s strategic planning, with particular responsibility for the
physical environment and the physical resources, through preparation, revision and
implementation of the University estate strategy, including liaison with the Finance
Department on the finance strategy.

Plan, manage and develop creatively the University’s estate and its related resources and

Procurement and the efficient management of all works and services related to the operation,
maintenance and development of the estate.

To advise in the formulation of, and be responsible for, the Department’s annual budget and
capital investments, to ensure that all operations and development activities are provided at
optimum cost effectiveness.
Manage the following services, within approved parameters of cost and service level, at all
times seeking best value:

               Building operations and maintenance
               Engineering services operations and maintenance
               Capital development projects (minor works through to strategic developments)
               Grounds and playing fields operations and maintenance
               Procurement and management of utilities (water, gas, electricity, oil)
               Factoring services including leases, acquisitions, disposals, rating
               Cleaning services and waste disposal
               Portering and mail services
               Security services
               Space Management

               Purchasing and supplies
               Printing and design
               Health, safety and risk management
               Procurement and maintenance of loose furnishings
               Central room bookings and timetabling
               Media and audio visual services
               Transport services
               Car parking
               Telephone and data services
               Catering services
               Residential accommodation operations and lets management
               Conference and commercial bookings
               Sport and recreation services

Provision of leadership to all staff in the Estates Department, ensuring that the necessary skill
and competency levels are in place, developed or acquired. Keep skill mix under review to
ensure that that University is able to operate as an informed client in all aspects of its estate
and facility management activities, procure in-house or contracted resources as necessary.

Responsible for the ongoing development and updates of the estate database to ensure that
adequate information is available on matters such as physical condition, legislation
compliance functional suitability, space utilisation etc.

Represent the University on estate and estate related matters and in dealings with the Funding
Council, Local and National Authorities and other external organisations.

Advise on matters related to physical development taking into account the University’s
declared targets and strategic plans and the parameters laid down in local and regional
structure plans.

Promote efficiency and flexibility in the use of physical resources, improving the academic
programme fit, aesthetics and providing for staff and students a more effective teaching and
research environment, improved sense of academic community and enhanced quality of
University life.

The Director will be responsible to the Secretary/Registrar. The Director, like other senior
officers, will have a high degree of freedom of action and personal responsibility and will
need to work with and through the relevant bodies within the University’s committee

Review of work is through regular meetings and contact with the Secretary/Registrar,
submission of reports to relevant committees and participation in the Central
Management/Secretary’s/Registrar’s group.


The Estates function has a high profile within the University and a strong blend of personal
and professional qualities will be essential, particularly the ability to work constructively with
a wide range of administrative and academic colleagues in pursuit of the University’s
objectives and fulfilment of its plans. In addition the postholder will be required to
communicate with a wide range of individuals and organisations outwith the University.

Working relationships with the Secretary/Registrar, Director of Finance and senior
administrative and academic colleagues will be close and the ability to nurture a strong sense
of teamwork among managers in the Estates team will be crucial.


Educated to degree level, with a chartered professional qualification in a property/built
environment related discipline (architecture, building, engineering, facilities management or
surveying), able to demonstrate the following attributes:

      A proven track record of managing a complex property portfolio, staff and budgets.
      A thorough understanding of general management techniques in a large and complex
       organisation; able to contribute to the organisations corporate planning.
      Strength and quality of leadership and the personal skills required to develop and lead
       an effective and well-motivated, multi-disciplinary and multi-task estates and
       facilities team.
      A sound understanding of the legal and financial aspects of major property projects
       and transactions.
      Wide experience both in the preparation and control of development programmes,
       building and engineering projects and in managing facility operations and
       maintenance services.
      High level strategic planning and organisational skills, including forward planning
       and forecasting.
      The ability to respond appropriately to user demands and expectations.

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