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									 Mata Pelajaran    : Bahasa Inggris                P     Lamanya        : 90 Menit
 Hari/Tanggal      : Jum’at/28 Sept 2007           A     Dimulai Pukul : 06.30
 Kel as            : XII IPA/IPS                         Diakhiri Pukul : 08.00
 1. Tuliskan jawaban pada lembar soal.
 2. Tuliskan nama, nomor peserta pada tempat yang disediakan.
 3. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas jika diperlukan.
 4. Periksalah kembali pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.
                                                                        It’s one of the largest bird parks
I. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER !                                     in the world. The birds are kept in large
Text 1                                                          cages, and there are hundreds of
           NARRAGANSETT HOMES,INC.                              beautiful birds from many different parts
A mayor regional homebuilder, is looking for a                  of the world, including penguins,
marketing professional who is highly energetic and              parrots, eagles, and ostriches. There’s a
has a team player attitude to develop and implement             large lake in the park with a restaurant
marketing and sales programs. This is a highly                  beside it, and there’s also a very large
visible position which reports directly to the                  cage which you can walk inside to get a
president.    The      individual    will   oversee             closer look at the birds. It takes about
merchandising and marketing in several states. A                two hours to see all the birds. You can
minimum of six years’ experience in a similar                   walk around the park or ride on the bus.
position is required. Send resume and salary                    The best time to visit the park in the
requirements to :                                               early morning or late afternoon, when it
           Human Resources                                      is cooler.
           Narragansett Homes
           2321 Rightward Road                      2. The main idea of the second
           Marlboro,NV 55461                           paragraph is about…….
                                                        a. the kinds of birds kept in Jurong
           1. what kind of employee are they                 Bird Park
              looking for ?                             b. the right time to visit Jurong
               a. strong                                   Bird Park
               b. brilliant                             c. the way to visit Jurong Bird
               c. optimistic                               Park
               d. motivated                             d. the location of Jurong Bird Park
               e. diplomatic                            e. the way to keep bird.

          Text 2                                         3. The text above tells us about….
                   One of the most interesting places to the largest lake in the bird
          visit in Singapore is the bird park. It’s located park in Singapore
          in the industrial area of Singapore, called the best time to visit the bird
          Jurong. The bird park is about 8 miles from park
          the center of the city, and it’s easy to get there the industrial area in
          by bus or by taxi.                                  Singapura.
                                                           d. The large lake in Singapura
  e. the bird park in Singapura.                          gardener ?
                                                           a. the palace
4. “It is easy to get there by bus or                      b. her daughter
    taxi”(par.1).the word there                            c. golden treasures
    refers to …..                                          d. harvesting product
     a. the capital city of Singapore                      e. three million gold coins
     b. the centre of the city
     c. the industrial area                            6. why was the gardener so surprised ?
     d. the bird park                                     the gardener was surprised
     e. Singapore                                         because………
                                                           a. the king didn’t keep his
Text 3                                                         promise
              Once upon a time along, long time            b. the king was angry with him
     ago in a little village there was a big palace        c. the tree grew very rapidly
     bigger than the village itself and in the             d. the owl told him a lie
     palace there live a king . The king wanted to         e. the tree didn’t grow
     be rich.
                One day, the king promised to one     7. The gardener went to a wise old
     of his gardener three million gold coins if he      owl. The antonym of the
     could grow a tree all year round which bore         underlined word is ………
     rich golden fruit. The gardener searched all       a. moderate
     over the country side but he could not find        b.arrogant
     the right seed to grow a tree which would          c. foolish
     bear golden fruit.                                 d.clever
                So at last he went to see the wise      e. young
     old owl who lived deep in the forest and
     knew all about many things. The wise old
     owl told him what to do and where to go to       8. the main idea of paragraph 4 is ..
     get the right seed to plant. The gardener           a. the king kept his promise to give
     went exactly where he was old. He planted              the gardener the money.
     the seed and gave it some water, some               b. the king promised the
     fertilizer                                             gardener 3.000.000 golden
                And he waited. Suddenly the tree            coins
     sprang up so quickly that it made the               c. the gardener searched the right
     gardener junped.                                       seed of plant.
                The tree began to bear rich golden       d. the gardener met the old owl
     fruit. He ran back to the palace and took the          in the forest
     king to see the three. When the king had            e. the king lived in a big palace.
     stood there for a long time, staring at it
     open-mouthed- the gardener asked for his         Text 4
     three million coins. The king agreed to the              Working in the hospital isn’t always
     request and the gardener took his money and      enjoyable. Some days nothing goes right and
     went back home and lived happily ever            then it’s very frustrating.
     after.                                                 Working with older people is much more
                                                      difficult. They take much longer to get better.
     5. What did the king promise to his              A lot of the older patients don’t want to leave
hospital at all. They feel safe there and they
have lost of friend. When they go home, they                12. The writer suggests that nurses should…
feel very lonely. They miss their friends.                      a. make a lot of friends
Sometimes nurses go and visit them at home                      b. know the patients’ wealth
when they can. But                                              c. let the patients be with their family.
it’s hard to get the time. It causes that some of               d. Sends the patients home as soon
them will never really get well again. Every                       as they are recovered
nurse feels sorry for them but they can’t show                  e. Be creative to develop enjoyable
them how they feel. They have to cheerful and                      environment when they are on duty
do what they can. Nurses always try to do
their best for all patients.                           Text 5
      Thus nurses should be creative to
develop amusing and enjoyable environment              Dear Rosa
in order to help patient recover from their                  I am a guy, twenty-eight years old. I
illness.                                               have a problem with a girl friend. She is
                                                       twenty five years old. We have been dating
9. What is the main information of the text ?          each other for years, since we were high
   a. To describe a nurse’s job.                       school students. Now we have jobs. I feel very
   b. To share a problem with readers                  sure we love each other. Now it is time for me
   c. To inform readers how to be a nurse              to get married. Unfortunately, her parents
   d. To persuade readers how to be a good             never approve of our relationship ever since
      nurse.                                           the very first time. My family anyhow, does
   e. To advice readers to be careful with their       not really mind. At first I thought my girl
      illness                                          friend had the power to defend our love. But
                                                       then she surrendered. She loves me and she
                                                       loves her family, too. On the one hand she
     10. When nurses are on duty, they                 said,”I will be happy if my family is happy.” It
         sometimes feel frustrated because . .         means she had to get approval from her
         a. They have to visit their parents           parents
         b. They feel very lonely all the time               For this, I was shocked. My heart was
         c. They always work with older people         broken. She ended our relationship just at the
         d. They should do their best at all           time when I was ready to marry her. When I
            times.                                     was with her, we were happy. We had a lot in
         e. Their jobs don’t always run                common and there were not conflicts. The
            smoothly                                   truth was, we separated only because of her
                                                       parents. They want her to marry her cousin,
     11. What is the problem faced by nurses ?         her aunt’s son (this is one of the traditions in
         a. Older patients feel happy in the           the Karonese).
            hospital                                         For the time being, I am very upset.
         b. These older patients have lots of          When I miss her I call her. Then we can eat
            friends.                                   together for hours. We act like dating because
         c. A lot of older patients feel safe in the   she loves me,too. The real problem is she
            hospital                                   cannot. Refuse what he parents want.
         d. Nurses are asked to go and visit the             So, should I forget my girl friend, the
            patients at home                           only one that I truly love? Or else, should I
         e. Some older patients get worse              just wait, and dream that one day she will be
            when they are at home                      back to me ?
                                                    television point out that the crime and western
                            Rio N, Padang           programs often appeal to a taste of violence,
                                                    while many games show appeal to greed.
13. The letter tells us about the problem of…       Many critics also believe that television
    a. the writer with Rossa                        should be used for socially constructive
    b.the girl with his parents                     purposes as well as for entertainment.
    c. Rossa with Rio’s parents                           The     first    commercial        television
    d.the writer with his parents                   broadcast often was made in april 20,1939 by
    e. The writer with the girl’s parents.          radio corporation of very much part of the
14. which of the following sentences is             modern word. Its effects are felt all over the
    TRUE according to the text?                     word.
    a. Rio’s girl friend couldn’t defend her              Television is a reflection of modern
         love for Rio.                              world. Say some people. It shows
    b. Rio’s girl friend didn’t really love for     contemporary society. It affects customs and
         Rio.                                       culture, other says. Television is bad for
    c. Rio and his girl friend often got            culture, because it keeps culture from
         conflict.                                  growing, say still other.
    d. Rio’s parents disagree to his marriage             Good or bad television is difficult to
    e. Rio is not ready to get married.             avoid. Its picture enters homes, stores,
                                                    airports, and factories. It is here to say

15. why do the girl’s parents disapprove of their   16. what is the main idea of the third
    marriage ?because……….                               paragraph ?
    a. Rio is from different ethnic group               a. the quality of family life has improved
    b. They keep the Karonese tradition                    because of television
      c. The girl has chosen another guy                b.some negative sides of not watching
      d. The girl is still studying                        television program
      e. They don’t like Rio                            c. some positive sides of not watching
                                                           television program
16. The word surrender(par.4) has                       d.television sometimes has a bad effect on
    synonym with …..                                       children’s life
      a. strived                                        e. Television is in every home and it is here
      b. gave up                                           to say.
      c. secured
      d. defended                                   18. which of these sentences is true according
      e. protected                                      to the text ?
                                                        a. many games show
     Read the following text to answer                      constructive value.
     questions no 17 to 20                              b. TV can influence all
                                                            Aspects in our life
Television has a great influence on our ideas           c. Having TV is a sign of modern life
about what is right and wrong about the way             d. TV doesn’t keep culture growing
we should behave, and about life in general.            e. TV can’t be used for business
Sometimes the value and life styles that we
get from television are conflict with those that
are taught at home and at school. Critics of
19. “….are conflict with those that are taught       e. the population growth
    at home and at school.”(par.1). the word
    those refers to…..                           24. in the old of trade, people didn’t
    a. the ways we should behave                     use money but they exchanged
    b. what is right and wrong                       something they had for
    c. the value and life style                      something they needed. the word
    d. western programs                              exchanged is closest in meaning
    e. critics                                       to
                                                     a. gave
20. “…violence to greed “ (par 1). Violence          b. altered
    means…                                           c. offered
    a. ruin                                          d. bartered
    b. danger                                        e. exported
    c. wildness
    d. hostility                                 25.All insecticides should be
    e. brutality                                    considered poisonous and should
                                                    be stored
21. In fact, every person has their                 well, far from children. The
    own … to the solution of                        underlined word means . . .
    pollution problem in this area.                 a. located
    a. contribute                                   b. canned
    b. contributor                                  c. used
    c. contributive                                 d. kept
    d. contributory                                 e. put
    e. contribution

                                                 II. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING
     22. Basketball is a very interesting        QUESTIONS !
         game, and it is very popular in
         many schools, it was . . . in 1891      26. Combine these sentences using
         by a Canadian teacher                       Adjective clause
         a. held                                     a. I met the girl
         b. known                                    b. You phoned her last night.
         c. played
         d. created                              27. Make conditional sentence
         e. competed                                 from the following fact.
                                                     She was sick so she didn’t join
     23. The family planning programme               the camping.
         in our country has been
         successful in decreasing the            28. Rewrite the sentence using the
         infant mortality . the underlined           word given in bracket.
         word means . . .                            We would rather cycling than
         a. the birth rate                           driving a car.
         b. the death rate
         c. the cause of death                   29. Perhatikan uraian dibawah
         d. the population rate                      ini.
   Hasan lulus tahun lalu, dan
   mulai bekerja pada tanggal
   1 januari tahun ini, gajinya
    Rp 1.000.000.- sebulan, ia
    menabung Rp 200.000.-
    tiap bulan.Sekarang sudah
    akhir bulan september. Ia
    telah menabung berapa ?
    Buatlah kalimat pertanyaan
    dan jawabannya dengan
     menggunakan pola kalimat
     ( Tenses) yang tepat.

III. Write a paragraph
     explaning how to make

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