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 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris                                  Lamanya       : 90 Menit
 Hari/Tanggal      : Senin/15 September 2008
                                                         A        Dimulai       : 06.30
 Kelas/Program : X                                       G        Diakhiri      : 07.30

 Petunjuk Umum :

       1.   Tuliskan jawaban pada lembar soal
       2.   Tuliskan nama, nomor peserta pada tempat yang disediakan
       3.   Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas jika diperlukan
       4.   Periksa kembali pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas

Choose the right answer by crossing a,b,c,d,or e
This text is for questions 1 to 5                                  c. narrative
       Changing the handphone Covers                               d. procedure
        Before removing the cover, always                          e. description
switch off the power, and disconnect the
charger and any other device. Avoid touching                    5. The communicative purpose of this text is to
electronic components while changing the                           a. Guide the readers in changing the hand-
covers . Always store and use the device with                         phone covers.
the cover attached                                                 b. Persuade the readers to change the hand-
    1. Press the back cover release button,                           phone covers
        open the back cover and remove it.                         c. Inform the readers about handphone
    2. Take off the front cover carefully.                            covers
    3. Insert the keymat in the new front cover.                   d. Share an amusing incident with others.
    4. Align the top of the front cover to the                     e. Describe a particular thing.
        top of the phone, press the front cover to
        lock it into places.                                    This text is for questions 6 to 11

 1.Which of the following statement is not true                         The Tyrant Who became a just Ruler
   a. Avoid touching electronic components                              In the olden time there was a king who
       while changing the covers.                               was so cruel and unjust toward his subjects that
   b. Always switch        on the power while                   his always called The Tyrant. So heartless was
       changing the covers.                                     he that his people used to pray night and day
   c. Take off front cover carefully                            that they might have a new king .
   d. Press the front cover to lock it into                             One day, much to their surprise, he
       places.                                                  called his people together and said to them,
   e. Always store and use the devise with the                  “My dear subjects, the days of my tyranny are
       cover attached.                                          over. Henceforth, you will live in peace and
                                                                happiness, for I have decided to try my rule
 2.Insert the keymat in the new front over. The                 henceforth justly and well.”The King kept his
    word printed in bold has the same meaning                   words so well that soon he was known
    with.. . .                                                  throughout the land as The Just King . By and
    a. enter                                                    by one of his favourites came to him said,”Your
    b. put into                                                 Majesty, I beg you to tell me how it was that
    c. set                                                      you had this change of heart towards your
    d. include                                                  people.”
    e. join                                                             And the King replied , “As I was
                                                                galloping through my forests one afternoon, I
3.   What will be done to the old front cover?                  caught sight of a hound chasing a fox. The fox
     a.. avoid touching it                                      escaped into his hole, but not until he had been
     b. remove it                                               bitten by the dog so badly that he would be
     c. take it off                                             lame for life. The hound, returning home, met a
     d. store it                                                man who threw a stone at him, which broke his
     e. press it                                                leg. And the hourse, starting to run, fell into a
                                                                hole and broke his leg. Here I came to my
4. What is the type of the text ?                               senses, and resolved to change my rule. „ For
   a. report                                                    surely, I said to myself,”He who does evil will
   b. recount                                                   sooner or later be overtaken by evil.”
                                                            Since 1945 the government had changed
6. How is the king as stated in the text above ¿   the system of education and many schools.
   a. cruel and unjust                             Besides private schools, there were other kinds
   b. wise and good                                of schools. What schools were there in
   c. handsome                                     Indonesia now ? There were government
   d. greedy                                       schools which give free education up to high
   e. cruel                                        school.
                                                            Their administration was controlled by
7. What animals are stated in the text above ?     the government . Some schools received money
   a. dog,fox,hound, and horse                     from the government to pay for some, but not
   b. dog,pig,tiger,and fox                        all, of their costs. They were what we called
   c. horse and goat                               subsidized schools.
   d. hound                                                 The private schools were independent.
   e. dog                                          They choosed their own students pay their own
                                                   teachers and asked for schools fees, which were
8. Here I came to my sense and resolved to         usually high.. Why did that students attend
   change my rule ( par- 3). What is the           expensive school ? The answer was because
    meaning of the word printed in bold ?          some private schools were famous for the
    a. develop                                     quality of teaching.
    b. happen
    c. modify                                      12. Why could‟t all children go to school before
    d. creat                                           1945 ?
    e. try                                             a. because their parents couldn‟t pay their
                                                          school fee
9. Which of the statements is TRUE ?                   b. because the system of education has been
   a. The King was chased by a fox                        changed
   b. The King‟s behaviour never changed               c. because they didn‟t want to go to school
   c. The man was thrown with a stone by a             d. because the government was not active
      hound                                            e. because many schools have been built
   d. The King‟s subjects hated him when he
      was tyrant                                    13. Which of the following statements is not
   e. In the olden times the King was loved by          true about the characteristic of government
      his subject                                       school ?
                                                        a. Headmaster,teachers and administration
10. Paragraph two tells us that the King . . .             staffs were government workers
    a. never ended the day of his tyranny               b. The government provided money and set
    b. showed his surprise to his subjects                 certain rules.
    c. decided to rule his subjects unjustly            c. Some of the costs were paid by the
    d. warned his subjects to obey his rules               government.
    e. changedhis behaviour and became a just           d. The government controlled the
       ruler                                                administration
                                                        e. The school fees were very expensive
11. The communicative purpose of this text is. .   14. Since 1945, the government had changed
    a. to criticize a work of art                      the system of education and many schools
    b. to describe particular person.                  ( par.2) what schools were there in
    c. to describe how something is                    Indonesia now ?
       accomplished                                    a. Public school and subsidized school
    d. to entertain and deal with actual or            b. Primary school and secondary school
       vicarious experience                            c. Government school and public school
    e. to share an account of unusual or               d. Private school and non government
       amusing incidentswith others                         school
                                                       e. Government school, private school and
This text is for questios 12 to 26                          subsidized school.
        Education in indonesia
In indonesia until 1945 only rich families could   15. What is the type of the text ?
give their children a good education . They sent       a. report
their children to private school . Most of the         b. recount
population, however, were not able to do so            c. narrative
because those schools were very expensive .            d. procedure
The only thing they could do was to send their         e. descriptive
children to less good schools. Many children
did not get any education at all.                  16. The communicative purpose of this text is .
    a. to tell the readers of education in                Education based on ?
       Indonesia                                          a. Pancasila and 1945 constitution
    b. to present two points of education in              b. The people‟s faith to God
       Indonesia                                          c. Education constitution
    c. to describe the way of education in                d. The government‟s law
       Indonesia                                          e. People‟s of life
    d. to explain the processes of education in
       Indonesia                                      23. What is the aim of the compulsory
    e. to share an education in Indonesia                 Education ?
                                                          a. to get a valuable knowledge for all
17. What is the main idea of the second                      children in Indonesia
    paragraph ?                                           b. to change the system of education
    a. the characteristics of private school.                in Indonesia.
    b. The system of education in Indonesia               c. to raise the intelligence of the nation
    c. The characteristics of government                  d. to complete primary education
        school                                            e. to create responsible citizens
    d. Kinds of schools in our country since
        1945                                          24. what kinds of children get financial
    e. The characteristics of subsidized                  help from foster parents ?
        school                                            a. handicapped and disabled children
                                                          b. all children who want to get it
18. The only thing they came do was to send               c. economically able persons
    their children to less good school (par.1)            d. poor children and orphans
    The word printed in bold has the same                 e. a well to do children
    Meaning with . . .
    a. schools                                        25. The programme requires that children
    b. children                                           From seven to twelve years of ago
    c. populations                                        complete at least six years of primary
    d. rich families                                      Education. What is the synonym of the
    e. private schools                                    Italicized word ?
                                                          a. want to have
19. Every citizen had the same . . . in getting           b. want to get
    education in Indonesia today                          c. provide
    the suitable word to fill in the blank is . . .       d. need
    a. fee                                                e. get
    b. school
    c. education
    d. opportunity
    e. administration

    20. What is the aim of the national
        education ?                                   26. Which of the following classification
        a. to get good intelligence, skills,              Of schools is true according to the
           morale nationality and spirit                  system of education in Indonesia ?
        b. to get better future in life                   a. Play Group,Kindergarten,Elementary
        c. to get much money                                 School,Junior High School,Senior
        d. to get a job easily                               High School,Higher School.
        e. to get a certificate                           b. Elementary School,Primary School,
                                                             Junior High School,Senior High
    21. Educational is life long activity.                   School,Higher Education.
        It means that . . .                               c. Primary School,Nursing School,
        a. education is done from elementary                 Junior High School,Senior high
           school until university                           School,Higher Education.
        b. education should be given for early            d. Nursing School,Elementary School,
           childhood                                         Junior High School,Senior High
        c. education is for all people until they            School.
           die                                            e. Elementary School, Junior High
        d. education is for rich people only                 School, Senior High School.
        e. education is a must for children
                                                      27. Dian : Your English skill is very good
    22. What is the system of our National                Dimas : Thanks, I . . . it for eight years.
       a.   Am studying                                  14. a   b   c   d   e
       b.   have studied                                 15.a    b   c   d   e
       c.   had studied                                  16. a   b   c   d   e
       d.   studied                                      17. a   b   c   d   e
       e.   study                                        18. a   b   c   d   e
                                                         19. a   b   c   d   e
28. Fika : I . . . Rp 500.000.-in my                     20. a   b   c   d   e
           account by two o‟clock                        21. a   b   c   d   e
    Illa : Oh, that is good.                             22. a   b   c   d   e
    a. will save                                         23. a   b   c   d   e
    b. have saved                                        24. a   b   c   d   e
    c. will be saving                                    25. a   b   c   d   e
    d. will have saved                                   26. a   b   c   d   e
    e. have been saving                                  27. a   b   c   d   e
                                                         28. a   b   c   d   e
29. Rully : May I borrow your book ?                     29. a   b   c   d   e
    Rizky : I‟m sorry, it . . . by my mother             30. a   b   c   d   e
    a. read
    b. is read
    c. is reading
    d. will be read
    e. is being read

30. What people need for irrigation ?
    The passive form is . . .
      a. What is for irrigation needed ?
      b. What is irrigation needing for?
      c. What is needed for irrigation ?
      d. What is irrigation needed for ?
      e. What are people needed for
          irrigation ?

       .good luck by noorlaela.

                    Nama :..........................


                    No Peserta.......................

 1. a      b        c         d          e
 2. a      b        c         d          e
 3. a      b        c         d          e
 4. a      b        c         d          e
 5. a      b        c         d          e
 6. a      b        c         d          e
 7. a      b        c         d          e
 8. a      b        c         d          e
 9. a      b        c         d          e
10. a      b        c         d          e
11. a      b        c         d          e
12. a      b        c         d          e
13. a      b        c         d          e

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