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Making Strategy Happen

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an advanced four day programme
for managers involved in turning
plans into action.
 Making Strategy Happen
 Creating an organisation that achieves its aspirations
 All too often, good strategies fail to produce winning results. That
 is because few companies have in place a set of disciplines for bridging
 the gaps between what their leaders want to achieve and the readiness,
 willingness and ability of the organisation to achieve it. Building on
 research into public company, private equity and military methods for
 implementing strategy, this new programme shows managers how
 to bridge the gaps between plans, actions and outcomes. It focuses
 on learning a tried and tested process for steering a company towards
 its strategic objectives whilst being flexible enough to adapt
 to unpredictable events. We cover disciplines such as gaining clarity and
 simplicity, creating accountability, and making priorities clear. We also
 discuss how to prepare the organisation, how to integrate execution
 processes with budgeting and performance measurement, and cover
 a number of practical methods, such as opinion leader surveys, that can
 be used to monitor progress and stay on course.
 The programme is an ideal complement to Strategic Decisions.
 Who should attend?
 The programme has been designed for managers involved in the process of turning plans
 into action. It is suitable for anyone in a leadership team for a function, business, project,
 division or the company as a whole.

 You may be responsible for developing those plans yourself or for translating broad strategic
 objectives into operational reality. You may be a line manager with bottom-line responsibility for
 a single business or a portfolio of businesses. You may be a functional manager or a member of
 a project office or the planning staff seeking to help business units improve their execution skills.

 The range of skills and perspectives of the participants adds to the learning experience for all.

“ Great tool-set and excellent insights. I’d like to get our entire
  executive along.”
 David Luckhurst,
 Business Manager - Nuclear Power, BAE Systems Submarine Solutions

 Day 1          Platforms                           Day 3          Practical Hurdles
 08.30–09.00    Introduction                        08.30–09.30    Review of day 2 – processes.
 09.00–10.30    ‘What’s in it for me?’:                            Discussion of survey feedback
                implementation and                  09.30–11.00    Change, communication
                aspirations                                        and emotions
 10.30–12.30    What is strategy?                   11.00–12.30    Behaviour mapping: debugging
 12.30–13.30    Lunch                                              implementation problems
 13.30–15.00    What makes execution                12.30–13.30    Lunch, optional individual
                difficult?                                         discussions with tutors
 15.00–16.30    Organisation design,                13.30–15.00    Behaviour mapping exercise
                top team commitment and             15.00–17.00    Making it happen.
                building capabilities                              Case study video and debrief
 16.30–18.00    Aligning business partners          17.00–18.00    Prepare BP case study,
                                                                   optional individual discussions
                                                                   with tutors

 Day 2          Processes                           Day 4          High Performance

 08.30–09.00    Review of day 1 – platforms         08.30–09.00    Review of day 3
                                                                   – practical hurdles
 09.00–10.30    Learning empowerment from
                the military: video clip and        09.00–10.30    How shared values can help
                de-brief                                           make strategy happen
 10.30–12.30    Strategy briefing:                  10.30–12.30    Adaptive behaviours
                simultaneously aligning                            – video clip: tackling the
                and empowering                                     unexpected
 12.30–13.30    Lunch                               12.30–13.30    Lunch, optional individual
                                                                   discussions with tutors
 13.30–16.30    Strategy briefing exercise
                                                    13.30–15.30    Case study
 16.30–17.45    Linking Strategy briefing
                                                                   - BP’s project Andrew
                to budget and incentives
                                                    15.30–16.30    Plenary discussion
 17.45–18.00    Mid-point survey on whether
                                                                   of conclusions
                course is meeting participants’

“ First class course with great content that had clearly
 been very well researched and prepared. Engaging course
 leaders who had a wealth of experience and excellent
 communication skills. I was very impressed and it has made
 me want to raise my game.”
Matthew Gilbert,
Business Development Manager, Advertising, Guardian News & Media
Topics covered on the                               Learning approach
Participants will learn how to:                     This programme draws on extensive work
                                                    carried out on execution models in both
•	 identify the essential elements of a strategy    business and military organisations. Some
•	 assess and remove blocks to change before        practical tools used in modern military
   starting implementation                          planning have been adapted for business use.
                                                    We also draw on recent work in organisational
•	 communicate the strategy clearly                 behaviour to show participants how to close
   and simply                                       some of the gaps in capabilities and culture.
•	 create a framework for making trade-offs
                                                    The course is a stimulating mix of plenary
•	 set priorities                                   discussions using case studies and some video
•	 give guidance whilst allowing flexibility        clips, and exercises conducted in break-out
•	 prepare for and steer through setbacks           groups. There is a mixture of theory and the
                                                    practical application of tools. Most of the
   on the implementation journey
                                                    exercises will involve participants applying
•	 engage the workforce in support                  what they have learned directly to their
   of strategic objectives                          actual situation.
•	 build the organisational capabilities
   to make it happen                               “Overall very well run course
•	 monitor and motivate progress by linking         with a great pitch. Made it
   strategy implementation to budgets,
   performance metrics and incentives               simple to understand and
                                                    follow. I have taken a lot
“The whole programme has                            away from this and will apply
 been breathtaking!”                                in my day job.”
Charles Louis,                                      Jon Parry,
Business Manager, Barnet Enfield & Haringey         Director of Retail Services, Somerfield Stores
Health Informatics Service

“An excellent course which
 does provide a good sequel to
 Strategic Decisions. I’ll be back!”
Andy Dawe,
Head of Retail Programmes, Waste & Resources
Action Programme Ltd
 Stephen Bungay                                         Felix Barber
 Stephen Bungay gained an MA with First                 Felix Barber holds an MA from Oxford where
 Class Honours from Oxford and a doctorate              he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
 from Oxford and the University of Tübingen             He became a Director of the Ashridge
 in Germany. Stephen worked in the London               Strategic Management Centre in 2005.
 and Munich offices of The Boston Consulting            He previously worked at The Boston
 Group for seventeen years, eight of them               Consulting Group where he was a Senior
 as Vice President and Director,                        Vice President and Director.
               and was subsequently the CEO             In addition to directing strategy
                  of the Commercial Division            assignments with major global
                   of Lloyds-based insurance            corporations, he founded and
                    company. He became                  ran the Zurich office of The
                    a Director of the Ashridge          Boston Consulting Group
                   Strategic Management                 and was the Worldwide
                  Centre in 2001. He is well            Leader for the Organisation
               known as a military historian,           Practice, covering Organisation
       having published authoritative works on          Design, Change Management and
 the Battle of Britain and Alamein, and is              Human Resources. His extensive writings on
 a regular contributor to television                    strategic management topics include two
 programmes for the BBC, Channel 4 and                  articles in the Harvard Business Review:
 the History Channel. He also teaches                   ‘The Surprising Economics of a “People
 on the Strategic Decisions Programme.                            ,
                                                        Business” June 2005 and “The Strategic
                                                        Secret of Private Equity” September 2007.

“ Excellent, super examples and anecdotes brought the course alive for me”
 Jeremy Ross, Distribution Director, Branch Delivery, DSGi.

 Booking information
 Making Strategy Happen is a four-day,                   The fee for 2010 is £4,700 (+VAT) payable
 fully residential programme which starts                in advance, which includes 3 nights’ residential
 on Monday morning and ends on                           costs, tuition fees and learning materials.
 Thursday afternoon. The programme
 is held at Ashridge Business School,                    Enquiries concerning bookings should be
 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NS.                    addressed to: Melinda Pooley, Ashridge
                                                         Strategic Management Centre.
 15 – 18 March 2010      27 – 30 September 2010          Tel: +44 (0)20 7404 0032
 14 – 17 March 2011      26 – 29 September 2011          Fax: +44(0)20 7831 3746
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 For more information
 or contact Melinda Pooley,
 Ashridge Strategic Management Centre.
 Tel: +44 (0)20 7404 0032
 Fax: +44 (0)20 7831 3746
 Programmes are residential at Ashridge
 Business School, near Berkhamsted,
 Hertfordshire HP4 1NS.

“ Excellent course and ideas conveyed by Stephen
  and Felix in a very effective way.”
 Craig Belevender,
 Chassis Components BU, Continental AG

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