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                                                        NEW!                      Everything you need to box in
                                                                                     pipes - in a single pack.

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*Valid until 30th December 2006

Makes boxing-in as easy as ABC

                   A                                             B                              C
• Every Boxing-Pak includes – Pendock boxing, battens, fixings and instructions

• Choice of two profiles – MX 75mm x 150mm or MX 200mm x 300mm

• Choice of two lengths – 825mm or 1250mm

Available now from Howarth Timber & Building Supplies
                                    PENDOCK – THE QUICK AND EASY WAY TO BOX IN PIPES
                                     Pre-formed and pre-finished pipe boxing from Pendock helps saves time
                                     and money when boxing in pipes in any domestic or commercial installation.
                                     Howarth Timber & Building Supplies stocks the full range.

Whatever your pipe-boxing or
casing need, Howarth Timber
& Building Supplies and Pendock
have got it covered. From boxing
boiler flues to creating the
perfect finish in a new bathroom,
we’ve got all the answers.

                                     Traditional site made methods of boxing in
Covering waste pipes.
                                     pipes are time consuming and costly.

                                     The need to cut sheets of ply or MDF to
                                     size, make a support frame, fix them
                                     together and then finish with two coats of
                                     paint turns a simple job into a marathon.

                                     According to an impartial study by EC Harris,
                                     Pendock boxing can be fitted in less than
                                                                                          EC HARRIS STUDY - UPDATE
                                     half the time taken for site made
                                     alternatives.                                   The EC Harris study into the fitting and
Covering heating pipework.                                                           installation times of Pendock boxing found
                                     Available in a range of profiles and sizes,
                                                                                     that it is around 60% quicker to fit than site
                                     Pendock boxing comes in 2.5 metre or 3.0        made pipe boxing, which significantly
                                     metre lengths from Howarth Timber &             reduces time and labour costs.
                                     Building Supplies.
                                                                                     The study measured the time taken to
                                                                                     construct 75mm x 150mm boxing from both
                                       Save time and money with                      ply and MDF, against Pendock MX 75x150
                                       Howarth Timber & Building                     pre-formed     casing.   When     comparing
                                         Supplies and Pendock.                       Pendock casing against MDF, the labour costs
                                                                                     alone showed Pendock to be 61% cheaper.
                                                                                     The same comparison against ply resulted in
                                                                                     savings of over 63%.
Covering boiler pipes and flues.

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