Describing Pictures

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					Describing Pictures

    Verb forms, clothes and situation
What is this document?

                                It's a photo
                                It's a photograph
                                It's a photograph of
                                 two young children.
                                It’s a photograph of
                                 two young children
                                 reading a book.

     A cartoon / a drawing / a painting / an advert
Where in the picture?

                     In the foreground
                     In the background
                     At the bottom
                     At the top
                     On the right
                     On the left
                     In the top left corner
What are they wearing?

                        A tie
                        A white shirt
                        Trousers
                        Shoes
                        Socks
                        A watch
   He is wearing:       A striped t-shirt

   She is wearing:
What are they doing?

                               They’re reading.
                                They’re writing.
                               They’re studying.
                                They’re taking notes
                                for a research paper.
                                They’re working late
                                in the library.
  Note: for actions, use the "be + V-ing" form.
Your turn!
Your turn!
   It's a photograph of two
    men at a conference.
   The man on the right is
    interviewing and filming
    the man in a grey suit.
   The man on the left is
    facing the camera.
    ln the background there
    are some tables and
Your turn!
Your turn!
   It's a painting of two
    people in a forest.
   The forest looks strange
    and threatening.
   The man is in the bottom
    left corner of the picture.
   He is wearing a red
    pullover and blue trousers,
    and carrying a brown bag.
   He's holding a branch in
    his right hand.
Your turn!
Your turn!

   The scene takes place at night.
   The people are building a
    puzzle… a very strange puzzle.
   On the left there is a man on a
    ladder holding a piece of the
   The man and woman in the
    middle are walking into the
Your turn!
Your turn!
   It's a drawing of some birds
    in a tree.
   There is a plane dropping
    hamburgers by parachute.
   There is just one tree left in
    the forest, the others have all
    been cut down.
   The birds look sad, like they
    don't want hamburgers.
   They want more trees!
Your turn!

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