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									                                                   A few days in the land of fire and ice...
                                                   Iceland is one of the world’s most exciting destinations, with a landscape shaped by volcanoes

                                                   and glaciers, and a culture descended from the vikings. For this short break we base ourselves in
                                                   the capital city of Reykjavik, the world’s most northerly capital city which also claims to be the
                                                   greenest city in the world.

                                                   Our base is the Hotel Cabin , situated a 20 minute walk from the centre and
                                                   close to the city’s largest geothermal pools. The hotel fares well on TripAdvisor (clean, efficient,
                                                   but small rooms) and the package includes continental breakfast.

                                                   Some things we can see and do...
          Iceland short break
                                                   • See the city. The most famous landmark is Hallgrimskirkja, ie
•   Fri Mar 13th 2009                                Hallgrim's Church. Visitors can climb to the observation deck for
•   3 nights                                         panoramic views over the city(£2). Outside is the statue of
•   £199pp (twin share)*                             explorer Leif Ericson. There’s also city hall situated by a lake
•   £229pp (sgl occ)*                                named “Tjörnin“ (“the pond”), the National Museum (£3), and at
                                                     the Medieval Manuscripts exhibition at the Culture House
• Special Offer ends 20th October 2008!              (£1.50) you can see the documents from the Viking age, the
                                                     Eddas, as well as other exhibitions.
(*offer is flights and hotel)
                                                   • The Blue Lagoon spa ~£20pp inc bus. Possibly the world's most famous spa? Situated out near
                                                     the airport, we can do daytime or evening visits.

                                                   • Geothermal pools in the city. The one by the hotel is the largest and costs about £2 admission.

                                                   • Golden Circle self drive day ~£12pp. Hire cars ourselves for the
                                                     day (it's much cheaper than organised tours and easy to do -
                                                     driving on the left) and see the three big hits in the Reykjavik
                                                     area - 1) Geysir volcanic thermal area with geysers, thermal
                                                     vents, fumaroles, mud pools, etc, 2) Gullfoss, the golden
                                                     waterfalls, 3) Þingvellir the lava moonscape where 1000 years
                                                     ago the icelanders created the world's oldest surviving
                                                     democratic parliament. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. We
                                                     could also take in a geothermally heated greenhouse, swim in a
                                                     geothermally heated river, visit a volcano crater lake, or
                                                     Iceland’s largest geothermal power plant.

                                                   • Visit the Perlan (The Pearl) revolving restaurant for dinner with
                                                     360 degree views of the city. This 86ft high
                                                     dome also houses the Saga Museum (£5) which tells the story
                                                     of the thousand-year-old Icelandic sagas.

                                                   Maxine and I have booked ourselves on this short break, and are advertising this trip because it’s
                                                   more fun with friends. All the details are suggestions and you should book your own flights and
                                                   accommodation package. If you’re coming, I suggest you get cracking, as the website on which
                                                   we found this offer (Travelzoo -
                                                   utm_source=top20_uk&utm_medium=email_top20 ) says it will end on October 20th. Once we’re
                                                   there you’re welcome to do your own thing or join in with a group activity at any time. If you’re
                                                   coming, let me know -

    Suggested Itinerary                            Andy
    Fri     2100 flight Manchester-Reykjavik
    Sat     See the city
    Sun     Self drive day - Golden Circle tour
    Mon     More city time then 1730 fly home

    Iceland Air
    MAN 13-3-2009 2100 arr KEF 2335,
    KEF 16-3-2009 1730 arr MAN 2005
    Duration ~3.5hrs

    How To Book
    Select “Iceland City Break - Manchester”
    (Or London if you prefer!)
    Date = 13/3/2009
    Away you go!

    Oh and we suggest declining the return
    FlyBus option into the city as we may end
    up doing a city-Blue Lagoon-airport deal
    on the return day. Otherwise, you can
    book FlyBus at a later date just as cheaply.

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