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									Subject: Health and Public Services Committee
Work Programme
Report Number: 6
Report to: Health and Public Services Committee

Date:          12 November 2009

Report of: Executive Director of Secretariat

 1.      Recommendation

 1.1    That the Committee notes the revised draft work programme in paragraph 3.5, and the
        progress listed in Annex A.

2.      Background

2.1     The work programme agreed by the Committee at its meeting on 16 September 2009 is below.

        Date of meeting                  Topic
        14 October 2009 tbc              Possible extra business meeting, if needed
        22 October 2009                  Care and support services for older Londoners - informal
                                         listening event for older Londoners
        25 November 2009                 Care and support services for older Londoners – questions to
                                         professional stakeholders
        November/December tba            Health Inequalities Strategy, possible extra meeting, if needed
        20 January 2010                  The impact of the recession on voluntary sector mental health
        3 March 2010                     The impact of the first polyclinics in London

2.2     The current meeting has been called to discuss the Mayor’s draft Health Inequalities Strategy, item 5
        of this agenda. The possible extra business meeting indicated for 14 October was not required and
        was cancelled

3.      Issues for Consideration

3.1     This meeting is the fifth meeting of the Committee in the current municipal year, and the third
        meeting which was not scheduled in its original timetable. There are currently three more
        scheduled. Consideration needs to be given to the workload of the Committee and its officers in

City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA
Enquiries: 020 7983 4100 minicom: 020 7983 4458 www.london.gov.uk
      setting the programme for the rest of the year to ensure that issues are dealt with in sufficient depth
      and properly carried through.

      Voluntary Sector Mental Health Services

3.2   Outline scoping for this review suggests that the Committee could add the most value to existing
      work in this area by mainstreaming the issue through its work on the Mayor’s Health Inequalities
      Strategy and home care support for older people rather than conduct a separate investigation into
      this area. The meeting scheduled for 20 January 2010 is therefore currently not allocated to a topic.
      A possibility would be to cancel the meeting but to use the time thus freed up for an informal
      discussion of next year’s work programme.


3.3   Given the workload pressures mentioned in paragraph 3.1 above and the novelty of the
      establishment of polyclinics, there may be benefit in holding over that topic till the 2010/11
      programme. The March meeting is currently allocated to this topic.

      March 2010 meeting

3.4   If the Committee agrees to postpone consideration of polyclinics, the March 2010 meeting might be
      used instead for the Committee’s annual discussion on the NHS in London with Ruth Carnall (Chief
      Executive, NHS London) and Simon Tanner (Regional Director of Public Health for London), as well
      as an in-depth exploration of London’s response to swine ‘flu, inviting a range of guests such as a
      GP and an acute trust representative, as well as Simon Tanner and Ruth Carnall. This discussion
      could focus on lessons learned from the way the virus has been managed so far, including the
      success of the vaccination programme, the impact of the pandemic on primary and secondary NHS
      care, and the use of antiviral drugs. Current projections suggest that the number of swine ‘flu cases
      will rise over the winter, and may start to fall in the spring, so the March meeting could be an
      excellent time to take stock of the situation.

      Revised work programme

3.5   In the light of the above points, a draft work programme for the remainder of 2009/10 is outlined
      below. Progress against the work programme is set out at Annex A.

      Date of meeting                   Topic
      25 November 2009                  Care and support services for older Londoners – questions to
                                        professional stakeholders
      20 January 2010                   Not allocated.
      3 March 2010                      Annual discussion with Ruth Carnall and Simon Tanner, and
                                        discussion on swine ‘flu

4.    Strategy Implications

4.1   This report may be relevant to the Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy.

5.    Legal Implications

5.1   The Committee has the power to do what is recommended in this report.

6.    Financial Implications

6.1   There are no direct financial implications to the GLA arising from this report.

Background Papers:   Agenda and Minutes of the Health and Public Services Committee: 16 September
                     Diana Kahn
                     020 7983 4420

                                                                                                                                      Annex A

                                         Progress Against Agreed Work Programme 2008/2009

Review Topic                           Date of Review Hearing                 Launch of [draft] report        Final Report to Committee

Swine ‘flu                             6 May 2009,16 September 2009 and 3     May 2009 Key points published   n/a
                                       March 2010 (tba)                       on website

Violence against women                 23 June 2009                           Response to consultation        Report for information to 16
                                                                              published 31 July               September Committee meeting.

NHS London                             24 June 2009 and 3 March 2010 (tba)    n/a                             n/a

Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy   12 November 2009                       January 2010                    n/a

Recession and mental health            Topic no longer to be considered       n/a                             n/a

Care and Support services              16 September 2009 and 25 November      Spring 2010 – tba               Spring/summer 2010
                                       2009. Listening event 22 October

Polyclinics                            Postpone till 2010/11                  n/a                             n/a


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