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AAB Application by AllAboutBusiness


									                                                                                                                       AAB ApplicAtion

MeMbership requireMents:
    I, ______________________________ understand that the key word in networking is the word WORK.
    I am willing to do the following:
              1) I will read, study and teach the principles taught in the education materials provided.
              2) I will implement these teachings into my business and personal life.
              3) I will learn and use my 30 second commercial.
              4) I will invite and recruit two new members per year, or pay $25 to All About Business for each person
                  I did not recruit by the end of the year, (maximum of $50* per year).
              5) I will give 2 solid referrals per month to members of All About Business, or pay $5 per referral
                  I did not give each month, (maximum of $10* per month).
                  6) I will attend 75% of the meetings per each calendar quarter.
                  7) I understand that my contact information will be posted on the All About Business Online Community
                  8) I will not spam members of All About Business with non-business bulk emails (no “forwards”,
    	                	 political,	religious,	financial	information).
                  9) I will protect the information of my fellow members as if it were my own and guard its privacy.
    	           10)		 I	will	fulfill	my	obligations	to	the	group	and	follow	the	guidelines	as	stated.		Should	I	fail	to	do	so,	
                        I understand that I may be asked to surrender my membership and I will forfeit all fees paid.
    	           11)		 I	will	take	the	All	About	Business	Self-Analysis	and	would	like	to	advance	my	business	skills	to	the	
                        master business level during the next year.
    													 all	fines	collected	will	be	retained	for	periodic	group	activities

      Name:                                                                        Phone:

      Business Name:                                                               Fax:

      Industry:                                                                    Email:

      Referred by:                                                                 Date:

    All About business office only:
    Business Discovery Assigned to                                                              Date

    Reported to Group (date):

    Voted on by secret ballot and approved by 75% of Membership in Attendance (date):

    Membership Approved by Board of Directors (date):
    Membership fee of $300 paid to Chapter (date:)               •                •

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