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									                   Leadership Lessons from
                      Horse Whispering
                                               1/2 July 2009

“The principles of horse whispering and the horses               Presenters – Marie Faire & Hilary Miles
we work with demonstrate in the most                             Marie is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership.
extraordinary way the effect of our communication                She is an experienced and highly regarded
and what it takes to be a leader worth following.                consultant, facilitator and presenter. Marie works
The experience of this workshop receives                         in partnership with a large number of Chief
consistently high feedback developing the capacity               Executives, directors, senior managers and their
of participants in a profound and impactful way.”                teams helping them to clarify and manifest their
Marie Faire                                                      vision, challenge their thinking and develop
                                                                 effective strategy through people. She has a MA
All of us, as leaders face the challenge to create               in Management Learning and is a NLP Trainer.
vision, motivation and inspiration, provide clear
communication, have good awareness and be                        Hilary is a highly skilled 'Horse Whisperer' who has
flexible and responsive. These are also the                      trained with Monty Roberts, the originator of this
principles of horse whispering.                                  approach. She continues to work with the
                                                                 originators of these methods from the USA and UK
Often there is a gap between theory and practice,                Hilary combines her skill and passion for horses
between what we know and what we do. In this                     with her talent as a coach with people.
2-day residential programme you will discover
where some of those gaps are and how to become                   "This was one of the most powerful development
a more effective leader and communicator.                        experiences I have had and I haven't stopped
                                                                 talking about it since. More importantly, I have
Working with horses, participants come face to                   changed the way I do some things at work to
face with their personal challenges of leadership                improve how the organisation is led and how we
and communication. It is profound learning and                   communicate. "
development. Personal coaching, both in the ring                 JC, Director
and outside; observing others and group
discussion, clarifies the principles and lessons for             Cost
effective leadership in theory and in personal                   £750 + VAT (£862.50). The fee for this 2-day
practice.                                                        programme includes all meals, and overnight
                                                                 accommodation. A bursary may be available in
Please note that the work with horses is on the                  particular circumstances.
ground and no riding is involved.
                                                                 Limited Numbers
“The amazing thing about this experience is that                 Each course is limited to 6 participants only
the horse, unlike people, does not have an axe to
grind and does not have an alternative agenda;                   Venue
this means that relationships develop based on                   Malthouse Barn Stud, nr Haywards Heath, Sussex
your leadership and mutual trust. The sceptics
may think this has no relevance to the workplace                 Booking
but having participated I can assure you quite the               To book please contact us at
opposite is true. The course is rich in examples                 info@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk
that translate to the workplace and leading                      or call 01380 859106.
KT, Director                                                     Also see: www.thebeyondpartnership.co.uk

                            The Beyond Partnership Ltd, 2 Holbrook, Bromham, Wiltshire, SN15 2DH
                 Tel: 01380 859106 Email: info@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk www.thebeyondpartnership.co.uk

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