Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen… by asafwewe


Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

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									Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…
Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

                          Prescient is a new product range designed to enhance your PMS system and allow all
 Introduction             users to benefit from an electronic case file.

                          Prescient includes:-
                          Matter Management with or without Workflow
                          Document Management
                          Automated Processes
                          Document Scanning
                          Performance Monitoring and Exception Reporting
                          Client Contacts/Event Management (CRM)

                          Matter Management is the electronic file. Fee Earners whose work does not lend itself
                          to the standardisation required by Case Management, i.e. pre-determined workflows
                          and diary actions, can still benefit from matter-centric electronic file organisation, email
                          management and fast document production. In short, “Case management without the
                          straight jacket!”

                          Those users who wish to operate a pre-determined process simply add the Workflow
                          Module to Matter Management. Matter Management together with Workflow replaces
                          the old Norwel Case Management module.

                          All Prescient modules are fully integrated to the Norwel core Accounting and Time
                          Recording PMS system.
 Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

                           Provides a complete electronic file
Matter Management

                           • Configurable Client Inception screens to streamline inception procedure and assist with
                              the capture of key information; Risk Management, Money Laundering, Marketing, etc.
                           • Matter Contact Management. Simplifies Matter Inception by enabling party allocation
                              and maintenance from within the Desktop as part of the inception process. (Replacing
                              the Matter Addressbook and Party Maintenance applications).
                           • Standard email, Letter and Document Production with automatic completion of all
                              Client, Matter and Case information.
                           • Document and email Version Control.
                           • Check-In Check-Out Document Locking.
                           • Free Text Searching.
                           • Document Pre-Viewer supporting all leading document formats.
                           • Free-text Notes can be recorded against individual document entries.
                           • Document-type / Notes icons for visual reference.
                           • Easy Document Sorting on screen using drag-and-drop of column headings.
                           • Advanced Search, Sort and Filter Document options.
                           • Enhanced Document Bundling.
                           • Sizeable/Hidden Search and Functions Panels (for full screen operation).
                           • Outlook Email integration. Respond to and process emails from within the Matter
                              Management Desktop. Full access to own and colleagues’ Outlook Inboxes.
                           • Drag & drop incoming Emails, Documents, Images, Web pages into current matter or
                              matter listing (eliminates current Save to Norwel function).
                           • Drafts, Authorisation and Supervision of emails.
                           • Auto copying of emails to Supervisors, for Risk management and Compliance.
                           • Integration with Outlook Calendar (and Task Lists) including central “Court“ Calendars.
                           • Risk Management Summary View (Notes, Conflicts etc.).
                           • Multiple Document Build with Multiple Parties.
                           • Fully integrated VB Scripting, including access to all key Norwel functions to permit
                              tailoring/automation: e.g. present user with “pop-up” menus or bespoke Search
                              panels; streamline/validate data entry; link and pass information to 3rd party
                              applications (e.g. internet).
                           • New bespoke “Home” screen can display detailed summary of current case.
                           • Ability to embed fully-interactive HTML forms into Desktop. Completion of information
                              on each form updates Progress and Case Details screens with key information.
                              E.g. Support/Case Plans.

                           Optional addition to case management

                           • Advanced conditional branching.
                           • New Mini ‘To Do’ list (within progress screen allows direct action of steps by matter).
                           • Auto Time recording against steps.
                           • New icons against steps identify what’s behind a step.
        Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

                                  Introduces to the current Document Register the following functions
     Document Management
                                  • Version Control
                                  • Check In Check Out document locking
                                  • Free Text Search.

                                  Matter Based Requisitions
NAP Norwel Automated Processing
                                  • Online Requisitions
                                  • Payments : Cheques, BACS Payments, TTs, Petty Cash
                                  • Transfers : Client to Office, Client to Client /Deposit
                                  • Receipts: Notification of Client and Bill receipts

                                  • Standard templates keeps input to a minimum, codes and descriptions are automatic.
                                  • Authorisation levels are controlled by user-defined limits. Value of transaction.
                                  • When amount breaches the initial limit a single authoriser is required, breaching a
                                      second limit requires 2 authorisations.
                                  • A user can be set to require authorisation for all transaction requests i.e. trainee
                                  • Requests for authorisation are submitted to the authoriser (partner/department head).
                                  • Pop up submission box appears on authoriser’s desktop.
                                  • Reminders can be set at timed intervals.
                                  • The status of any transaction can be checked online.
                                  • Pending requests can be sorted on screen by any item of data, e.g. all cheques,
                                      or TTs etc.
                                  • Accounts users control the updating process.
                                  • Posting slips can be printed for the file (optional).
                                  • Laser Cheques are produced if appropriate.
                                      Remittance advice slips are printed (when relevant).
                                  • Electronic output files (e.g. BACS) are created.
                                  • All activity is logged within the online audit files.
                                  • Authorisation requests can be pre-defined and attached to diary steps within the
                                      workflow module. Concluding the step displays a transaction template for completion
                                      by the user.

                                  In addition to the Matter Based Requisitions future development will include: Purchase
                                  Orders, Expenses Processing, and Client Inception.

                                  Post Room Automation with optional client matter allocation (automatic and
   Scanning Interface Module      manual) with recipient notification.
         Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

                                    Holistic view of Firm, Branch/ Team and Fee Earners
MPR Monthly Performance Reporting   performance/ contribution
                                    • Business development and objectives aligned to the Business Plan.
                                    •   Marketing Spend v Budget, attributable to Team.
                                    •   Matter Exception Report.
                                    •   New clients introduced to the Firm or Team.
                                    Financials and KPI’s
                                    • Displays Financial information by Partner, Branch, Teams, Departments etc. for the
                                        current month and year to date, Actual v Target.
                                    • Gross contribution with % variances for Hours, Cash Received, Fees, Margin and free
                                        text Comments.
                                    • Top 5 WIP Balances showing Fee Estimates.
                                    • Top 5 Debt Balances plus WIP figure.
                                    • Head of Dept Comments on outstanding Debt.
                                    • Debt Total Current 1 month 2+ months.

                                    Team Performance Review
                                    • Non Financial for Team Development with;
                                        Objectives, Actions Taken, Outcome, Actions Required, Obstacles to Progress and
                                        Specific Successes.
                                    • Team objectives to include agreed business development or other team objectives
                                        aligned to the firms Business Plan.

                                    Team performance
                                    • Marketing spend, versus budget, attributable to that team or practice area.
                                    • Clients new to the business, and new to the team.
                                    • Objective is to draw clear correlations between business development activity and the
                                        generation of new business

                                    Online Matter Exceptions: Removes the need for ledger balance reports

                                    • User Pre Defined Exceptions i.e. Matters approaching or surpassed fee estimate,
                                        Matters inactive for X months.
                                    • Displays Client and Matter Exceptions by Dept, Team and Matter Assistant.
                                    • Notes can be added which are date stamped, and can be sorted by exception, date and
                                        created by columns.
                                    • Context sensitive Client and Matter Information panel is also displayed showing Client
                                        Partner, Matter Partner, Financial Balances Total Bills and WIP and last postings.

                                    User Defined Action Buttons may include

                                    • Pay Bill via Client account, Return Funds to Client, Increase Fees Estimate, Change
                                        Matter Assistant, Mark file for closure, etc.
                                    • Usage of Action Buttons automatically creates a system generated note, date stamped.
                                    • The bottom viewing panel can also WEB content.
           Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

                                         The new Client Contacts/Event Management (CRM) replaces the old Norwel
Client Contacts/Event Management (CRM)
                                         Marketing Module.

                                         Managing Contacts
                                         • Managing ‘My Contacts’ list.
                                         • Managing Contact data including marketing information such as interests and
                                            potential work types.
                                         • Adding new contacts.
                                         • Conflict searching.

                                         Event Maintenance (Fee Earner)
                                         The above plus:

                                         • Access to relevant Events/lists.
                                         • Adding/removing contacts from lists.
                                         • Email shots from lists.

                                         Event Management
                                         The above plus:

                                         • Create/manage events.
                                         • List management – monitoring accepts, declines, confirms attended.
                                         • Produce and manage mail shots.
                                         • Produce and manage email shots.

                                         Future Web based Developments Include
                                         Managing web facilities such as:

                                         • Capture and manage unsubscribes, opt in/outs and bounce backs
                                         • Receive and manage accepted/declined invitations
                                         • Auto update mailing lists with client requests
                                         • Manage data amendments
                                         • Receive and manage secure payments.

                                         Provision of web facilities to clients including

                                         • Update their database details.
                                         • Opt in/out of your marketing activities.
                                         • Accept or decline invitations.
                                         • Sign up for e-shots and mailers.
                                         • Register for seminars and courses.
                                         • Make secure payments.
         Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

                                    Interface with Advance Secure Technologies
      Digital Laser Cheques
                                    A Digital Cheque System with approved input file which provides a secure laser cheque
                                    service offering a custom cheques product with a Norwel guaranteed layout.
                                    The benefits include:-

                                    • Increased security as cheque stocks do not contain any confidential bank details.
                                    • Eliminates stock wastage.
                                    • No bursting required, no spoiled/wastage of cheques.
                                    • Eliminates multiple account stationery.
                                    • Cheques can be sorted and printed as required - the secure MICR ink is applied at the
                                        same time as the personalisation infill.
                                    • Audit number validation via website.
                                    • Encrypted digital signing - eliminates manual signing.
                                    • Ensures APACS best practice compliance.

                                    Client Information Portal
Future Developments for Prescient   • Fees This Year, Fees Last Year
                                    • WIP Write-Offs This Year
                                    • Annual Fees Estimate

                                    Matters: Six most recent cases opened.

                                    • Workflow: Next six steps, by date, on matters for that client.
                                    • Credit Control: Bills In Draft Stage – Total Outstanding Bills – Total Value, Outstanding
                                        Bills List.
                                    • Firms Risk Assessment, Total Lock-Up.

                                    Marketing: Contacts at the Client, Events/Mailshots.

                                    • Six most recent recorded transactions, plus narrative.
                                    • The last six documents produced for the Client.
                                    • Auto Screen Pop link to the clients website.
                                    • A predefined search (e.g. Google or Mintel) on the client’s name.

                                    Partners Information Portal
                                    Access to generic items such as:

                                    • Board Minutes
                                    • Firms Balance Sheet
                                    • Firms Insurance Policies
                                    • BUPA arrangements, etc.

                                    Personal Documents held by the Firm e.g. personal tax returns, car leases,
                                    pension plans etc.
                      Knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen…

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