If You Have Chronic Asthma You Need A Good Chronic Asthma Treatment Plan

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    Asthma is caused by different triggering factors. The most common triggers are pollution, dust, pollen, and air
     irritants. Asthma sufferers may notice a change in their asthma during pregnancy. Some have fewer attacks;
                                                  others have more.
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              If You Have Chronic Asthma You Need A Good Chronic Asthma Treatment Plan
                                                                  By Bob Hughes

   An effective chronic asthma treatment plan is mandatory if you have chronic asthma. Chronic
Asthma is the most severe form of asthma. It means that you have very frequent and many times
almost constant asthma signs and symptoms. Your asthma attacks come much more frequently than
with other types of asthma. Your entire life is affected by having chronic asthma.

A chronic asthma treatment plan should include reducing your asthma signs and symptoms, identifying
and avoiding your asthma triggers, healing and improving your respiratory system, minimizing the side
effects of your prescription medications, and curing your asthma.

What I have found is that most people with chronic asthma or any other type of asthma for that matter,
do not have an effective chronic asthma treatment plan. I believe it is because the mainstream medical
community wants to get you on prescription drugs and have you stay there. With the billions of dollars
being spent on prescription asthma medications every year, why would the drug companies want you
to be cured?

Lets go over the three major parts of an effective chronic asthma treatment plan:

1. You Must Figure Out What Your Asthma Triggers Are - since your asthma symptoms are caused by
you coming in contact with one or more of your asthma triggers, you have to stay away from them.
Asthma triggers is just the fancy name given to those things that cause you to have your asthma
symptoms. If you don't know what your asthma triggers are you must find out.

2. Regulate Your Prescription Asthma Medications - if you are taking prescription medications, you
must work with your doctor to make sure that you are on the most effective medication for your
circumstances. Getting the proper dosage is also very important. As contact with your asthma triggers
increases or decreases your medications will probably have to be adjusted. The wrong dose and the
drugs won't be as effective. You also don't want to be taking more than is required because that
increases the likelihood of those nasty and sometimes dangerous side effects that all prescription
medications have.

3. Get Started On A Natural Asthma Treatment - in case you weren't aware, your prescription asthma
medications will not cure your asthma. What they try to do is control your asthma symptoms. That

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means that you will have to take them for the rest of your life. Even if they worked very well (which they
don't) and had no dangerous side effects (which they do), why would you want to take them for the
rest of your life?

There are many natural asthma treatments and cures available that will greatly reduce your asthma
symptoms and in many cases completely eliminate them for ever. They do this without the dangerous
side effects and also work to help your body heal and strengthen both your immune and respiratory

Once you put together an effective chronic asthma treatment plan you will see the quality of your life
improve to the point that you can begin living normally again. You will spend less and less time with
your emergency inhaler until you find that you don't even need it anymore.

Bob Hughes is an expert in the field of asthma. To find out more about a good chronic asthma
treatment plan visit his site at: ent.html

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                                                         Allergic Asthma Treatment
                                                              By Roger Thompson

 Allergic asthma treatment is often a necessary treatment for those asthma sufferers that face asthma
attacks that are triggered or brought on by allergies that they have. Those that have allergic asthma
are known to have chronic inflammatory conditions within their breathing airways. Those that face
allergic types of asthma will have an asthma attack that is brought on by the various types of contact
with such things as they are allergic to such as dust, pollen, dander and even mold. The treatment for
this type of asthma is important to take note of although the treatment method often starts by learning
what the allergy is.

Those that have allergic forms of asthma are those that often have the same types of symptoms as
other asthma patients. It is estimated that about 60 percent of those that suffer from asthma actually
have allergic asthma. The symptoms of an attack are the same as other asthma in that shortness of
breath, changing breathing patterns, pain in the chest area, wheezing, coughing and rapid breathing
are all experienced by those that suffer from this form of asthma. The most common way to get this
type of asthma is to inherit it from a parent or relative that has had allergic asthma.

As far as treatment goes, the first step is to determine the allergn to individual and then to avoid that
allergen. In doing this, the frequency of allergic reactions will happen. The same medications that are
used to treat other asthma sufferers such as anti inflammatory, are used to treat those that suffer from
allergic asthma. In addition, there are other medications that can be taken to limit the reaction that the
body has to the allergen thereby lower the frequency of the asthma reactions. Those that face asthma
should determine if allergic asthma may be behind their asthma. If so, avoiding the trigger to that
allergy will help in minimizing the asthma attacks.

Roger Thompson writes about asthma,health related Issues and jobs for

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