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Janet Collin grew up in the Netherlands, raised by a Dutch father by asafwewe


Janet Collin grew up in the Netherlands, raised by a Dutch father

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									Janet Collin grew up in the Netherlands, raised by a       British medieval royal history, heraldry, 15th century
Dutch father and Austrian-Italian mother. She spent        armour and historic love affairs continue to be strong
much of her life travelling the world before training in   influences for Collins collections, an obsession that
product design in the Netherlands and Paris. Whilst        grew from childhood visits to castles in England and
working as a product designer in San Francisco, Collin     Scotland. The fascination went so far that Collin’s
soon realised her career would soon take a different       design studio relocated from London to be nearer the
route as she began to create handbags for herself and      Scottish border with its castles and medieval battle
friends which lead strangers to place orders.              fields. “I absolutely love to be reminded on a daily
                                                           basis of our rich history, it is incredibly inspiring to
Collin’s mother was a strong influence on her future
                                                           wonder through historic sites and ruins and imagine
career, once a ballet dancer in Vienna. “When my
                                                           what life was like. To study medieval armour with all its
mum moved to the Netherlands she was the gossip
                                                           intricate detailing and imagine the big feast in the great
of the town, always dressed in haute couture fashion,
                                                           hall, visitors arriving on horses and most dramatically
matching handbag and gloves, very glamorous like
                                                           the danger and freezing winters”. This inspiration and
she did when she was still living in Vienna. Her fashion
                                                           her background in industrial design is visible in the
philosophy was to always dress up when you go out,
                                                           custom designed hardware.
even if it’s just for groceries. She inspired me to be
creative, to the point of complete addiction!”             Collin likes her designs to surprise; one of the first
                                                           bags was created with an additional handle inviting the
Collin returned to London and accepted a design
                                                           wearer to wear it how they choose. Each bag comes
position at Mulberry where she was intrinsic at putting
                                                           with a trinket mirror encased in leather and embossed
the brand back on the hottest fashion lists creating
                                                           with the Collin emblem. The trinket mirrors have
a host of must-have bags. A powerful contender in
                                                           quickly become the distinguishing design feature on
luxury goods Janet Collin’s impressive CV reads like a
                                                           the bags season to season. The handbags are created
who’s who of the fashion industry with collaborations
                                                           out of hand selected Italian suede and leather.
ranging from Matthew Williamson, COS, US giant
Banana Republic to Louis Vuitton.                          Collin’s aim is to push people’s conceptions of what
                                                           a handbag can and should be; pure functionality that
Collin launched her debut collection in Spring Summer
                                                           excludes fuss and unnecessary decoration, a signature
2006 and her collection was immediately picked
                                                           that has become an attribute of each collection.
up by speciality and department stores in the UK,
USA and Japan. Collin has since become one of the
key designers in the world of luxury accessories,
expanding her business whilst enforcing strong
international brand integrity.

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