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									Project Portfolio Data Collection Worksheet Template

Data Element
1 2 3 4 5 Project Name Start Date Department/Agency Project Manager Project Sponsor

Name of project. Project names must be unique. Actual start date if project has already started; otherwise, an estimated start date. Name of agency, office, department, board, council. The person who provides overall management to the project. The person who provides executive team approval and sponsorship for the project. Has budget ownership for the project and is the major stakeholder and recipient for the project deliverables. Activity distinguishes whether this is a project or proposed project, support activity, collaboration activity or other type of activity: Project, Support, Collaboration, Other Characterizes the project as: Active; Cancelled; Closed; On Hold; Proposed; Unknown Program name is entered if the project is one of several related projects managed under a defined program umbrella; examples of Programs are None; CRIMNET; DTE; HIPAA; Other; Unknown Primary indicator of project scope: Agency Unique; Enterprise (used by all agencies); Shared Service (used by two or more agencies); Unknown Primary motivation driving the project: Mandatory or Legal; Mitigation of Operational Risk; Strategic; Other; Unknown Primary category describing the project: Infrastructure; Maintenance or Operations; New Application; Other; Unknown Primary expected project outcome: Customer Satisfaction; Maintenance; Reduced Cost; Other; Unknown Type of project: Business Process; Information System; Infrastructure; Other; Unknown Primary funding source: Bonding; Federal; State General Fund; State Other; Other; Unknown Optional to be used if agency wishes to identify a Division or Bureau Email address of state employee Project Manager Organizational manager having management responsibility for successful execution and outcomes of the project. In many instances, the Project Manager may report organizationally to the owner. Business Case exists for the project: Yes (attach a copy); No; Not required Scope Statement exists for the project: Yes (attach a copy); No; Not required Status Report exists for the project: Yes (attach a copy); No; Not required Risk Management plan implemented for the project: Yes; No; NA Color coded budget status, consistent with the monthly status report template: Green (controlled or performing as expected); Yellow (caution); Red (critical status); Unknown. Plus and minus signs vary the appraisal within these categories. Schedule Status -- see Budget Status Scope Status -- see Budget Status Overall status of project -- see Budget Status Estimated or actual date of project completion. Cumulative direct and indirect costs budgeted for project. Includes labor, hardware, software, and other. Labor amount includes internal IT labor, internal business labor, and external labor. Actual costs expended to date. Estimate of remaining costs to complete the project.

Project A

Unknown Unknown



7 8

Stage Program



Project Scope


10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Primary Project Driver Project Category Primary Project Outcome Project Type Primary Funding Source Organization Project Manager Email Project Owner

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown None None None

18 19 20 21 22

Business Case Scope Statement Status Report Risk Management Plan Implemented Budget Status

No No No No Unknown

23 24 25 26 27

Schedule Status Scope Status Overall Status Finish Date Approved Budget

Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/13/2008 $0

28 29

Actual Costs to Date Forecasted Remaining Costs to Complete

$0 $0

Project Portfolio Data Collection Worksheet Template v8 Date: 8/12/2008

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