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Budget Template for Building Website

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									Budget Template for Building a Website
This budget template can be used to work out the costs of developing a website with your web developer. Enter into cell B4 the daily web developer rate eg $550, enter the estimated number of days to undertake each activity and then enter a formula in column C to calculate the fee. average daily rate for outsourced web developer $ Tasks Stage 1: Technical specifications Scoping the project (ie finalising scope, functions, deliverables and costs) Stage 2: The development Project management (approx 5 meetings, reporting, liaising etc) Graphic design (eg look and feel, navigation buttons) General programming (creating navigation and meta-tags, creating maintenance templates etc) Specific programming of functional elements eg > Search engine software and interface > Online forms (eg membership application forms) > Promotional features (eg competition, games and surveys) Estimated Days Fee

Stage 3: Delivery and deployment Training Documentation Approximately 5% contingency allowance Totals Web server and hosting costs Registration of domain name Web hosting with an ISP inc. email addresses/discussion group etc

Additional posible costs Creation of a database Database annual licence fee Populating database with content Technical testing Register with search engines Database and infrastructure advice from consultant Legal (eg contract with web developer, copyright advice) Content writer @ $50/hr Usability testing (target audience test-drive the site for feedback) E-commerce solution (annual license and connection to a bank) Software for uploading new content (eg DreamWeaver) Site traffic and usage software or service (annual license) Search engine registration services Marketing and promotion (advertising new site in traditional media)

Total $

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