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					                                Grafton College                                                              Ref:

                                             Of Management Sciences
                                Union House, 65-69 Shepherds Bush Green, Shepherds Bush, London W12 8TX                PLEASE
                                     Telephone: 0044 208 749 8367, 0800 107 3276 Fax: 0044 208 749 8369
                                       Email: Web:                    ATTACH ONE
                                                                                                                    PASSPORT SIZE
                                                                 DUBLIN                                             PHOTOGRAPH
                                                     7 Gardiner Row Dublin 1 Ireland
                                     Telephone: 00353 1 872 6597, 00353 1 872 6599 Fax: 00353 1 872 6591

                                                   APPLICATION FORM

                                Please read the terms and conditions before completing this form

                    Please ensure that the application is fully completed using CAPITAL LETTERS.
                                  Tick as appropriate, and comment where necessary.
         Should you wish to provide additional details in support of your application, please use a separate sheet.


Mr                Mrs                Miss                    Ms                Nationality
Family Name
                                                                               Passport No
First Name                                                                                                 Day      Month       Year
                                                                                Date of Birth

Address [UK/IRELAND]                                                      Address [if OVERSEAS]

Telephone                                                                 Telephone

Mobile                                                                    Mobile

Email                                                                     Email


Location         LONDON                        DUBLIN


     Choice 1:
     Choice 2:
     Choice 3:

SESSION           January 200                   April 200                         September 200                      Other
                                                                                                                     (English Language only)
MODE (Overseas students requiring a student visa may only take full-time courses)

                  Full time                                 Part Time (Day)                         Part Time (Evening)

   Previous educational qualifications

   Course Title          Examination Body   Date Awarded             Grade %         Subjects Passed

   Examinations to be taken/results pending

   Course Title          Examination Body   Date Awarded             Grade %         Subjects Passed


Is English your first language?                         Yes                     No

Have you attended any English language courses?         Yes                     No
                                                  (Please attach evidence)

Have you taken IELTS or TOEFL?                          Yes                     No

                                                If “yes” what was your score?

                                                Date passed:


 Please list any work experience you may have
                       Name of
 Job Title                                  Full/Part Time            From            To

Self                   To be arranged by College


 How do you intend to finance your studies?

 Who will finance your course fees and living expenses?


 To help us provide assistance if possible please state briefly any disabilities requiring special support or

 Please give reasons for choosing this programme of study

 What are your future education plans?

How did you hear about the College?

Agent                  Friend             Internet           Leaflet                     Magazine

Newspaper              Radio              Staff              Word of mouth               Other

All students must ensure that they read the following terms and conditions of admission before they sign the
application form.

    1.    All courses at Grafton College are open to applicants aged 18 and over.
    2.    Admission for a course, together with the payment of the fee/required deposit, constitutes a binding agreement on
          the student to follow the courses and pay the full tuition fees.
    3.    The minimum entry requirements for each course are as set out in the College prospectus.
    4.    A payment of £75* in addition to the tuition fee is required as a registration fee for London campus. This fee is non-
          * European students enrolling for an English language course will pay £30 registration fee.
          There is no registration fee for students wanting to study at Grafton College Dublin.
    5.    Once a student has been accepted on the course, a full one year tuition fee (or the full tuition fee for courses less
          than 12 months) is required in order to obtain official documents from the College for visa application purposes.
    6.    International students who have resided within the UK or Ireland for a period of 1 year or more are entitled to pay
          local fee rates.
    7.    All tuition fees must be paid in full from the period of commencement of the course. At the discretion of the
          College principal, students at the College’s London campus may be allowed to pay their fees in instalments (a
          charge of £50 applies for paying in instalments), where the remaining balance must be cleared within the first three
          months of commencing the course.
    8.    All bank charges must be paid by the student.
    9.    If a payment is made via cheque, but this cheque cannot be cleared, the student will be charged a fee of £35
          (London campus only).
    10.   Tuition fees are not refundable after the commencement of the course. If the student requests the cancellation
          and/or refund before commencing the course, the College will cancel the contract and refund all money paid to
          the College by the student apart from £75* (London campus)/€100 (Dublin campus) registration fee to cover
          administrative costs. Please consult the College refund policy for more explicit information on tuition fee refunds.
          *£30 registration fee for European students wishing to study English
    11.   If a student has been refused a visa to enter the UK or Ireland, the fee paid will be refunded within 21 working
          days from the request date, apart from the sum of £75 (London) / €100 (Dublin) to cover administrative costs,
          provided the following conditions are met:
    a.    The student has not entered the UK or Ireland.
    b.    The student provides the College with the original ‘Refusal Letter’ issued by the British or Irish Consulate.
    c.    If the student has logged an appeal, the fee will only be refunded once the College receives documentary evidence
          that the appeal has been dismissed.
    d.    All original documents and receipts for fees paid issued by the College must be returned to the College.
    e.    If the student has obtained a visa using the College’s official documents and then decided not to follow the course
          at the College, the fees will not be refunded. The College reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course, if there
          is insufficient demand. If the course for which an application is made is cancelled for whatever reason, students
          will be offered an alternative course or a refund of fees.
    12.   If a student wishes the College to arrange for accommodation, a deposit of £35 is required to secure the booking
          (London campus). A letter stating that accommodation will be arranged by the College can only be obtained once
          the deposit has been paid. For accommodation options and the booking form please contact the College.
    13.   It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that external examination entries are submitted on time to the
          appropriate examining body, and that registration/examination fees for the examination board are fully paid.
    14.   Overseas students on a student visa are required to attend a full-time course of a minimum of 15 hours per week
          (day-time study). The College is unable to provide attendance certificates to students whose attendance in class is
          less than 80%. Absence through illness must be supported by a medical certificate.
    15.   The College will not facilitate any student who is in breach of the immigration rules. If a student is required by the
          immigration office to leave the UK or Ireland, because of non/poor attendance or due to any breach of law, tuition
          fees paid will not be refunded.
    16.   Behaviour that puts other students and staff at risk or in a harmful/dangerous situation will not be tolerated and
          disciplinary procedures will be implemented.
    17.   The College reserves the right to change the times of the courses, and to make changes in regulations, syllabus,
          fees, etc. without prior notice.
    18.   The information in this application form is correct at the time of going to print. However, it is subject to change at
          any time without notice.

   I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information in this form is correct. I have read the College Terms &
   Conditions. I understand and agree to abide by the conditions and regulations set out there, which I accept as a
   condition of this application.

  Applicant’s Signature

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