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									                                                                        Secure e-Commerce Solutions

                                    “    Post.Trust's PDF document
                                         signing solution, CertifIDTM,
                                         combines the essential attributes
                                         of security, authentication and

                                         trust to provide customers with a
                                         unique electronic signature.

Establish Trust Through Document Integrity

                                         The Internet has increased the risk associated with the
                                         communication of information to broad audiences.
CertifID   TM
                                         Unauthenticated communications expose you, your
  Send documents in a trusted            customers, employees, partners and investors to the
  environment.                           threat of 'Spam' emails, Virus Programs, Spy ware,
                                         Password-Capturing (Phishing) Scams and Electronic
  Obtain a CertifID            signing   Document Forgery.
  certificate in 4 simple steps.
                                         However new techniques and technologies available
  Ideal for organisations that publish   today, have also made it more secure than ever, to send
  or communicate critical or sensitive   high value content electronically, via the Internet. Users
  information                            of this technology can secure and authenticate
                                         information in order to reduce that element of risk. A
  Protects the intellectual property     recipient can trust in the technology that the message is
  rights of reports and provides proof   from you and that it has not been modified.
  of origin and signing date evidence
                                         Post.Trust's PDF document signing solution, CertifIDTM,
                                         combines    the    essential     attributes   of   security,
                                         authentication and trust to provide customers with a
                                         unique electronic signature.
CertifIDTM Process Diagram

This enables the recipient of a signed communication to         certify a PDF file. A recipient of a signed PDF files can
verify and trust the origin of the message. The recipient       trust the identity of the sender when the file has been
can also verify if the communication has been changed           signed by a trusted organization, such as Post.Trust.
since it was signed.
                                                                4 Simple Steps
Like a traditional pen and paper process, an electronic         There are four simple steps to obtaining a CertifIDTM
signature uniquely binds the document creator to the            signing certificate from Post.Trust and sending a
document. If an electronically signed document is               certified and trusted document to a recipient.
altered in any way, then the electronic signature will be
rendered invalid.                                               STEP 1 Have your identity verified by Post.Trust.
                                                                STEP 2 Install your private signing key
Legislation has also given legal weight to electronic           STEP 3 Configure Adobe® PDF Creator
signatures, namely the EU Directive on Electronic               STEP 4 Digitally sign your PDF files
Signatures (1999/93/EC), of which Post.Trust has been
successfully accredited against. Post.Trust is one the few      Recipients can then view the signed document using a
organisations in Europe authorised to produce digital           PDF reader. Adobe's® Acrobat Reader® is freely
signing certificates, such as CertifID , that have the          available and provides a recipient with the ability to
same legal status as handwritten signatures.                    automatically validate signed documents.

CertifIDTM is tailored for use with Adobe's® Portable           The recipient receives a greater level of authenticity and
Document Format (PDF) creation application, Adobe®              trust at no extra cost.
Acrobat ®. CertifID         enables one to digitally sign and
 The recipient need only click on a signature icon within   Typically such organisations as:
 a signed document and retrieve the certification status       · Government Departments
 information. This information will indicate whether the       · Financial Services Sector
 document is certified or signed and if it has been            · Research & Development Organisations
 modified.                                                     · Public Relations Organisations
                                                               · News Publishers
 CertifID    TM
                  Process Diagram                              · Legal Departments
                                                               · Consultancy Services

                                                            Certifying documents, such as financial reports or news
                                                            bulletin reports, with a CertifIDTM signing certificate will
                                                            protect the intellectual property rights of that report and
                                                            will offer proof of origin in electronic format that is
                                                            legally recognised within any court of law within the EU.

 CertifIDTM is ideal for organisations that publish or      CertifIDTM is subject to terms & conditions and a
 communicate critical or sensitive information that has a   minimum one-year signing certificate license with
 high level of intellectual property or statutory           unlimited digital signing.

                                                                 Contact Post.Trust
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