; In an effort to give back to the Doo you have a love for
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In an effort to give back to the Doo you have a love for


In an effort to give back to the Doo you have a love for

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									Cache In Trash Out!                              Local Organisations                            Let’s Go
    In        an effort to give back to the
             parks and other environments
                                                 Many local Geocaching or
                                                       areas have regional                    GEOCACHING!
    that allow the placing of geocaches,         organisations. Often times these
    participants often practice what they        groups hold Geocaching meets, or
    call “CITO,” that is, they “Cache In         Event Caches where they play
    and Trash Out.” Geocachers do their          games, discuss their finds and usually
    part to remove trash and debris from         eat! Geocaching clubs are always very
    the environment and leave the area as        happy to work with local officials and
    untouched as possible.                       park representatives to help set
                                                 geocaching policies.
    Many Geocachers
    carry garbage bags                           Event Caches are a great way to get
    with them and even                           introduced to Geocaching without
    organise special                             having to go out and buy a lot of

    “CITO Events” to                             equipment. If you’re not sure if                      you have a love for
    beautify parks and                           Geocaching is for you yet, contact                    the outdoors, a fondness
    environments.                                some local cachers about the time and      for high-tech toys and an ad-
                                                 place of an event cache in your area.      venturous spirit? If so, Geocaching
         Do’s & Don’t’s                          Want to Know More?                         might just be the hobby for you!

Do                                               If you would like more information about
                                                    Geocaching, feel free to contact the
                                                                                            Thousands of people in over 200
                                                                                            countries are discovering the
                                                                                            pastime known as Geocaching
get permission where needed before
  hiding a geocache.                              Geocachers in your area via the forums    (pronounced “Geo -cashing”). It’s
• fill the cache with family-friendly objects.         on Geocaching.com or visit           the adventure/sport that has
• respect the environment—practice CITO                 www.geocachinguk.com.               families and individuals using the
  while caching and leave the area as                                                       internet, hand-held GPS’s and their
  undisturbed as possible.                                                                  eyes and wits to search for
• mark your container plainly so that it is                                                 “treasure” hidden all over the
  obviously a Geocache.                                                                     world! The odds are that sometime
• perform regular checks on any caches                                                      in the past few
  you have hidden.                                                                          years you’ve

                                                                                            been within a
                                                                                            few feet to a
• ever bury a cache.                                                                        few m iles of a
• trade items that might be harmful (like                                                   geocache and
  lighters or knives) or family un-friendly.       "The Groundspeak Geocaching Logo is a    didn’t even
• put any food items in the cache. These               trademark of Groundspeak, Inc.       know it!
                                                           Used with permission."
  can attract animals who might be
                                                   Brochure produced by Geocacher-U.com
  harmed or might damage the container.
In        May of 2000, the United States
         government officially removed
“selective availability” to the Global
                                                How Does Geocaching Work?
                                                                       Containers are typically water-
Positioning System satellites. This                                    tight and often are transparent             An inexpensive hand-held GPS can
meant that civilian GPS units now                                      so that the contents are clearly            receive signals from the 26 Global
                                                                       visible to anyone who might                 Positioning System satellites in orbit
possessed greater accuracy than they                                   stumble across it accidentally.             over 12,000 miles away!
previously were allowed to have. Within
days a GPS enthusiast hid a container in

                                                                               2                                           3
the backcountry of Oregon, posted the                                                After receiving the
                                                                                                                                 The finder takes
                                                                                     coordinates and other
coordinates on the internet and told                                                 information from the
                                                                                                                                 something from the

                                                     A Geocacher                                                                 container as a memento
others to “go find it!”                                                        website, another Geocacher
                                                     carefully chooses a                                                   of their visit, leaves something
                                                                               uses a hand-held GPS to look
The phenomenon of Geocaching                         location and fills a                                                  for the next player, signs the
                                                 container with items to       for the cache.
sprang from that one simple posting! As                                                                                    logbook and returns the
                                                 trade and a logbook.           The GPS receives signals                   container to its hiding place.
it has grown in the years since, it still
                                                 He then registers his         from the Global Positioning                 Later, they will log their visit
maintains the sim ple guidelines of those                                      System satellites to give the               on GEOCACHING.COM so
                                                 new cache on
early days—find the cache, take                                                user their current longitude                that others can read about
                                                 GEOCACHING.COM to
something, leave something, and sign             share it with the rest of     and latitude. However, the                                 their adventure.
the logbook.                                     the world.                    Geocacher has no idea of the
                                                                               altitude of the cache location
                                                                               or the terrain or what kind of
     Getting Started                                                           structure the cache container
                                                                               might be hidden in. This is

Getting started is a hand-
                                                                               part of the
                   easy. If                                                    challenge of
                                                                                                                                           Geocaching is a
                                                                                                                                           great activity for
        you have                                                               finding the                                                 young and old
held GPS and internet access, you’re                                           cache!                                                      alike. Whole
halfway there!                                                                                                                             families form
                                                                              Hand-held GPS                                                geocaching teams
• Log onto GEOCACHING.COM and enter                                           units start at                                               and spend time
                                                                              about £90.                                                   searching together!
  the country or the latitude and
  longitude of where you want to go
                                                Variations of the Game
• Enter the longitude and latitude of the
  geocache you want to search for into your     As Geocaching has grown several variations of the game have evolved. Some are:
  GPS. You will probably also want to print     Micro-Caches                 Multi-Caches                 Offset Caches               Event Caches
  out a copy of the geocache sheet.             Small caches often           A cache in which the         The posted                  A meeting where
• Go get it! Search in the area your GPS        hidden in 35 mm film         finder must follow a set     coordinates take you        several Geocachers
  leads you. Usually GPS accuracy will be       canisters, usually with      of instructions and go       to a location where         get together for a
  limited to a thirty-foot area. Keep this in   just a log-sheet. Very       to several locations         you must continue by        day of fun. These
  mind as you search for the cache.             often these are hidden       before finally finding       using a compass and         are usually held in
• When you find the cache, take something       in urban settings with       the cache container.         map (and your wits)         parks or other
  from the container and leave something        the challenge being          These are a great way        to find the final cache     public areas.
  you’ve brought with you. Sign the             finding them without         to offer a guided tour       container.
  logbook and then return the container to      being noticed.               of an area.
  its hiding spot for the next finder.

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