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									DIVORCE                                 still be living in the same house       up property or who should get
                                        with your spouse, but you cannot        custody of the children.
IN ORDER TO FILE FOR                    be living as husband and wife.
DIVORCE IN MICHIGAN                                                             WAITING PERIOD
                                        NO FAULT
You or your spouse (husband or                                                  If no children were born during
wife) must have lived in Michigan       Michigan has no fault divorce.          your marriage and no child is
for at least the last six (6) months.   This means that you do not have to      expected, you still have to wait at
                                        prove adultery or cruelty or any        least 60 days after you file for
You must file for divorce in the        other “grounds’ for divorce. You        divorce before your divorce can be
Michigan county where you or            only have to show that your             final. “This is a “cooling off”
your spouse has lived for the last      marriage has broken down and you        period just in case you change your
10 days. Most people file where         cannot get back together.               mind.
they live but you do not have to –
you can file where your spouse          No fault also means that even if        If you have children from the
lives.                                  you are the one who made your           marriage or one is expected, you
                                        marriage break up, you can still file   have to wait at least six (6) months
You do not need to know where           for divorce. No fault divorce also      after you file for divorce before
your spouse lives to get a divorce.     means that if you want to get           your divorce can be final.
A divorce notice can be put in a        divorced, your spouse can fight
newspaper after you have filed.         over other things involved in the       If you and your spouse are fighting
                                        divorce like child custody and          over anything in the divorce, it can
SEPARATION                              support and property. But if you        take a lot longer than the waiting
                                        want the divorce you can get it         period to get divorced.
You do not have to have a legal         even if your spouse does not want
separation in order to file for         it and even if you made the             JUDGMENT
divorce.                                marriage break up.
                                                                                When the divorce comes to court,
You do not have to be separated for     But remember, the judge can look        the judge will also decide on child
any certain period of time before       at fault in deciding how to divide      custody and visitation; on child
you start your divorce. You can                                                 support and alimony; and on how
property should be divided. The         LEGAL SERVICES OF
judge can also give the wife back       EASTERN MICHIGAN                  DIVORCE
her former name if she wants it.
                                        148 E. Main, Ste. 207
DOT IT YOURSELF DIVORCE                 Midland, MI 48640
KITS                                    (989) 832-7987                 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS
If you are low income you may be
eligible to use a kit to do your        320 S. Washington, 3rd Floor
divorce. Legal Services of Eastern      Saginaw, MI 48607
Michigan has a kit that gives you       (989) 755-4465
the forms and instructions to file      1-800-322-4512
your own divorce. There are also
clinics in some counties to help you    436 S. Saginaw
get started with the kit. If you are    Flint, MI 48502
interested in this option, you should   (810) 234-2621
call your local legal service office    1-800-339-9513
for more information.


INFORMATION ONLY. IT IS                                                 LEGAL SERVICES
NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR                                                          OF
LEGAL ADVICE. CONSULT A                                                EASTERN MICHIGAN


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