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                     Founded in 1961, FSG Tool and Die Ltd    r es it   e p c orh
                                                             pemis w hmor sae f te
                     FS ) te    retea in h   ig
                     ( G is h mak l der te des n              r ing us s
                                                             gow b ines.
                      nd nufcur pec ion ool ing
                     a ma at e of r is t - k .

 nd ie
a D                  t p t
                     I ex er e is oc ed on te a omot e
                            is f us
                                    a ic
                             a a l t akg , ot
                     mak s metl nd p s p ca ing h
                                           h ut    iv        is’ n osiv p ienc us
                                                             L a ow p it e ex er e of ingS g
                                                             of r it
                                                             s t ae w hapev    c a
                                                                                        de a
                                                                         r ious omp nyma it
                     oring nd r s ool
                     f g a pes t s   .                       f -
                                                             r r
                                                              ontunner s p ent lep c
                                                                                  a     , s
                                                                      a a ot ia r l ementa
                                                             h p ins
                                                             se ex l ,
 it a e 0     nc l
w hS g 2 0Fina ias     r ael ned b ines, FSG tk
                     Apivt yow    us s       aes
                       r       aing r ided exel
                     apide in h v pov         ent
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                                                             “ hS g y h v a te r surnc
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                           s v e nd r t ua y                 of ss w has ongpov nc
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                                                             a exel mak r utt Whe w
                       0 t r , of te er a t
                           a         er        t
                     90 1 s ndads it f s h v yl es               ons S g ine 0 t       oint
                                                             did c ider a e L 5 a one p ,
                         - A /A ail  ies nd ut t
                     in 3DC D C M fcit a a omaed
                       nufcur  r eses
                     ma at ingpoc s .                        a S g 2 0Fina ia ( mer S g
                                                              nd a e 0    nc l f
                                                                             s or l a e

                      “ Wit te detil a ls S g 2 0Fina ias
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                       iv us e’ uip ed o
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                      g es , w r eq p t mov s ifyt kl
                      h us s r k y aing p r r t
                      te b ines on t c b tk a popiae
                      pe- t e oremedia at
                       r empiv    r     lcion   L aR a A c a , FS
                                                is eg n, countnt G

                       h er hy       l
                                     oy a aed
                     Wit ov eig t emp ees nd b s in          M S emered a a exel mac
                                                              M)    g s n cl   ent th
                     l r nt id l
                      a is        mora     s in
                     L nt a , M Ga g n, FSG’ ma              or b ines.t a h ig tev s
                                                             f our us s Ih d te r h l el
                       retema te K ut r eiv
                     mak r ins h U , b itec es
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                      urentur er in h eg
                     C r t nov is te r ion of                h v b as e-a
                                                              ae een edg h mmero c c t
                                                                     l            a
                                                                               t r ko
                      8 lion.
                     £ mil

                      h hl el
                     T e C aeng                               h ol ion
                                                             T e S ut
                        ac a L a eg n, oiningte
                     For countnt is R a j    h               FD Sy tems b s l aynea C r f
                                                                  s    , aed ocl
                                                                               l   r adif,
                     omp ny w eas g     nt ceping
                     c a t o y r a o mea ac t a               er now o is s n w r
                                                             w e k n t L aa a a ad-
                     h l ing emitt r h countnc
                     caeng r :o bingte ac a y                w       a e us s at  ner nd
                                                              inningS g B ines P r , a
                                                             h ommisioned tem t h pw h
                                                             se c   s     h   o el it
                     ep c
                     r l e FSG’
                              s                              impement te ss
                                                                l   ing h yt FD Sy tems
                                                                           em.    s

                        j £ . l omp ny el aion o
                     amaor 25mil c a r oct t                     nc l unningon M r ofWindow
                                                             Fina ia , r        icos t     s
2003 Server with a SQL database, was an             Importantly, the system draws on data held in the         FD Systems
appropriate choice to achieve FSG’s objectives.     Nominal Ledger, Cashbook, Sales and Purchase
Lisa also took the decision to migrate to           Ledgers to provide a wealth of information which
Sage Payroll.                                       can be analysed at many levels. The ability to drill                          th
                                                                                                              FD Systems is one of e
                                                    down is proving particularly valuable: travel costs,        g        e u        ar  s
                                                                                                              lar est Sag b siness p tner
FSG preferred to have the new system up and                                                                        e K O r p tise
                                                                                                              in th U . u ex er
                                                    for example, can be analysed at departmental
running and thoroughly bedded in before their                                                                  ov s e u r          th
                                                                                                              c er th fll b eadthof e
                                                    or individual level, and by UK or overseas trips.
planned relocation, rather than starting with a                                                                  e r c ang I der
                                                                                                              Sag p odu t r e. n or
                                                    Similarly, hire costs can be analysed right down to
new system on a new site.                                                                                          v e   r p
                                                                                                              to seric ou ex anding
                                                    machine level. With budgets held on the system,
                                                    costs are reported against budget and any                  u      b        av
                                                                                                              c stomer ase we h e
O the following two months FD Systems
assisted Lisa in achieving a smooth                 variances highlighted.
                                                                                                                r g ou e K        r
                                                                                                              th ou h t th U and Ieland.
implementation of Sage 200 Financials:
                                                    “With the detailed analysis Sage 200 Financials              oc s
                                                                                                              We f u on developing
“FD Systems quickly sorted out the little           gives us, we’re equipped to move swiftly to keep            ongr
                                                                                                              str           ip
                                                                                                                   elationsh s withour
problems that naturally crop up with any new        the business on track by taking appropriate pre-           u     s at e u
                                                                                                              c stomer th ar b ilt on
                                                                                                               ig   els ex ec
                                                                                                              h hlev of p tation and
                                                                                                              c      al    er
                                                                                                               ontinu deliv y ofadded
                                                    The Future                                                 alu
                                                                                                              v e.

                                                    The last twelve months have seen great changes
                                                    at FSG and Sage Financials 200 has supported              one of our solutions advisors on
FSG has three main users of Sage 200 Financials,
                                                    the business throughout.                                   80 7 37
                                                                                                              0 7 8 34 8 or visit
connected over a local area network: two staff                                                                www.   dsystems.o.k
                                                                                                                     f           c u
handling credit control and supplier invoices,      FD Systems continue to provide technical
which are imported from a specialist engineering    assistance, and helped with producing year-end
package into Sage, and Lisa herself as the main     accounts through a remote connection. This
                                                    worked so well that FSG plans to call on this
easy, with a very user-friendly interface.          service again in the future.

“We all like using it, which is fortunate as it’s   Lisa is delighted that the system she championed
                                                    has lived up to expectations:

Sage 200 Financials gives FSG much tighter          “Sage 200 Financials has done everything I ever
control in managing its business. It helps with     envisaged. What’s more, we continue to explore
a range of day-to-day tasks, such as bank           and exploit its potential. It’s exciting to feel we’re
reconciliations, many of which used to be very      still scratching the surface of all it can offer to our
time-consuming and required a raft of
spreadsheets. Aged debtor reports providing
information to recover overdue payments have        She has valued the level of support received
also proved very useful in enabling FSG to          from Sage: “If ever I’ve had a query on using
                                                    Financials or Payroll, I have rung the helpline
reporting a real strength of the system:            and have been continually impressed by Sage’s
                                                    understanding of how their software is used in
                                                    the real world. Y simply can’t fault their

    Solution Overview

                                                             FD Systems.

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